Briefly: Since last year we’ve heard about the possibility of a new show from Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams. Now CBS has given a green light to the pilot for the show, which is called Person of Interest. More interesting, however, is the basic plot description: “An ex-CIA hitman and a scientist team up to prevent crimes before they happen.”

So how will this be like and/or unlike Minority Report? Preventing crimes before they happen naturally calls up images of the Steven Spielberg film, and I wonder to what degree the show will deal with the morality of that approach to crime. Given the two people involved, I’d guess we’ll see quite a lot of it. And how will this be tailored for CBS, which caters to an older, or at least more mainstream crowd, than other networks? Doesn’t seem like the place for a daring sci-fi show. [EW]


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There’s a lot of great Inception material this week, thanks primarily to the DVD and Blu-ray which just hit shelves. But the book Inception: The Shooting Script has been around for a bit, and if you haven’t had a look, there are a couple aspects that make it wortwhile. Beyond the script there’s an interview with Christopher Nolan conducted by his brother Jonathan Nolan. And you’ll also find the map Chrisopher Nolan drew to delineate the film’s dream layers. That has been scanned, and you can find it below. Read More »

‘Superman’ Casting Search Begins

We’d have thought the casting search for Zack Snyder‘s Superman had already begun, but now it is evidently on. So, actors aged 28-32 who aren’t quite discovered yet, or who maybe have a budding TV career, this is the time to source some blue tights. In other words: sorry, fans of Jon Hamm, but this is a role for another actor. A few more details are after the break. Read More »

We have yet to see what a Christopher Nolan-less script from Jonathan Nolan looks like, but the odds that we’ll see one soon are looking good. He’s still got his screenplay for Intersellar, set to be directed by Steven Spielberg, in the pipeline, but who knows when Spielberg will get around to making that. The more viable option for now is Hell and Gone, which is “a Titanic-like historical tragedy and love story revolving around the Great Chicago Fire”. Warner Bros. is setting that up, and they have J Blakeson, the writer and director of the critically lauded The Disappearance of Alice Creed, in negotiations to direct. Read More »

Just like with the report we had yesterday, keep this one filed under rumor. But Moviehole says they’ve been talking to a source at WB who says that the notion of a Jonathan Nolan-directed Superman is well-founded. Read More »


Seems like there have been far more superhero movie rumors than normal in the run-up to this year’s Comic Con. Hopefully many of these will be addressed in some manner within the next couple weeks, but in the meantime take anything boldly marked ‘rumor’ as merely a way to kickstart conversation. So, after the break, you can start to talk about the idea of Jonathan Nolan directing Superman and Elena Satine playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man. Read More »


Just hours ago, I talked about the Jackie O biopic script that has Steven Spielberg as an advocate, and likely as a producer. We’ve filled a lot of page space talking about Spielberg’s producing projects as he’s been slow to set up a directorial follow-up to his Tintin film, still in a long post-production process, but none have yet come to fruition.

But now there is slight reason to suspect that Spielberg’s long-rumored film Interstellar, scripted by Jonathan Nolan, may finally be in the cards. Don’t get too excited about this happening right now, but read on for the reasons behind the speculation. Read More »

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