James Gunn, Nathan Fillion

I love me some James Gunn, so it warms my geek heart to see that he’s assembling quite the cast for his post-Slither feature film follow-up Super. The film stars Rainn Wilson as Frank, a man who transforms himself into a superhero named Crimson Bolt — despite having no real powers — after his addict wife (Liv Tyler) runs off with a local drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). Ellen Page plays a sociopath who becomes Crimson Bolt’s sidekick. While that plot description bears some similarities to Kick-Ass, you can be sure that Gunn’s deliciously weird sensibilities will make it a very different film.

Gunn just announced some new additions to the cast on his blog, and they include geek-favorites Nathan Fillion and Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks). Fillion previously starred in Slither, and will play the role of a pop idol who inspires Frank. Cardellini played Velma in the Gunn-written Scooby-Doo movies. Find the rest of the newly announced cast after the break.

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Twitter snoops and the /Film faithful may recall that James Gunn and Rainn Wilson have been out on the town, shopping around their superhero project. The first deals seem to have been brokered now and the big announcements have hit: the film will be called Super and is also set to star Liv Tyler and Ellen Page. Some of the details sound a little Kick-Ass, but that’s fair enough, and besides, Page’s role sounds like such a good one I’m sure we can all get pumped up for this film on that basis alone.

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The Incredible Hulk: What Did You Think?

Today, The Incredible Hulk opens in face of months of fanboy speculation (early consensus is quite positive), the looming memory of Ang Lee’s Bruce Banner, M. Night’s worst R-rated movie, and the celebration of Jason Voorhees. We want to hear what you thought of the big budget Marvel/Universal film all weekend long.

Things to consider: Is this the Hulk we’ve been waiting for? Better than Ang Lee’s? Was the CGI up to snuff? Is Edward Norton the definitive Banner? Does Norton have good reason to remain displeased with the film’s editing? How does Louis Leterrier‘s film rank against Jon Favreau’s Iron Man and which film did you enjoy more? Is this a better film than Iron Man as some viewers are saying? Was Liv Tyler‘s character just another damsel in distress or did she offer something different? Tim Roth, one of the great comic-to-film villains? And what about Captain America? Tony Stark?

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When all is said and done, will The Incredible Hulk take the spot on our Fave Movies of Summer ’08 listicles previously reserved for Indy and Spielberg? For months, the redo’s marketing, CGI, behind the scenes differences, and purpose have been scrutinized beneath formidable anticipation for The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Hellboy 2. Early reviews are hitting the Net and it appears that the latest Marvel tale, from director Louis Leterrier and star Ed Norton, is a worthy contender and then some. I’ve compiled excerpts from what’s currently being said on the Net. If you’ve attended an early screening, let us hear all about it in the comments, or email/Twitter us. This entire post is spoiler-free.

First off, The Incredible Hulk recently screened at the championed Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas and the locals and spies over at AICN report the following…

“I was afraid going into this movie that the CGI would take me out of the movie, but it never did. The cinematography and CGI were beautifully shot. I loved the Hulk as much in this movie as I did in the comic books. …Ed Norton was incredible as Bruce Banner. But the Hulk? The Hulk truly came to life for me for the first time on film. …Is it as wonderful as Iron Man? No, but it is still a pretty damn good superhero film that continues to give me hope for the future Marvel films in the works.” – CheriBomb

The following guy nitpicks at Liv Tyler’s performance (“she’s always out of breath…”), but he’s even more excited. Given his alias, I can only imagine where and in what circumstance he typed the following…

“Really, let’s not even worry about the thin plot, the point of anything Hulk is SMASH! …In short, the geekiest comparison I can make is to Star Trek:consider Ang Lee’s Hulk to be Star Trek:The Motion Picture, a long drawn out effects heavy cerebral film clearly crafted with a fetishistic love; and consider The Incredible Hulk to be The Wrath Of Khan:shorter, faster, pure ass kicking all the way through.” – The Human Burrito

Yes mom, I went to J-school to quote a spy named The Human Burrito. And if said spy is actually a plant dressed up like my favorite food, I have to say his Star Trek comparison still makes me want to check it out. Other spy reports: This next guy admits that the CGI Hulk is pretty, uh, CGI-y and yet the effects do not “distract” from the overall badassery. He also says that the film is chockful of Easter Eggs and gushing with geek references, something we keep hearing over and over…

