Over the last few months, it’s been revealed that the first entry in the new Scream trilogy, aka Scream 4, is set in Sidney Prescott’s hometown roughly a decade after Scream 3. And contrary to old rumors, the first film will not be in 3D. Courtney Cox and David Arquette were signed to reprise their roles from the get-go, and following a prolonged declination, Neve Campbell signed much to the relief of writer/creator, Kevin Williamson. (He had expressed dismay on Twitter at rewriting the trilogy without her). The final puzzle piece, Wes Craven, remains in talks to direct, which is arguably the most important to its success besides the script(s).

But that still leaves doubt as to whether Williamson—who’s had renewed Dawson’s Creek-like success with the CW’s Vampire Diariesstill possesses an irreverent sensibility to update the franchise for a contemporary world of tailspin pop culture and younger, less established horror tropes. Williamson has now revealed several of his influences for the first film, and expressed the complexity of achieving the right tone…

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Update: Seems like you’ll be able to keep one eye closed through Scream 4 after all. Kevin Williamson has tweeted “What is this Scream 4 in 3D? First I heard of it” and “Guys? Really? 3D? Nahhhhh”. I guess those Friday the 13th 3D in-jokes will have to wait for another time.

How would you like your Scream 4, sir? Jumping at you down just the one lens, or two?

A new rumor has it that the Weinsteins are setting up Scream 4 to be shot in 3D. It makes perfect sense, particularly when pretty much everything else on their horror slate will be getting shot in stereovision too. But why didn’t Bob Weinstein mention the plans for 3D when he was spilling his Scream 4 guts to Variety before? I’d hazard a guess that it was because getting Wes Craven back in the director’s chair was considered more important, and it wasn’t known how he felt about taking on a 3D movie.

The issue is sure to have come up in negotiations, of course and if we are to slot all of the rumours together like a jigsaw, it seems like Craven is fine and dandy with 3D because the story is, he’s “closer than ever” to actually inking his John Hancock where it counts.

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It looks suspiciously like somebody has slipped Bob Weinstein a shot of truth serum because he’s just spilled enough Dimension dirt to keep me blogging for a week. Buckle up, however, because I’m going to blast through it all in one big burst. After the break: Scream 4 casting and director news, Spy Kids 4 details, promises of a string of remakes and sequels set to be shot in 3D and even a little reveal about the release strategy for The Road.

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David Arquette has told E! Online that he will definitely be returning for the next Scream installment, as will his wife, Courtney Cox. We’ve known for a good while that they were in talks for the project, but Arquette is now treating it like a done deal. Amusingly, he imparted this news to the E! reporter from his plastic cubicle above Madison Square Garden. Snoot and sneer at him for hanging up there all you want, but at least check out the charity he’s supporting – Feeding America. Kudos, Mr. Arquette.

After the break, some Arquette quotes on what he knows, and doesn’t know, about the next Scream picture, and why he said yes to coming back.

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Neve Campbell Turns Down Scream 4

scream 4 neve campbell

Don’t expect series star Neve Campbell to return as Sidney Prescott in Scream 4. Series screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who is developing the script for the first part of a new trilogy, has revealed on twitter that Campbell has turned down an offer to return in the next installment.

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scream 4 casting

Last week it was reported that Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette have been approached about reprising their roles as Gale Weathers and Dwight “Dewey” Riley for a fourth Scream movie. It was originally rumored that the film would be a complete reboot, but with returning characters, it seems more like a proper sequel.We now have further clarification from screenwriter Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven.

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scream 4 casting

Talk of a fourth movie in the Scream series has been going on for quite a while now. Last I heard, Kevin Williamson was has been developing a screenplay (or trilogy of new films, depending on what source you read), that would reboot the series. Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette have been approached about reprising their roles as Gale Weathers and Dwight “Dewey” Riley. No deals have been signed just yet.

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RopesOfSilicon received an anonymous email which contained a screenshot from the William Morris Agency Intranet (basically, the internal internet of Hollywood’s top talent agency). The screenshot shows a company email announcing that original Scream scribe Kevin Williamson has signed on to script a new trilogy of Scream films for The Weinstein Co. It should be noted that we’re not sure if this is real or fake, but we’ve heard rumblings for some time that The Weinstein Co wanted to make another Scream film. But three Scream films? Especially in this down economy? You never know, horror always sells — look at how much Lionsgate makes off the Saw franchise year after year. But for right now lets mark this as rumor.

If Weinstein Co does launch a new Scream film, I would expect it to be more of a reboot than sequel, possibly with some of the original players coming back in some cameo capacity. The thing I liked about the original Scream was the meta aspect of it all. Having a horror movie in a world where the characters have seen all the horror moves, and playing off the conventions of the genre in fun anc clever ways. The sequels suffered from being even more meta, with the characters discussing a movie basd on the events of the original film, and introducing actors who played some of the actors from that original film. The whole thing got confusing, unrelatable and pretty dumb. I would hope that if they do a next film, it would be set in a more reality based world than the Scream sequels, and reference real horror movies instead of the Stab series.

Wes Craven in Scream 4 Talks

A couple weeks back, we told you that The Weintein Co were developing Scream 4. At Comic Con, Wes Craven told MTV that he has had discussions with Bob Weinstein about a fourth Scream film, but is hesitant to be involved due to the disaster that was his last collaboration with the Weinteins, Cursed. Craven also confirmed that screenwriter Kevin Williamson would most likely be brought back for the fourth film.

I would like to see an almost total reboot. The first Scream was a meta take on the slasher film genre, it would be interesting that have a fourth Scream film set in our world where Scream was a big horror franchise, and there is a copycat killing young teens. But at the same time they need to refrain from making it too meta and self involved, something the two sequels suffered from.

Disclaimer: The poster to the right is a fan creation.