“Illegal” Machete Movie Trailer


Robert Rodriguez has released a special “illegal” movie trailer for Machete. Yes, that’s right — the feature length adaptation of the fake trailer created for Grindhouse, now has a real movie trailer. The trailer features a special “Cinco De Mayo message for ARIZONA”, a political story which has been making headlines recently, but is actually a big part of this film which was shot a year ago.

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Last night there were rumors that Lindsay Lohan might be playing ’70s porn star icon Linda Lovelace in a biopic called Inferno. She’d be taking the role that was planned for Anna Faris a couple years ago. But the film had financing problems and Faris decided (probably correctly) that starring as a porn star in a dark, financially struggling film might not be for her. Now the film’s producer has confirmed that Lohan is on board and the film will be looking for financing at Cannes.

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The Steve Carell / Ryan Gosling comedy that used to be called Crazy, Stupid Love still doesn’t have a new title, but it continues to add actors.

Marisa Tomei and Josh Groban are now in the John Requa and Glenn Ficarra-directed film alongside Emma Stone, Analeigh Tipton and Kevin Bacon. As we’ve said before, the film follows Carell as “a father whose life unravels as he deals with spousal problems and tries to manage his relationship with his children.” [Variety]

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Machete Gets Sept 3 Release Date


Back in January, 20th Century Fox bought distribution rights to Machete, the film from Robert Rodriguez that expands his jokey Grindhouse trailer into a feature. Now the picture has a release date: September 3, aka Labor Day Weekend. I’m not sure if that’s a good date or not for the film — traditionally the last hurrah of summer, a lot of families make their last getaway on the long weekend.

But for a film like Machete, which is really a niche film that needs to find a broad audience, it could work. The cast could attract people who aren’t pre-sold by the idea of an action/exploitation film that follows Danny Trejo as a badass Mexican out to mess with The Man. Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan are all appearing; that’s a weird lineup, if nothing else. [Deadline]


Wait, Machete actually needs a script not scrawled by knives in gringo blood? Following the recent, zany casting rundown for the cheapo flick that includes Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, and Steven Seagal (…walk into a bar), Latino Review have the first script review for the unlikely Grindhouse spin-off. You may recall that Jonah Hill was said to have passed on the film after reading a draft by director Robert Rodriguez. Well, LR’s reviewer is non-plussed by his script as well, calling it a rushed, whiz-bang effort, even for the Austin-auteur who sprayed out Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Some choice excerpts and a few thoughts on the project after the jump…

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Not too long ago there were rumors that Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis were looking at some outrageous names for Machete, the full-length version of the great Grindhouse trailer starring Danny Trejo. We basically knew that Lindsay Lohan was confirmed after she said as much the other day via Twitter. But now a Variety report on Overnight Productions, the outfit financing Machete, seems to confirm most of the great cast rumors. Details after the jump. Read More »

lohan scorsese

Did you know: Lindsay Lohan turned down a role in The Hangover claiming that the script had “no potential.” And we’ve just learned that Paramount Pictures supposedly turned down an opportunity to have Martin Scorsese direct The Godfather 2. Read both of the stories after the jump.

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VOTD: Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Commercial

Written by Owen Burke, and directed by Eric Appel, Lindsay Lohan does a mock eHarmony.com commercial for FunnyOrDie. I think you at least have to give herself credit for being able to make fun of herself… maybe… But there is something kinda sad about this…
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Where on earth the rumor came from, I do not know – but I do know who published it first. Ooops.

Earlier today, Just Jared ran a piece claiming that Lindsay Lohan had been cast in the final girl role for the Nightmare on Elm Street rehash. They’ve now adjusted their story, of course – anybody who has ever even seen a blindfolded lady holding scales or heard the theme tune to Ally McBeal would know that was necessary. The new version of the story claims that Just Jared were the victims of a Punk’ing (I quite like the image of Ashton Kutcher in a Freddy Kruger sweater-glove combo).

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Rumor has it that the lead role of Alice has been cast in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The latest name to enter the rumor mill is Ryan Nikole Parker (pictured right), a virtual unknown with only a few television credits (One Life to Live, Kids Incorporated and American Idol).

Other names circling the rumor mill have included Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, Evan Rachel Wood and even Johnny Depp. Yes, you read that correctly. The film is going to be a hybrid, part live-action, part performance capture animation (ala Beowulf). Although I’ve always assumed that Alice would be one of the few live action characters in Burton’s adaptation.

MarketSaw also reports that Vyelle Croom auditioned already for the “Cheshire Cat” and might have snagged the role. Rumor has it that a press release will be released later this week with the full casting details. The film is due to hit theaters in 2010.

source: BadAndUgly