This TV Bits is a particularly good one for comedy nerds, with positive developments for Lena Dunham, Marc Maron, and Louis C.K. After the jump:

  • ABC’s Nashville gets picked up for a full season
  • Watch a new trailer for Kevin Bacon‘s The Following
  • Judd Apatow says Girls has been renewed for Season 3
  • Louis C.K. prepares a standup special for HBO
  • Marc Maron‘s IFC series is coming in June 2013

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Hit the jump for a mixed bag of small screen odds and ends, including:

  • See more pics of Mad Mikkelsen in Hannibal
  • NBC announces some other midseason premieres
  • Sandy has not delayed Louis CK‘s SNL appearance
  • Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner will host SNL
  • The Gallaghers are Shameless as ever in the new teaser
  • Did you know Ben Affleck almost directed Homeland?
  • Now Nicholas Sparks is getting into the TV game
  • FX’s Wilfred gets renewed, switches showrunners
  • FNL‘s Peter Berg is developing a Greek god drama

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There’s a lot of new stuff to get through in today’s TV Bits, so let’s get right to it. After the jump:

  • AMC and Dish settle legal dispute; AMC resumes airing on Dish
  • Why The Walking Dead ended up at AMC instead of HBO or NBC
  • NBC euthanizes Animal Practice and brings back Whitney
  • Louis C.K. lines up his Saturday Night Live hosting debut
  • Taken director Pierre Morel will work on NBC pilot After Hours
  • Pitch Perfect helmer Jason Moore will direct ABC’s Trophy Wife
  • Brendan Fraser heads to TNT for the drama pilot Legends
  • Andy Samberg joins Mike Schur and Dan Goor‘s new comedy
  • Craig Robinson lands the lead in Greg Daniels‘ NBC sitcom
  • Arrested Development re-hires Carl Weathers, gets a documentary
  • Check out Dany, Ser Jorah, and more on Game of Thrones‘ Qarth set

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It’s one thing to hear of the truncated fourth season of Community being delayed, and quite another to hear today’s news that FX is putting Louis C.K.‘s show Louie on “extended hiatus.” Louie‘s fourth season will arrive in 2014, but in this case the delay doesn’t seem to be related to corporate indecision about how to handle the show. Rather, it is a way to allow Louis C.K. to create the show at a pace that will keep it vital and powerful. Which is to say: while waiting longer than usual for the next season isn’t so great, the reason for the delay is the best possible one. Read More »

Woody Allen‘s latest film will be his first to shoot in the US in almost a decade, but that might not be the big reason to pay attention to it. The film just added three cast members, and they’re quite a set. One of them is a great surprise: Louis C.K., a man we know is a fan of Allen’s work if only for the homage he paid Manhattan in the third season of Louie. Another is also a surprise, but a much more surreal one: Andrew Dice Clay, whose comic sensibility is everything a classic Allen character would claim to hate, but might secretly love. Then, to balance things out, we have Peter Sarsgaard.

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Fans of FX’s Louie will no doubt be thrilled to check out this unrevealing but artsy teaser for the show’s third season, but it’s Showtime that steals most of the spotlight in today’s TV Bits. The premium cable network has a new poster for Episodes, a new teaser for Homeland, and possibly even a new love interest for Dexter. Also after the jump:

  • Damages sets a start date for its fifth and final season
  • The horror-sitcom Holliston gets renewed for Season 2
  • AMC mulls over six scripts for possible pilot orders

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

I don’t need to restate my appreciation for Louis C.K. today; I went pretty much all-out two days ago when first talking about the promo push the comic is doing for his new self-released stand-up special Live at the Beacon Theater. He wrote, directed, edited and released the special himself, offering it up to stream or download for a price of $5 on his own website. Louis C.K. has been calling the project a huge experiment.

Seems like the experiment has been a successful one. In a statement released last night, he says he broke even twelve hours after putting the show up for download, and as of last night had sold 110,000 copies. So after costs were recouped and other fees paid, he’s looking at a profit of $200k — enough to do this again.

Read some of his statement below. Read More »

It’s weird to me that a comedian from Boston has become one of the most inspiring creators working today. Chalk that up to the wonders of the world — if such things were predictable they wouldn’t be so wonderful to realize.

The standup routines Louis C.K. performs have become more and more honest over the past few years, and his show on FX, Louie, has refined that honesty into the sort of television that comes around once a generation. Louis C.K. writes, directs, produces and edits the show, with a degree of freedom that is almost unheard-of in television. He says things that no one else seems to be saying, but it isn’t just the saying — it’s that he questions his own approach to comedy, and to life, through every show. By letting us in on that process of self-evaluation, the guy who made a wild joke about duck vaginas has become the guy whose plain language suggets a way to live a better life: Don’t be selfish. Keep your mind open. Learn, always.

Even better than Louis C.K.’s show has been the occasional interview where he talks, often with genuine wonder and joy, about the process of creating his material and the show. He just released a new stand-up special via his own website; you pay $5 and can download or stream the show. As part of the promotional push for the special he took to Reddit to answer questions from fans. His answers are hilarious and enlightening. And, for those who might have wondered, he does want to make a film in the future.

So this is really a post to say “holy shit, Louis C.K. has become great in a way that just boggles my mind, but also gives me a glowing hope for the future that I almost can’t even bear.” But there is some movie-related content, too, and you can read that after the break. Read More »