Before June 28, when your Blu-ray player can finally take the long route to Mordor, the entire extended edition of Peter Jackson‘s Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy returns to the big screen. AMC, which has been playing a lot of classic films in anticipation of big Blu-ray releases, will show the extended editions of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King on consecutive weeks in June, opening on the 14th, 21st and 28th respectively. Read more after the break. Read More »


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We’ve posted a handful of videos from Australian movie/music remix artist Pogo in the past. He has drawn from Disney (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) and Pixar (Up) as well as from Terminator 2 and other films to create stuttering but airy songs built out of sounds, music and dialogue culled from each movie.

The Lord of the Rings is his latest giant pool of raw material, and the rough video edit for the song ‘Murmurs of Middle-Earth’ is after the break. Read More »

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When Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings trilogy was released on Blu-ray in April, many fans were angry that the release did not contain the extended editions, but only featured the theatrical releases. To many Ring fans, the extended editions are the one and only version of the film, the director’s cut of the books they love. And after Blu-ray was pushed as a format that could fit more content per disc than ever before, fans were disappointed that Warner Bros didn’t make it work with branching options or whatnot. Well Ringers, it sounds like you day might come soon. The double dip might be on the horizon.

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LOL: FoxTrot Inception

Bill Amend’s Foxtrot comic strip over the weekend was Inception-inspired, and features references to a bunch of awesome geek film properties. Check it out now on Thanks to Alex Billington for the heads up on this one.


Pictured above: The welcoming, family-friendly sights of Mordor.

Middle-earth wouldn’t be the first place I’d think of to fashion a theme park around, but that’s not stopping Universal Studios from considering the idea. They must be having a lot of success with their recently opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter, because they’re now trying to test the waters with a potential Lord of the Rings attraction, gauging reactions through email surveys. Check out the studio’s pitch after the break. Read More »

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Lord of the Rings blu-ray

You might think that the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy on Blu-Ray might be an exciting time for Middle Earth fans. Finally, a chance to see Peter Jackson’s legendary trilogy in high definition, and without having to switch discs in the middle, no less! Head on over to the disc set’s Amazon page and you’ll see that the trilogy, which is scheduled to go on sale on April 6, 2010, has already garnered over 2,083 reviews. But look closer, and you’ll find that over 1,800 of those reviews are 1-star only, leaving the overall total languishing at around the 1.5 stars. These reviewers are pissed about something. Hit the jump to hear the nature of their grievances.

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Yesterday we reported that Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy would finally be released on Blu-ray in April. Now we have more details about the release, including photos, a breakdown of the disc contents, and even a trailer.

Am I the only one disappointed that the Blu-ray set is only going to include the theatrical versions? I thought one of the selling points of Blu-ray was the advanced branching options which would allow us to fit both theatrical and directors cut features on one disc in high definition. I’m guessing that Warner Bros is planning a double dip, and that the director’s cut ultimate set will be held off until The Hobbit hits theaters.

Update: You can preorder the Blu-ray set now on Amazon for $69.99.
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Cool Stuff: The Terminated March T-Shirt


What if the Galactic Empire was actually a set of killing machines? And what if the leader of the darkside possessed the invisibility of The One Ring. The shirt design also features Vader wearing The One Ring.

TeeFury’s T-shirt fo the day is Steven Tu’s The Terminated March design, which is a mash-up of Star Wars, Terminator and Lord of the Rings. Available for 24 hours only, and only 24 hours. Sized small to XXL, printed on Black tee, and on sale for only $9 (+ $2 shipping). Check out the full design after the jump.

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