New Mutants Teaser Poster

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Justice League post-credits scene explained

Before the DC Extended Universe was a twinkle in Zack Snyder’s eye, there was the scrapped Justice League script by Will Beall, penned in 2011 and never heard from again.

Not much is known about this lost script other than the fact that Ben Affleck was being considered to direct it before he signed on to be Snyder’s Batman. That, and it was rumored to be “terrible” by insiders at Warner Bros., leading the studio to throw out the script shortly before Man of Steel‘s release. But now, you can decide that for yourself. The long-lost script’s plot details have resurfaced and it’s chock full of wild plot twists, Darkseid, and a baby.

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Justice League reshoots

Everyone’s favorite game coming out of Justice League has been the increasingly fruitless question of “who gets credit for my favorite scene: Joss Whedon or Zack Snyder?”

Joss Whedon took over the reshoots for Justice League after director Zack Snyder had to leave the DC Extended Universe superhero ensemble due to a family tragedy. But the hoopla surrounding the reshoots, which reportedly drastically changed the film at the behest of Warner Bros., sent fans into a tizzy, with many embarking on a treasure hunt for scenes that hinted at Snyder’s “original vision.” (They couldn’t find it, and instead petitioned for a non-existent “director’s cut.”) But in the weeks since Justice League‘s release, we have learned a little more of who shot what — and the newest revelation is a little surprising.

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Justice League Defense

(Welcome to The Unpopular Opinion, a series where a writer goes to the defense of a much-maligned film or show or sets their sights on something seemingly beloved by all. In this edition: we’re all too jaded to enjoy a comic book movie as fun as Justice League.)

It’s been two and a half weeks — and three underwhelming box office weekends — since Justice League hit theaters. Some people have already forgotten about the movie.

Fans of DC Comics characters might still be grappling with it. As a comic book collector in middle school, the “Death of Superman” storyline shook my world; in high school, on the Wednesdays when new issues were released, Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s tenure on the JLA comics title put it at the top of my reading list. But as an adult moviegoer who is not a fan of Zack Snyder’s work, I went into this film called Justice League with low expectations. I had already heard that Steppenwolf was the worst comic book movie villain of all time (a sentiment that Joss Whedon, who directed the film’s extensive reshoots, appears to have enjoyed). It was not even one of those movies where I felt the need to rush out and see it right away. My significant other and I just happened to have a slot in our Thanksgiving schedule.

Maybe the spirit of holiday gratitude put me in an overly thankful mood and has affected my judgment. I know I’m in the minority here. In fact, my Spider-Sense is already tingling, warning me that I was entering Unpopular Opinion territory. As I watched Justice League, I found myself… actually enjoying it.

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justice league animated series reunion

If the fans start a Twitter movement, they will come.

The Justice League animated series was a pivotal part of the millennial Saturday morning cartoon experience. It was part of a brief golden era of animation spearheaded by Bruce Timm, who created and co-created acclaimed animated series Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, and Justice League, which would tie all of the shows together. It was the standard by which Warner Bros.’ other forays into the DC Universe would be held (at least by ’90s kids) and hasn’t been topped. So, why not return to the golden days of optimistic and compelling storytelling by clamoring for a feature film reunion of our favorite cartoon superheroes? It might just happen.

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Justice League Zack Snyder cut

Even though Justice League has been a critical and commercial disappointment for Warner Bros. thus far, there’s still plenty to talk about. We’ve gathered a small collection of quotes, photos, and insights from people who worked on the movie in order to paint a fuller picture of what went down behind the scenes. Below, we discuss the idea of a Zack Snyder cut of the movie, Batman’s original introduction scene, and more.
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