Back to the Future trilogy in theaters

Just yesterday, we brought news of a new Blu-Ray release for the Back to the Future trilogy, including a set with the entire animated series from the 90s, for the first film’s 30th anniversary. Appropriately, the new Blu-Ray set arrives October 21st, 2015, the same day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the future in Back to the Future Part II.

It turns out that won’t be the only way you can celebrate the classic time travel trilogy, because buried in a press release for the new Blu-Ray set is word that the entire Back to the Future trilogy will also be returning to theaters that same day. And there’s another cool item fans will want to pick up this fall as well.

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Back to the Future Hollywood Bowl

Last night at the Hollywood Bowl, the record was broken for the largest Back to the Future screening. An estimated crowd of over 16,000 people watched the film on the big screen, accompanied by live orchestration.

As you know, I’m a huge Back to the Future fan, so of course I was in attendance for the monumental event. After the jump you can find more information, alongside my thoughts and also some photos and video of the event.

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Left Behind trailer

If you’ve been thinking that HBO’s The Leftovers could do with a little more Nicolas Cage, boy are you in luck. Left Behind stars Cage as pilot Rayford Steele, who fails to make the cut when the Rapture hits the Earth. Cue the Apocalypse.

This actually the second cinematic adaptation of the book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The last one was released in 2000 as a straight-to-DVD film starring Kirk Cameron. At least Cage is a step up from that. Hit the jump for more details.

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ping pong summer trailer

The Ping Pong Summer trailer is here. Writer/director Michael Tully‘s charming love letter to the Eighties, coming of age films and summer vacation premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival to solid reviews. It was picked up for distribution soon after. It’ll finally hit theaters and VOD on June 6 and now you can check out the full trailer below. Read More »

Back to the Future

Robert Zemeckis‘ classic 1985 film Back to the Future is almost 30 years old. That is, the same amount of time that passed in the time travel period in the movie, from 1955 to 1985. To make the jump believable, makeup was used to add thirty years to actors like Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover and Thomas Wilson as they played their characters in 1985.

Now, since nearly thirty actual years have passed since the film’s release, we can finally see how well the makeup department did. Do Thompson, Glover and Wilson look younger or older in reality than their fictional older versions in the film? Check out the photo below. Read More »

We first heard about Jill Sprecher‘s Thin Ice when Greg KinnearBilly Crudup, and Alan Arkin signed on to star almost two years ago, back when it was still titled The Convincer. But the film hasn’t drawn much attention since then; even after it premiered at last year’s Sundance, I don’t remember hearing much about it. After seeing this sharp new trailer, though, I’m happy to be reminded of its existence.

In what sort of looks like Fargo-lite without aping the Coen Bros. too closely, Kinnear plays Mickey, a down-on-his-luck insurance agent in Kenosha, Wisconson. He stumbles across an opportunity to make some shady money off of one of his customers (Arkin), who’s unaware of the true value of one of his possessions. Unfortunately, Mickey makes the mistake of involving an unpredictable ex-con (Crudup) in his exploits, and from there things quickly spin out of control. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

VOTD: ‘Back to the Future’ Screen Tests

/Film reader Ed C pointed me towards a couple videos which contains the original screen tests for Back to the Future. In this rare low resolution video test you can see Lea Thompson (Loraine Baines McFly), Crispin Glover (George McFly) and Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen) try out lines and improv with an unknown Marty McFly stand-in. In a sequence filled with improv, George tries to get Marty to convince his mother to try out for a game show. The two videos add up to be over 18-minutes in total and can be watched now after the jump.

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Twenty five years after the release of Back to the Future, co-stars Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson hang out for their Entertainment Weekly photo-shoot with the DeLorean time machine, and discuss their memories of shooting the film. Thompson even tears up when Fox praises her performance in the bedroom sequence. Watch the video embedded after the jump.
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Due to a number of reader requests and the unprecedented success of this viral marketing campaign (if true!), Slashfilm will finally address The Montauk Monster. When a foul, suspiciously beaked creature allegedly washed ashore a beach near Montauk, Long Island last month, the above photo captivated the world’s cubicle inhabitants thanks to the diligently crazed, beloved reportage of Gawker. Was “Monty” a dead dog evidently done in by Paulie Walnuts? A harmless water rat/Satan? Colbert theorized it was John McCain. Others said it was a discarded lovechild of John Edwards. CNN introduced the meme to parents, who heply brought it up at dinner. As our crippled collective imaginations ran wild, skeptics of cryptozoology/Nick Denton posited that it was viral marketing for Cloverfield 2 or Adult Swim.

Warmer, Internets.

According to and seconded by Gotham News and now Gawker, the creature might be a viral marketing prop for an indie movie about carnival subculture entitled Splinterheads, currently filming in Long Island. The film stars Lea Thompson, Rachel Taylor (Transformers) and Christopher McDonald (above photo, Fanboys, Dutch). On the director’s photo blog, Sersen Park, there is an implied shoutout underneath the monster’s pic to Rachel Goldberg—evidently the sister of the film’s producer Darren Goldberg—who “discovered” the monster and went to the press. See: this giggly interview. A few days ago, the above photo was posted on the film’s official website with the words, “We have the Montauk Monster” but this has since been removed. The page is cached here.

If true, it’s highly puzzling that Splinterheads’ filmmakers haven’t taken a more aggressive approach to linking their film and the legendary monster-pic sensation, especially so late in the game. As Gawker points out, perhaps it’s a ghetto hoax inside an uberhoax. But if “Monty” is indeed a guerilla publicity stunt for a $1 million movie (or any film), we suggest JJ Abrams make a toast. Developing (in our minds)…

Discuss: If you’re on the case of the Montauk Monster, what have you heard? Do you think it’s a viral marketing stunt or simply a cute raccoon exploited for Internet hits and filler for talking heads?

Game: Using the three actors above, is the monster six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Update: /Film commenter, The Marquis, solved it first: Christopher Mcdonald was in Rumor Has It with
Jennifer Aniston, who in turn starred with Kevin Bacon in Picture Perfect. Tada.