Most movie fans know that Marvel’s X-Men characters reside at 20th Century Fox and The Avengers reside at Marvel Studios, owned by Disney. It’s the type of distinction that might seem insignificant to some, but is in fact very important, as movie studios rarely share their prized properties. So while Avengers vs. X-Men has been a huge success in the Marvel Comics world, with new Avengers and X-Men movies both in the works independent of one another, the odds of a crossover are slim to none.

But slim is better than none and the wheels are turning. Mark Millar, a huge comic fan, has just been brought on board at Fox to extract some of the magic Marvel has tapped into with their Cinematic Universe and now Lauren Shuler Donner, one of the X-Men producers who has been on board since the film franchise launched, has said she’d “love” to blend the two universes. Read her quote and more after the jump. Read More »


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Did you miss Dark Knight Rises set videos and photos, like the one above? Who is the latest cast member of Christopher Nolan‘s film? Is Marion Cotillard lying to us about her role in it? Which corner of the X-Men universe almost got its own movie? Are producers concerned about fan reaction to the pantless suit in Man of Steel? Can we be sure the actors in The Avengers having fun? We’ve got a ton of Dark Knight Rises set stuff, answers to all the other questions and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Spoilers are clearly marked. Read More »

With X-Men: First Class hitting DVD this week, a few of the film’s participants have been making the press rounds. The most connected of them is producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who has talked about The Wolverine and Deadpool during her press contacts.

The big news, such as it is, is that she says the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine is less a sequel than a related film, and that thanks to Hugh Jackman‘s Les Miserables shoot and Wolverine workout schedule, it might not shoot until at least summer 2012. More comments are after the break. Read More »

Welcome back from the weekend, everyone. We’ve got some quick superhero bits and pieces to kick off your week.

Captain America: The First Avenger star Chris Evans revealed in an interview that his character would be getting a new costume for the upcoming The Avengers film, due out 2012. This isn’t a huge surprise, seeing as this summer’s Captain America film takes place in the World War II era and next summer’s The Avengers takes place in the modern day — some updates were probably inevitable. But Evans’ talking about the new costume might indicate that the Avengers costume is significantly different from the familiar red, white and blue one we’ve already seen from The First Avenger. Evans didn’t reveal much else about what the new costume would actually look like, though he did say it was “awesome,” “really cool,” and “pretty rad.” [MTV via Movieline]

Hit the jump for tidbits on X-Men: First Class and Amazing Spider-Man.

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While Warner Bros. might well have Bryan Singer under contract to direct Jack the Giant Killer, it seems Fox are keen to lure him back to their X-Men franchise, and not just for First Class. Though he’s already attached to that one, producer Lauren Shuler Donner is also keen to tap his skills for a fourth installment in the main ‘grown up’ franchise and, reading between the lines a little, it would seem the Wolverine sequel might be a potential for the director too. Emphasis on the might.

Thus far, Singer is only talking about his ideas for First Class even though, if it is true he’s going to be involved, he’d probably end up shooting the already-scheduled Wolverine first.

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Gambit Won’t Appear in X-Men: First Class

gambit wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine features a bunch of young mutants, and some people believe that the film is a setup for the Josh Schwartz-penned prequel X-Men: First Class. But X-Men series producer Lauren Shuler Donner tells IESB that is not the case. And while some characters might “possibly” show up, fan favorites like Gambit do not make an appearance. Donner says that the movie focuses on the first class at Xavier’s school of the gifted, so only those mutants will be featured in the first movie.
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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

We’ve been hearing a lot about X-Men: First Class lately. Last week we learned that the film was not actually a spin-off, but a prequel which features “young Scott, young Jean, young Beast” attending the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. But more telling is the answer she gave SciFi Wire when they asked Producer Lauren Shuler Donner about the franchise potential of the series.

“I like kids. I did produce Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire. I do like those kind of teenage movies; I really do. Part of it takes me to my roots. It’s action. There seems, to me, to be more humor, or more potential for humor. I really like that idea. The relationship … I don’t want to get into what the script is about, but it provides a bit of a lighter touch to the franchise.”

Sounds to me like X-Men: First Class is being set-up to be a PG-rated kids superhero film ala Fantastic Four.

X-Men: First Class is a Prequel, NOT a Spin-Off

When we first heard about X-Men: First Class, Gossip Girl/Chuck/O.C. creator Josh Schwartz had been hired to write a screenplay that focused on “the other teenage characters attending the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.” But apparently the project is not a spin-off, but a full on X-Men prequel. X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner revealed on Fox Movie Channel’s Life After Film School that the film actually focuses on “the first class of Xavier’s school, way back when.”

“So it’s young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that’ll be really fun,Donner said. “I think (the plan) is to follow some of the characters into their own stories, and weave them back into the X-Men world. And hopefully First Class will become its own franchise and we can follow them as they grow up.”

So not only is this a full on prequel, a Batman Begins/Star Trek like prequel/reboot of the X-Men series but Fox hopes to make it the first in a franchise of films. I was kind of excited to see an X-Men film that explores some of the less popular characters.