These days, animation isn’t as defined by age as it once was. Once upon a time, a Disney movie was only thought to be for kids. But recently, Pixar has tackled mature themes, the humor of South Park has become a cultural institution, Star Wars is an animated TV series, comic book characters have cartoons and thanks to genres like anime, R-rated animation isn’t an oxymoron.

Enter Justin White, an up and coming artist made popular through sites like Threadless. He’s decided to take that thought one step further and turn some of your favorite live action movies and TV shows in to animation. His first solo show is called Rated G and opens at Gallery 1988 Melrose, in Los Angeles on Friday. We’re proud to exclusively the entire show.

White’s familiar yet flithy animated style has reimagined scenes from 30 films and shows never meant for animation. Films like Fight Club, Fargo, Casablanca, The Breakfast Club, Oldboy, Kindergarden Cop, Alien, Reservoir Dogs, There Will Be Blood and a whole lot more have been reimagined as high quality animation cels. He even tackled TV shows like Community, The Office, Breaking Bad and more.

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VOTD: Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Scream Ever

FilmDrunk has put together a video which compiles every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream/shout/grunt from every movie Arnold Schwarzenegger was ever featured in. The resulting video is seven and a half minutes in length and can be viewed right now after the jump.
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Jason Reitman’s First Kiss in Kindergarten Cop


Before the Best Director nomination, before Up in the Air, Juno, Thank You For Smoking and even his wonderful short films, director Jason Reitman appeared as an “actor” in a bunch of films. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Jason’s father, director Ivan Reitman, gave him small cameo roles in some of his movies. Jason played Granger Grandson in Twins, Brownstone Boy #2 in Ghostbusters II, the Vice-President’s son in Dave, the Wrong Kid in Alley in Father’s Day, and most importantly Kissing Boy in Kindergarten Cop.

InContention has dug up the tape of Reitman’s appearance in the 1990 Schwarzenegger comedy and put it online for all to see. In the scene, Arnold’s character Detective John Kimble is searching the school hallways, when he bursts into an abandoned class room, interrupting two youngsters making out.

This was Jason Reitman’s first kiss. Not just his first on screen kiss… but his first kiss with a girl,period. Talk about pressure. And imagine getting directions from your father who is yelling off to the side of a film camera. Thanks to Kris Tapley, we have the video, embedded after the jump.

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