I Drink Your Milkshake on SNL

I Drink You Your Milkshake

Saturday Night Live ran a parody of There Will Be Blood last night. Daniel Plainview hosts a Food TV program called “I Drink Your Milkshake”. It looks like Milkshake has now gone mainstream. Anton from No Country for Old Men and our favorite pregnant 15-year old make appearances. Thanks to Derek for bringing us to our attention. Watch the clip below.


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Fox Searchlight’s Juno has now grossed over $143.1 million worldwide ($125M domestic), making the film the most successful independent movie since 2002’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding (which grossed $241.4M domestically). Playing on 1,865 screens, the film continues to make over $6 million weekly. Variety also reports that “Juno also has the distinction of being the only film this year to remain on the top-10 box office chart every weekend since its debut.”

Now one could argue that Juno isn’t a independent movie because it was produced by a mini major movie studio. One could also argue that the film was made for next to nothing ($7.5 million) and was distributed in a platform release which depended on word of mouth. Either way, that argument is for another day, everyone who is anyone considers it an indie.

Juno DVDFox Searchlight has announced that the little film that did will hit DVD store shelves on April 15th 2008. Fox Searchlight will release the film in 1-disc and 2-disc special edition versions, and on Blu-ray disc. The single disc release will include the film in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, English Dolby Digital 5.1, an audio commentary by director Jason Reitman And writer Diablo Cody, 11 deleted scenes, a gag reel, a Cast & Crew Jam (whatever that means), and screen tests. The 2-disc special edition will include all of the previously mentioned features, plus 4 featurettes (Way Beyond “Our” Maturity Level: Juno – Leah – Bleeker, Diablo Cody Is Totally Boss, Jason Reitman For Shizz, and Honest To Blog! Creating Juno). The Blu-Ray release will include a English 5.1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio, everything in the two disc special edition, a Fox Movie Channel Presents: Juno World Premiere and Fox Movie Channel Presents: Casting Session featurettes.

Meanwhile, And The Winner Is‘ Scott Feinberg is predicting a Juno win for Best Picture and Diablo Cody for Best Screenplay.


“Yeah, like, why do so many of Slash Film’s readers wanna collect my bones and stuff?”

Comparable to blurting out a hat trick of her favorite indie bands outside a Cat Power concert, Ellen Page (Juno :) just booked her third film in a month’s time, following Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell and Drew Barrymore’s Whip It. She’ll star opposite the ever-androgynous Cillian Murphy (Breakfast on Pluto, Scarecrow) in Peacock, a high concept thriller in which Murphy will play a split-personality “who tricks a town into believing his alter egos are man and wife.” And, of course, Page will play a struggling young mother…who instigates a battle between Murphy’s bickering inner-couple.

The script was written by NKOTB Michael Landers and Ryan Roy, with Landers directing. In one of his parting shots today, Defamer editor Mark Lisanti called the script “brilliant.” Murphy seems to agree, saying, “Peacock stunned me as a script from start to finish.” Have any /Film readers seen the light? If so, let us know.

As for the peoples who want to burn every hamburger phone on eBay and march Diablo Cody into a flaming Wicker Pop Culture Reference, do you feel Ellen Page is forever typecast a la Macaulay Culkin? And if she starred in Lars and the Real Girl 2: Oscar Bound, would that make your tummy feel better?

Source Link: Variety / Slash Film Comments

Jason Reitman says No Juno Sequel

JunoThe Hollywood rumor-mill is starting to spin the idea of a Juno sequel. You might be scratching you head wondering: Why would they even consider making a Juno sequel anyway?

Juno has taken in over $136 million at the box office. By the end of its theatrical run, Juno will likely have grossed more (domestically) than Superbad, Enchanted, Bee Movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Live Free or Die Hard, Hairspray, Ocean’s Thirteen, Ghost Rider, Beowulf, SAW IV, Halloween, Sweeney Todd, and Resident Evil: Extinction. And I’m sure we’ll see another Fantastic Four movie, and they’re already prepping two more SAW films.

But director Jason Reitman wants no part of a sequel, citing possible story problems.

“I can’t see it. She got pregnant once; I just can’t see her getting pregnant again,” Reitman told the New York Post.

