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I don’t know about you guys but I’m beginning really getting excited for Doug Liman’s Jumper.

Jumper is an epic sci-fi action film starring Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson and Samuel L. Jackson. Set in the future, Jumper is about a race of people called Jumpers who have the ability to teleport, and another ancient race who are out to kill them all (Want to know more about the film? Click here).

I’m not a huge fan of Christensen (when an actor ruins your favorite movies from your childhood, it tends to put a bad taste in your mouth), but the effects look pretty cool, and from the look of it, the mythology behind the story has potential to lead to a great sci-fi film. And you have to love the tagline “Anywhere is possible.” And let’s not forget that Liman has created some really great films in the past including: Go and The Bourne Identity (we’ll try to forget Mr. & Mrs. Smith ever happened).

Check out the trailer after the jump thanks to IGN.
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Anywhere Is Possible.

Anywhere is possible. postcard

Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail addressed to “/Film”. It had no mailing address on the front, and the back is black (seen above) and reads “be at the scene of every story.” Little type on the bottom of the card reads “find out how 10/10/07. anywhereispossible.com”

If you go to AnywhereIsPossible.com, you are greeted with a black screen (seen below) with the same white type, which reads “LA to London in less than 3 seconds. anywhere is possible. find out how 10/10/07”. And there is a days/hours/minutes/seconds countdown which is counting down until Tuesday night at midnight eastern time.


What is this for you might wonder?

Buried in the web page’s html is a hit tracker for 20th Century Fox.

Get it yet?

The Answer: Doug Liman’s Jumper starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L Jackson.

I’m guessing there might be an interesting web campaign for the film. And who knows, may be we’ll see the first trailer on Wednesday?

Want to know more about the film? Click here.

Jumper: Photos and Information Revealed


Fox wasn’t prepared to premiere material at Comic-Con, because, they claimed, everything was in such an “early” not ready for prime-time form. Yet 10-days later they have launched the official Jumper website, and have released four production photos from the 1992 Steven Gould sci-fi novel adaptation.

A genetic anomaly allows a young man (Hayden Christensen) to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between ‘Jumpers’ and those who have sworn to kill them (Samuel L Jackson). Rachel Bilson plays David’s childhood friend and also his crush. Jamie Bell plays Griffin, a Jumper who has fought and evaded Paladins since his childhood. And Diane Lane as Mary Rice, the mother of David who abandoned her son when he was five years old.

Doug Liman (Go, The Bourne Identity, Swingers) directed the film based on a David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Blade) screenplay adaptation.

The website is pretty difficult and frustrating to navigate, so we have gathered the information for you below. I recommend reading it, as it certainly sucked me in. Looks like I might have to make a trip to the book store and by the book. Check out the photos followed by the information after the jump. As always, left click to enlarge the photos.
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