If you’re anything like me, you read the headline “Frank Darabont Will Helm New TNT Show L.A. Noir” and immediately thought of the Rockstar Video game, L.A. Noire. Unfortunately, this show has nothing to do with the game but fans will findĀ similarities.

Darabont has just signed to write and direct the pilot episode of a drama set in 1940s and 1950s Los Angeles about the conflicts between the LAPD and organized crime. After that he’ll slide into a producer role, much like he did for the first season of The Walking Dead, helping catapult that show into one of the biggest on cable TV.

Of course, Darabont no longer works on The Walking Dead after a very public departure from AMC’s zombie hitĀ this summer, but he’s recently come out and explained about how he wanted to start the second season. Read about L.A. Noir and Darabont’s scrapped Walking Dead opening after the jump. Read More »


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