Neighbors 2 Red Band Trailer

Next month brings an epic battle in the form of Captain America: Civil War, but a few weeks later, an even crazier face-off will take place, and it’s going to have a lot more dildos. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising has Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne facing yet another college nightmare, as a wild sorority moves in next door just when they are about to finalize a deal on selling their house.

Of course, they call in Zac Efron to try to take them down, but he just might not be enough. That’s when they decide to call in some more parents to see if they can wrangle in their kids. One of those parents just happens to be LL Cool J, and he finds a few things that belong to his daughter that he would have been better off not knowing about. See what I mean in the new Neighbors 2 red band trailer, which is obviously NSFW. Read More »

Spider-Man 2 Tentacle

Is LL Cool J actually going to be in a Marvel movie? Which iconic Superman character will co-star in Supergirl? Have any female directors been approached for Wonder Woman? Will Bullseye be on the Netflix Daredevil series? When is Victor Zsasz coming to Gotham? Who does Arrow want to play The Flash in the movies? Where in Chicago is Batman v Superman filming? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »

Slow Burn Movie Poster Revealed

Slow BurnThe Truth is Just a Trick of Light. Check out the new poster for Slow Burn.

The movie follows a district attorney (played by Ray Liotta) who is involved in a 24-hour showdown with a gang leader (LL Cool J) and is, at the same time, being manipulated by an attractive assistant district attorney (Jolene Blalock) and a cryptic stranger. Murder at 1600 screenwriter Wayne Beach makes his feature directorial debut.

Filmed in 2003, the movie premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival to lackluster reviews, and has sat on a shelf ever since. I wonder why they’ve now decided to go theatrical? The movie was released direct-to-dvd in a couple other countries last year. The movie is currently getting a 5.8 rating on imdb.

Click on the Poster for a better look.
Slow Burn hits theaters on April 20th 2007.

via: ComingSoon