And with Diablo Cody being the IT screenwriter of the moment, I don’t think she’ll be finding time to work on a potential continuation. That’s not to say that the studio might not demand a sequel (hey, it’s easy money). And didn’t Searchlight proceed on a sequel to 28 Days Later without Danny Boyle’s participation? (Boyle was technically credited as executive producer). Readers are telling me that I’m incorrect about Boyle’s lack of involvement.

Juno is a much different entity and I don’t see any sequel talk progressing without the interest of Cody or Reitman. Kevin Smith made a Clerks II more than a decade after the release of the first film. So you never know if a story might present itself later on which may lead to a cinematic reunion.


ABC Family has hired 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton to create what appears at first glance to be a rip-off of the popular indie dramedy Juno. TV Guide offers a detailed synopsis for this yet-to-be-titled upcoming series about a “Fifteen-year-old” who gets pregnant and “struggles to deal with her feelings for Ricky”, the “father”. The main character has “loving but ‘nice’ middle class parents” and “supportive but not too helpful” friends.

I’m sure next week we’ll learn that ABC has greenlit a few new pilots: One about cars that transform into robots, another about a bunch of middle age men who like to ride motorcycles, and another about an animated princess who gets trapped in the harsh real world.

Juno: The Video Game?

Juno Game Not RealDuring the opening session at the D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas, former Eidos Interactive president and current intellectual-property migration specialist Keith Boesky said, “People are making games based on Juno just to cater to the [casual] market.” The world of video game blogs went crazy, reporting that Eidos Interactive was making a video game based on Fox Searchlight’s little indie dramedey which has unexceptionally killed at the box office.

A Juno video game?

Honest to blog?


Boesky later clarified comment, saying that he referenced Juno as a model. As in the “low-budget, small break out” model. Boesky even claimed that he hadn’t even seen the movie.

I’m one of the biggest fans of the film, but I’m still left wondering: What would you even do in a Juno video game? Maybe it would be a point and click game like Monkey Island where instead you walk around and crack whipsmart sarcasm filled dialogue?

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Middle School Kids Interview Jason Reitman

A bunch of middle school kids interview Juno director Jason Reitman at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. One of the brats asks Reitman where he finds time to call his father (Ivan Reitman) when he needs to know where to put the camera. Another one of the kids follows up with a question asking “Since you really have no chance of winning the Academy Award, was it still fun being nominated?” The look on Reitman’s face is hilarious. I need to find these middle school kids and hire them on to do interviews for /Film… oh yeah, and that sexman guy too

[flv:http://media2.slashfilm.com/slashfilm/trailers/reitmankids.flv 320 240]

I’m not sure who set up this interview (Reitman?), or who scripted the questions (Diablo Cody?), but I think it’s great that Jason went along with the whole thing.

Juno Crosses $100 Million Dollar Mark

Juno Crosses $100 Million Dollar Mark

The little film that could has now crossed the $100 million dollar mark, and is now the sixth biggest platform release of all time. Congratulations to Fox Searchlight, Diablo, Jason, Ellen, Olivia, and all the rest of the people who made this film. Check out the full press release after the jump.
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Juno Soundtrack Hits #1


“We are, like, major.”

The day all hardcore Kimya Dawson fans and Chan Marshall‘s Miami hangers-on have dreaded is here, as the Juno Soundtrack has taken Soundscan’s gold medal, with 65,000 units sold. And take note, because this is the first time a soundtrack for a Best Picture nominee has dangled its legs from atop the flagpole since Titanic did it a decade ago. And in a possible Juno-boost, soundtrack artist Cat Power‘s latest album, the swell Jukebox, debuted at number 12, her highest sales week in a long career.

As of today, Juno, which cost less than $5 million or $10 million to make depending on the source, has stuffed $102 million under its striped shirt, and I’m sure mini-cheeseburger cell phones aren’t far behind. Please let us know if you see any new Juno consumerism trends out there, like a Target display with Juno dog shampoo or something.

You have to wonder if Juno will get the rare Boogie Nights treatment with a second soundtrack installment. It would be slim pickings, but why not paint the world orange with some Stooges tracks and select cuts from Goblin’s Suspiria soundtrack. I like to see hipsters look for an exit.