We’ve got classic cops fighting notorious gangsters, giant mechs fighting notorious monsters, and a despot and his double fighting…um…the boundaries of comedy? Something along those lines. After the break, check out details of the following three recent casting breaks:

  • Giovanni Ribisi joins the impressive cast of Gangster Squad.
  • Rinko Kikuchi takes the female lead in Pacific Rim.
  • J.B. Smoove is added to The Dictator. Read More »

Earlier this week we saw an on-set snap of Sacha Baron Cohen in costume as one of the characters in The Dictator. Now we’ve got the first official look at Sacha Baron Cohen in costume as the other main character in The Dictator. The full snap is after the break. Read More »

For many of us, it’s safe to say that Sacha Baron Cohen has already reached “See anything he’s in” status. Even though he’s only starred in a handful of movies, with some (Borat) being way more successful than others (Bruno), it’s hard to not be totally enthralled when he’s on screen. You’re never sure what he’ll do next.

That’s exactly the vibe we get from the first look at the actor in his latest film, The Dictator, directed by frequent collaborator Larry Charles. It’s scheduled for release May 11, 2012. Check out the full image and learn more about the movie below. Read More »

Sacha Baron Cohen is preparing his next semi-improvised, semi-political comedy. The Dictator, which may or may not be inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator (bet on ‘may’) has Borat director Larry Charles set to direct from a script by Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel. The script, which has Sacha Baron Cohen playing dual roles, may or may not be followed to the utmost degree.

Last week we heard about an actress shortlist assembled as producers cast the film’s female lead, and one of the primary concerns for the woman in question was an ability to improvise. So it isn’t much of a surprise that Anna Faris got the nod. She’s now negotiating a deal to appear in the film. Read More »

Not counting his Ali G Show creations and the trio of feature efforts that followed, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s winning presence has been put to use in only two films thus far, first in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and not long after in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. That’s going to be changing in the next couple of years though, as he adds two more films to his roster — the appreciably shorter-titled Hugo Cabret (directed by Martin Scorsese) and The Dictator.

We’ve already gotten an early peek at Cohen in Hugo Cabret, along with his Academy Award-winning co-star Ben Kingsley, and now a new bit of casting for The Dictator informs us that the duo will be joining forces once again. Is this the result of Cohen and Kingsley sharing strong chemistry on-set? We can only hope. Learn more after the break. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The latest casting for The Three Stooges puts the great Jane Lynch in the role of Mother Superior, the nun who runs the orphanage where the Stooges grow up. (Cher was once mentioned for the role.) That means she’ll be a big part of the first of the film’s three segments, which takes place with slightly younger Stooges; it’s conceivable that she’ll be in the other segments, too, likely with less screen time.

Jane Lynch will be the very experienced comic voice to complement Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, Will Sasso as Curly, and Sean Hayes as Larry. The film begins shooting in Atlanta within the next couple weeks. No idea what to expect out of this Farrelly Brothers effort, but it is their long-standing passion project (as weird as that seems to some) and I keep hearing rumors of really extravagant slapstick setpieces. That’s enough to keep me interested, at least. [Deadline]

After the break, Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, The Dictator (which seems to be a remake or riff on Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, more or less) is considering a few different strong female leads. Read More »

Sacha Baron Cohen will indeed reunite with his Borat and Bruno director Larry Charles for The Dictator, a new comedy in which the actor will play both a dictator and a goat herder. Paramount has set a release date: May 11, 2012, so this one is happening soon. And it will draw inspiration from one of the most revered sources of comedic influence: Saddam Hussein. Read More »

We’ve heard some back and forth about whether Sacha Baron Cohen might do another film with his Borat and Bruno director Larry Charles. (Who, it should be remembered, stepped in to direct Borat when Todd Phillips dropped out after shooting some of the movie.) We’d heard that Mr. Charles might not direct The Dictator, which Sacha Baron Cohen is prepping now. But a new report contradicts earlier info, and it looks like we might have a loose trilogy of films from the duo. Read More »

Larry Charles

Deadline is reporting that Borat/Bruno helmer Larry Charles has signed on to direct the Jim Carrey comedy Pierre Pierre. This isn’t a huge surprise considering the project has always been described as being simular to Bruno/Borat. The story follows a “self-indulgent, lazy, French nihilist who is transporting a stolen Mona Lisa from Paris to London.” Through the journey, “he comes to love his home country again.” They are hoping to shoot the movie for just over $20 million.

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Tonight in TV news: In a bid to get more live viewers for Fringe, Fox is building up this week’s upcoming Observer-heavy with a large scale viral marketing campaign, dubbed internally as “Observer Week”. The bald-headed character was one of the most intriguing elements of Fringe’s first season, and was notable for appearing “Where’s Waldo” style in the background of many episodes. Fans ate it up, and Fox fed the fire by having the actor appear on the network in other capacities, like this NFL game.

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