“The real surprise for me was Tim Roth – he’s not been this good for years and he’s great as special forces soldier Emil Blonsky, even if his character does get lost a bit towards the end and he does look a bit like Harry Potter’s Dobby at one point. There’s one sequence in particular that has me drooling at the prospect of Marvel’s upcoming Captain America movie.” – rjl1138, NYC

Yeah, but what about Professor Dark and Serious Movies Only, will that chief like it? Probably not and who cares, but Massawyrm says…

“The Incredible Hulk fucking rules. …Every bit as good as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk takes the material we all love, gets at the heart of what makes it tick and then puts it on the screen FOR ADULTS. It’s dark. It’s heavy.”

Oh, and what about AICN’s Harry Knowles?

“OH HELL YEAH!” – Harry Knowles [includes animation of himself turning into Hulk, makes token allusion to “creaming”]

Elsewhere, reactions are equally elated, like this one…

“Except for one or two quiet moments shared by Banner and his girlfriend while on the lam, Incredible Hulk doesn’t waste a single frame on dull talky exposition. It is all plot-driven and action-filled. In fact, unlike the much-hyped Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Incredible Hulk never runs out of steam.” – Sci-Fi Movie Page

Gives yet another new meaning to “Nuke the Fridge.” Here’s an exclusive mini-reaction via txt/Twitter to Slashfilm just seconds ago…

“I was not expecting great things. I knew there was a lot of hype surrounding The Hulk, but I figured it might be just as disappointing as the first one. I am not a huge fan of fantasy/superhero movies because they can fail miserably if there’s poor CGI. But The Hulk was great! Not only was Edward Norton really convincing, but the action was on top of its game. I was pumped the whole time and waiting to see what happened next. Plus, after seeing Iron Man… I couldn’t help but feel anticipation and excitement during the last moments of the movie.” – Alana Taylor, Journalist, NYC

If a negative review(s) pops up, we’ll include it here, but for now, the buzz is on high. And we might as well tell you to stick around for the end credits. Also, the film’s ending is said to be a mega-highlight.

Discuss: HULK (not Ang Lee’s)! Look out for possible spoilers in the comments.

The Incredible Hulk: Three New Video Clips

Update: Added Third Clip.

The Incredible Hulk

Universal has released two new clips from The Incredible Hulk. I’ve been saying this for months, but I think Hulk will be the sleeper hit of the summer (maybe not in box office sales, but with fans). The first clip, which is available in HD on Yahoo or embedded below, features The Hulk destroying a police car in his fight with Abomination.

[flv:http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/slashfilm/trailers/hulkclip1.flv 470 200]

Two more clips after the jump.
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The Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer #2

The Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer #2

It all comes down to this new trailer for The Incredible Hulk, with the Marvel reboot’s release on June 13th fast approaching and its positioning as the caboose of summer superhero flicks pretty much a lock as far as expectations and buzz go. This second trailer is far more well-rounded than the first in my opinion, which mounted everything on the Hulk’s rather predictable-looking end battle with Abomination. Moreover, there is a nice amount of fresh and promising footage with the Hulk and with Edward Norton here, the latter of which has an agreeably slick general blockbuster Bourne-like feel to it.

We also get more Liv Tyler in various states of pouting duress and awe, which somehow makes it more interesting. And the Hulk’s new intro satisfactorily plays up the character’s proportion to his surroundings and is well-lit, which nicely contrasts with the dimness and grimness of trailers The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2. Overthinking much? Mebbs. However, are shots of the Hulk smashing cars and helicopters enough to push its grosses past Ang Lee’s flick? And I still can’t decide whether the Hulk still looks “fake” as so many fanboys like to shake their fists to.

[flv:http://media2.slashfilm.com/slashfilm/trailers/hulktrailer2.flv 470 196]

You can also watch the trailer in High Definition on Apple.com. The Incredible Hulk hits theaters on June 13th.

Discuss: What are your impressions of the new trailer for The Incredible Hulk? Does the film still rank last in your anticipation for this summer’s comic book flicks after viewing this? Might it be a hit after all is said and done?

The Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer

The Incredible Hulk

FINALLY!! After months and months of waiting, Universal has released a movie trailer for The Incredible Hulk reboot/sequel.

