Kung Fury

If you can’t wait for the opening of Jurassic World to see dinosaurs used to their full potential in a movie, you’re in luck — there’s a free movie full of kung-fu madness, Nazis, cheap ’80s animation, Norse gods, and, yeah, dinosaurs, that you can watch for free right now.

Kung Fury, featuring a cop who hacks time to fight Hitler, has exploded onto the internet, and the half-hour nuke blast of action comedy is embedded in full below. Read More »

Kung Fury

Think of your favorite crazy, low-budget off the wall genre movie. Imagine that as “normal,” and maybe you can understand the madness that is Kung Fury.

Directed by David Sandberg, it’s the story of a renegade kung-fu cop who travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler. I know what you’re thinking: “Been there done that.” But not like in Kung Fury. Shot in a style similar to what Robert Rodriguez did with Sin City, the film takes that wacky premise and adds dinosaurs, vikings, gods, robots, and video games, rolls them up, and uses them to beat logic to death. It’s kind of the ultimate Fantastic Fest movie and now you can check out the first trailer.

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