Damon Lindelof

Since Damon Lindelof left Twitter, he’s noticeably less a part of the public dialogue about entertainment. Which was the point after the venom he received for contributions to Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness. Part of his absence, too, is that he’s working on a brand new show for HBO called The Leftovers. Now he’s ready to share some details about it.

Based on a novel by Tom Perrotta, the show takes place in a New York town three years after 140 million people worldwide mysteriously disappeared. Was the disappearance based in science? Was it religion? How will it change how people live their lives? Lindelof talks about all that and more below, as he describes the show saying “if Lost and Friday Night Lights had a baby and then that baby was severely neglected, that would be The Leftovers.” Read More »


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After Lost, writer/producer Damon Lindelof aimed at the big screen, working on scripts for films such as Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek Into Darkness, Prometheus, World War Z, and Tomorrowland. Now the show he’s been developing for a while, The Leftovers, has been ordered to series at HBO. Ten episodes have been ordered; Peter Berg directed the pilot.

The series follows the after-effects of the Rapture, or more specifically what happens to people who don’t make the cut and are stuck on Earth rather than ascending to the heavens. The crux is that the leftovers, as they could be called, don’t necessarily understand what happened. They only know a bunch of people, including many of their family members and loved ones, disappeared overnight. Read More »

Justin Theroux

Damon Lindelof is returning to TV and he’s just cast his new Jack Shephard. Justin Theroux, star of Mulholland Dr., Your Highness and the co-writer of Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2, has just been cast as the lead in the new HBO pilot The Leftovers. Based on a novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers takes place in a world where most of humanity mysteriously disappears. The story follows the confused people who remain and their struggle to survive with constant questions and insecurities.

Theroux will play Kevin Garvey, the town’s leader who tries to keep things normal even with frightening questions to be answered. Lindelof is co-writing and co-executive producing the show with Perrotta, marking his first return to television after Lost. Read More »

Briefly: Justin Theroux‘s primary gig is acting (Mulholland Dr., American Psycho, Wanderlust) but his stint as a writer on Tropic Thunder has led to some great follow-up deals. He wrote Iron Man 2, and wrote and is set to direct Zoolander 2. (Should that movie actually happen, that is. Ben Stiller recently said “it’s not coming together right now.”)

Now he’s got another high-profile directorial gig booked, as he’ll rewrite and direct Swear to God for Gary Sanchez and Warner Bros., with Will Ferrell and Steve Carell starring. Deadline says “Ferrell will play a narcissistic hedge fund manager who thinks he has seen God.” We don’t have any details in Carell’s role.

The script was originally written by Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland (Due Date). Adam McKay, Chris Henchy, and Farrell will produce for Gary Sanchez. WB wants to have this one shooting next July; it would happen after Ferrell and Carell finish Anchorman 2.

Let me say one thing first: this is the sort of role I think Tom Cruise does well. A variation on the arrogant, overbearing personality with a core of self-doubt has served him well in a few films here and there. So I hoped that playing big-time rock star Stacee Jaxx in Adam Shankman‘s ’80s cock rock jukebox musical Rock of Ages might work, too. But based on this new full-length trailer, I don’t think anything really works in Rock of Ages. I know there will be people who dig this, and given that it took time and effort to create I hope someone digs it. Go forth and have a great time, please. But I can’t lie: this one made me cringe more than I would have expected to.

Check out the trailer below. Read More »

For me, the best part of the trailer for Adam Shankman‘s Rock of Ages is the prominent display of the Motorhead logo in the first few seconds. After that it’s all downhill. The film adapts the stage ‘jukebox musical’ with Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough playing wide-eyed kids caught up in the mid-’80s LA rock scene. Well, they’re caught up in a vision of that scene, at least, as filtered through comedy, nostalgia and the parameters of the movie musical. Check out the trailer below, which holds the reveal of Tom Cruise‘s rocker Stacee Jaxx until the very end. Read More »

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If you were among those who thought the fake trailers were the best part of Tropic Thunder, we’ve got some good news for you. Tropic Thunder director-writer-star-producer Ben Stiller has begun work through his company Red Hour Digital on The Fake Trailer Project, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Inspired by the opening of that 2008 comedy, the short film series will pull together Hollywood talent from a variety of genres to create 12 parody trailers for made-up projects. The shorts will then be released online over 12 weeks beginning at some point this fall or winter, through an as-yet-unnamed partner. Read more about the project after the jump.

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Ben Stiller and Paramount have been teasing us with the possibility of a Zoolander sequel for years. The 2001 film has become one of those pop culture standards, with its references and quotes ingrained into many fans, and for the past several years Stiller has been trying to get the sequel together. Every few months, the development inches ahead and in his latest interview, Stiller says he and potential director Justin Theroux have finished a script and have handed it in to Paramount. They’re now just waiting to hear back. Read what he had to say as well as a few more details on what the film could entail after the jump. Read More »

‘Your Highness’ Trailer

In November, Universal Pictures has released a restricted NSFW Red Band Movie Trailer for Pineapple Express helmer David Gordon Green‘s fantasy comedy Your Highness, which stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux, and Toby Jones. Today they have finally released a green band trailer (you will notice some digital enhancements…)

Ben Best wrote the script with McBride, which tells the story of “an arrogant, lazy prince (McBride) who must complete a quest to save his father’s kingdom.” Franco plays Bride’s relatively more heroic brother, Zooey Deschanel is his bride, and Portman is a warrior princess who is love interest for McBride. Hit the jump to watch the trailer now and check out the first movie poster. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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