Nope. Not even three previews could come close to showcasing all the awesome stuff that’ll be at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles Friday night (yes, tonight) as Crazy 4 Cult 5: I’m Too Old For This Sh*t finally opens to the world. The show features work from over 100 artists interpreting a wide variety of cult films and, in this final (and biggest yet) preview for the show you’ll see Max Dalton‘s Monty Python and the Holy Grail inspired piece, Fight Club through the eyes of Joshua Budich, Brandon Schaefer‘s take on The Evil Dead and other art based on movies like Being John Malkovich, Buffalo 66, The Karate Kid, Mulholland Dr., A Clockwork Orange, The Hudsucker Proxy and more. There are over twenty new pieces below the jump.

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If you read our exclusive interview with Olly Moss, you know that even the artists are aware how difficult it is to acquire a Mondo print these days. It’s especially difficult when there are only 185 of the things but that’s the print run of Kevin Tong‘s poster for Kim Ji-Woon‘s bloody revenge film I Saw The Devil, which is now out on Blu-ray and DVD. We’ve been buzzing about the film for months but, unfortunately, it didn’t fair too well at the box office. Hence the small print run. Still, once you see the movie, you are going to want this poster. Check out the full image, courtesy of JoBlo, after the break. Read More »

If you’ve been following the poster game at all recently, you know that Kevin Tong has been killing it. He did an incredible poster for Moon a few months back and has an amazing set of prints based on Wes Anderson films currently on sale (how these are not sold out yet is beyond me). Some of his concert prints, though we don’t write about them here, sing like the music plus he was a major part of the Lost art phenomenon from last year.

Now, he’s the latest artist to tackle Star Wars for Mondo Tees. But, as is Tong’s MO, he doesn’t just dramatize a moment from the series. Instead he takes everyone’s favorite astromech droid – R2-D2 – and breaks him down. Literally. Check out the full poster after the jump and read not only how you can get it, but see how Tong created it too. Read More »

To celebrate the Ten Year Anniversary of the movie Fight Club, has teamed up with Kevin Tong to create an awesome poster and t-shirt for Fight Club. The poster is hand screen printed, four colors, on 18 x 24 inch Cornflower Blue100 lb Cover Paper in a limited edition of 200. It costs $30 and can be purchased at The t-shirt is available in a bunch of colors, guy and girl sizes, on Check out the full poster and tshirt photos after the jump.
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The Lost-Inspired art viral is still going strong. Here is a round up of the art revealed thus far: Hurley-inspired print by Tim Doyle. Locke-inspired poster created by UK artist Olly Moss, Dharma Van print by Methane Studios, “The Crash” poster by Eric Tan, “The 4-toed Statue by Jason Munn, and Ken Taylor’s “The Smoke Monster”.

DGPH created a mural in Argentina of their characters in a LOST-type vibe, giving away the new website url: The newest poster was created by Kevin Tong for “The Hatch”. It looks like we didn’t get around to this one fast enough as it is already sold out. But it was available signed and numbered, limited to 300, this print is 18×24 inches for those following the viral. Check out the full poster online after the jump. Click on the image to enlarge.

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