Whatever company cut this trailer deserves a bonus. I love how you could have no idea this is an Incredible Hulk movie until the last 30 seconds. And the prolonged suspense of seeing the first reveal of the big green guy was handled masterfully. I don’t think he looks much different than the Ang Lee version, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Many feel that Ang Lee’s film failed due to the lack of action and over dramatized plot (oh yeah, and the unfinished special effects superbowl incident). I’m not too impressed by Abomination however, and I’m not sure if they story will be a-level quality we expect from Marvel (especially from all the script reviews I have read). But it definitely sounds like this film will address all the concerns raised by Lee’s failed effort. Watch the trailer, and tell me what you think in the comments below.

[flv:http://media2.slashfilm.com/slashfilm/trailers/theincrediblehulk.flv 470 260]

You can also watch the trailer in High Definition on MTV. Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt smashes its way into theaters on June 13th 2008.

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“If I give this to William, will he pipe down or turn into the ape from Altered States?”

When is the last time you used “funky” in a sentence? Never, right? Supercharged actor William Hurt paid homage to James Brown when he spoke to MTV , nearly spoiling the unprecedented Hulk and Iron Man crossover in this summer’s The Incredible Hulk. Alas, due to some dubiously eccentric wordplay, he merely revealed that his character, General Thaddeaus “Thunderbolt” Ross, is present when Tony Stark appears…

“I have a scene with Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr. It’s a funky scene. I don’t know how it’ll work,” Hurt admitted, saying it was a thrill to appear as General Thaddeus Ross during Downey’s scene. “I know it’s weird [to work with a character from another movie], and to know it’s a device. We did something; I don’t know what that’s going to be like [to watch].”

Hurt confessed that he only has two scenes with lead actor Edward Norton in the $125 million Marvel production, before revealing Hulk’s moment of truth in the film.

“Liv Tyler, I play her father, General Ross,” he explained. “There’s a scene, and during that scene there are a number of things happening. [Hulk] has beaten Abomination, and then there’s a crowd that gathers around, and they realize that he’s beaten Abomination. That Abomination was the one who was killing for just the joy of killing; Hulk is not the one. It’s the moment of turn,” Hurt added, “when society’s relationship with Hulk stops being so stupid.”

Well versed in the comics’ Hulk mythology, calling the character his fave, Hurt parlayed that the revamp is “stylistically very different” from director Ang Lee’s much maligned, underperforming 2003 effort, Hulk. This Hulk will be far more “heroic” and reflective of society’s worst tendencies. So, he’s less like Barry Bonds and more likes this kid?

“[The script by Norton and Zak Penn] has to do with the fact that [Banner’s] conscience still exists in a body that is a manifestation of power and is greater than his own ability to control it – and how he’s learning that relationship,” said the veteran actor, who can currently be seen in the awards-season favorite “Into the Wild.” “Because that’s what’s happening to us. That’s the central metaphor for all of us, that we’re learning these powers – technological powers, whatever – that we don’t know if we have enough conscience to control in a wise way yet. And that’s what he’s doing. “

This all comes from an actor who is well known for ripping productions he’s not fond of, so his enthusiasm is a good sign. But while the movie has a rather cool cast, there’s still no teaser trailer, and even Indiana Jones, a movie with nothing to prove, has one arriving before it. The core aspect to this film’s success is how much the filmmakers impress a potential audience when they show the new Hulk in action. Unlike Batman or Spiderman, Hulk is all CGI, and I feel the same about director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter franchise) as I did with Len Wisemen on Live Free or Die Hard last summer. They are like sillier Michael Bays with a kitchen-sink aesthetic that doesn’t work for me.

Edward Norton wrote The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible HulkAt the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con 2007, it was revealed that The Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton also wrote the script.

“I came into this and I wrote the screenplay,” revealed Norton. “I was the Marvel kid. I had subscriptions to a lot of the marvel comics. I loved Hulk, the early incarnation of Hulk and than the television show when I was a kid.”

“And I always felt like it was one of those great contemporary myths. It’s almost like out of greek mythology. This suppression of your inner demon,” said Norton who also confirmed that this is a brand spanking new Hulk.

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Tim Roth Cast in The Incredible Hulk


The Incredible Hulk casting announcements continue. Variety reports that Tim Roth has been tapped to play the main villain Abomination’s alter ego, Emil Blonsky.

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