Speculation about the plot of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises has been running wild ever since the credits rolled on The Dark Knight, and we have for you today a few bits that may offer hints as to what we can expect to see. Although nothing’s been officially confirmed, some photos and an on-set report suggest that Ra’s al Ghul (Josh Pence) and Bane (Tom Hardy) may be spending time around the Lazarus Pit. And while we still don’t know exactly how Marion Cotillard‘s Miranda Tate will fit into the film, a soundbite from the actress suggests her part won’t be a big deal. Hit the jump for more.

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Each bit of casting for Christopher Nolan‘s third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, has told us a little more about the ultra-guarded story. This latest casting tidbit doesn’t involve a huge name — it is Josh Pence, who played the other half of the Winlklevoss twins in The Social Network, opposite Armie Hammer — but the role is significant. Josh Pence will play a young version of a character we’ve seen previously in an earlier film. Possible spoilers mean that the info is after the break. Read More »

Once upon a time creating onscreen twins using one actor was a matter of careful staging with body doubles, and controlled camera work and split-screen editing allowing one actor to play two roles. Now there are more complex, perhaps more subtle ways to achieve the same effect. So here is a pretty detailed look at the measures undertaken by David Fincher and crew as they tranformed Armie Hammer into the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. Read More »


Here’s a few casting notes for you before Page 2 hits. First up is What Boys Want, a teen-skewed reversal of the 2000 Mel Gibson film What Women Want. Selena Gomez will star as a girl who can hear what men are thinking. Reports that the film will just be Gomez hiding in a closet for two hours may be unfounded, but you can see where the rumor might come from. I don’t know much about Selena Gomez, and you should consider that a good thing. I’m in my 30s with no kids, so the only reason for me to know much about a coiffed-up Disney Channel star is that I write stories like these. So I can’t offer much context about this one other than to say it doesn’t sound anything like material for a teen-skewed comedy. [Variety]

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