Just in case you haven’t yet gotten your fill of trailers, clips and posters for Let Me In, Cloverfield director Matt Reeves‘ adaptation/remake of Let the Right One In, Overture has released more of each to make sure that you do.

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New Clip and International Poster: ‘Let Me In’

We don’t post a lot of clips these days. Mostly because I (and Peter, I believe) try to avoid watching them, so as not to spoil films any more than necessary before we see them. So why am I posting this clip from Let Me In? Because it’s part of what we were shown at Comic Con this year, and was very helpful in convincing me that this is a movie to be taken seriously. Hopefully some of you might feel the same.

In addition, there’s a really nice new French poster for the film, which you can see after the break. Read More »

Let Me In

Overture Films has recently launched a viral website for Matt ReevesLet the Right One In re-adaptation/remake Let Me In, which today revealed a five new photos from the movie — including a look at Richard Jenkins as Abby’s “guardian.” The viral website HelpMe.net has been updated with four riddles, that each unlock a new image from the film. Head on over to the website to play along, or hit the jump if you just want to see the images instantly.
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Last night we got a brief preview of some of the films that will appear in the always-entertaining Midnight Madness lineup at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Now we’ve got the full nine, which in addition to the three announced last night (Super, Bunraku and The Butcher, The Chef and the Swordsman) include John Carpenter‘s The Ward, Brad Anderson‘s Vanishing on 7th Street and Insidious, by James Wan.

But TIFF isn’t stopping there: a whole host of other high-profile films were announced for the fest today. They include Clint Eastwood‘s Hereafter, Casey Affleck‘s I’m Still Here, Matt ReevesLet Me In, Dustin Lance Black‘s directorial debut What’s Wrong With Virginia? and the Will Ferrell dramedy Everything Must Go, along with confirmation of Danny Boyle‘s 127 Hours, for which there’s a new photo. (Above.) This year’s TIFF looks like a good one: check info about all the films after the break. Read More »


Briefly: Let Me In, the Matt Reeves-directed remake/alternate take on Let the Right One In, will be the opening night film at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. The film will premiere at a red carpet event on Thursday, Sept 23 at the Paramount Theatre in Austin. The film stars Chloe Moretz (Kick Ass), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road), Elias Koteas (Shutter Island) and Richard Jenkins (The Visitor), at least some of whom will be in attendance, along with Matt Reeves.

“We are truly honored that Fantastic Fest has chosen to open their festival with the U.S. premiere of Let Me In. It is incredibly exciting to be able to present the film to an audience who I know are just as passionate about John Ajvide Linqvist’s story as I am,” said director Matt Reeves.

Let Me In joins other Fantastic Fest programming like Ip Man 2, Outrage, Rubber, The Violent Kind and more. The film will first appear at the Toronto Film Fesival; it opens in the US on October 1. After the break, see a new image courtesy of the TIFF website. Read More »

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The Entertainment Weekly fall preview issue is a bonanza of first looks and new images. Scans from the magazine are showing up online, and they have the first official still from the Coen Bros. remake of True Grit, new images from Let Me In and Buried, and the first look at Clint Eastwood‘s drama Hereafter. In addition, there’s a spy pic of Kristen Stewart on the set of On the Road, which is finally shooting after years of development by various filmmakers. Read More »

The Best and Worst of Comic-Con 2010

Comic-Con 2010 is over, and I’m still reeling from the experience. Just like last year, the entire event was a whirlwind with insane crowds, a healthy dose of line waiting, and some unexpected bits of awesome. By the time it was over, I was more than ready to go home. But I know for a fact that in a week or two I’ll be screaming “We have to go back!” — while disheveled and inexplicably bearded.

At some point this week, the entire /Film crew will record their overall thoughts of the event on a special episode of the /Filmcast. But for now, here are my personal picks for the best and worst of Comic-Con 2010. (Fair warning: I didn’t include some major panels [see: Marvel stuff] that failed to get me excited. If you liked those panels, and others I didn’t mention let us know in the comments.)
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Movie Trailer #2: Let Me In

Overture Films has released a new movie trailer for Matt Reeves‘ big screen adaptation Let Me In, a remake of the critically acclaimed 2008 Swedish film Let The Right On In. You can read about the Comic-Con panel, where this new trailer premiered, in our previous coverage. I was extremely impressed with the footage they screened in Hall H. And if the scenes screened are any indication, this film might have award potential. Watch the full length movie trailer now, embedded after the jump.

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Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, knows that he faces an uphill battle with Let Me In, his remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In. Or, as it were, his alternate take on the John Ajvide Lindqvist novel of the same name. This new version of the story has been met with a great deal of resistance from fans, as it was announced before the original film had even been able to move from festivals to US movie screens.

So Reeves came to the San Diego Comic Con with his core cast in tow: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins. (Sadly for me, the Elias Koteas fanboy, those were the only three appearances.) And Reeves brought along two clips that show the differences between this version and the original, and make a really strong case for taking Let Me In seriously. In short: the footage looked great. Read More »

New Poster: Let Me In

Chloe Moretz has posted a new poster for Let Me In, the Let The Right One In remake/adaptation on Twitter. Check it out right now after the jump.

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