Overlapping slightly with everything from A Life Less Ordinary and Pushing Daisies to Stranger than Fiction and The Truman Show, Demetri Martin‘s screenplay Will made a few waves when it was recognized by the 2007 Black List. For a while it was set up at Dreamworks, whose interest eventually lapsed and it then set up home at Paramount.

Today, news comes that Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis have signed on to star in the film as respectively Will, the eponymous human, and Aimsley, his ‘Life Writer’ from ‘The Beyond’, as the screenplay has it, a supernatural scriptwriter who has been charged with controlling Will’s destiny down to the most minute detail. Attached to direct are Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the sometime music video and commercial directing duo who made one mother of a motion picture debut with Little Miss Sunshine.

I’ve read the Black Listed draft of Will. Details after the break, including the kind of minor spoilers that would show up in a typical trailer.

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Used Guys Refit Looking Very Good


According to a new piece in The Hollywood Reporter, Fox are reworking rather radically one of their old- in-development projects… and the new version is sound pretty darn tasty.

Originally, Used Guys was set up to star Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller as a pair of past-their-prime clones in a world where ‘natural’ men are extinct. Upstaged by newer models with better listening and bedroom skills, they get returned and from their embark upon a quest to find the mythical paradise they call Mantopia. Cue male bonding and a sci-fi slanted spin on remasculation wish fulfillment.

Now, though, it’s all change with Carrey out, Reese Witherspoon in, and Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris negotiating to direct. What of the story though? How drastically will that have to be overhauled to deal with a female-male pairing and not just a couple of chaps up front?

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2007 Independent Spirit Awards Winners

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine won the top prize at the 2007 Independent Spirit Awards, a day before the underdog indie comedy competes for Best Picture at the 2007 Academy Awards. Could the little indie that could win an Oscar? Check out the full list of winners after the jump.

Best Feature: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Female Lead: Shareeka Epps for Half Nelson
Best Male Lead: Ryan Gosling for Half Nelson
Best Supporting Female: Frances McDormand for Friends with Money
Best Supporting Male: Alan Arkin for Little Miss Sunshine
Best Director: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris for Little Miss Sunshine
Best Screenplay: Jason Reitman for Thank You for Smoking
Best First Screenplay: Michael Arndt for Little Miss Sunshine
Best Cinematography: Guillermo Navarro for Pan’s Labyrinth
Best First Feature: Sweet Land
Best Foreign Film: Leben der Anderen, Das
Best Documentary: The Road to Guantanamo
John Cassavetes Award: Quincea�era
Truer Than Fiction Award: P.O.V.: The Tailenders (#19.5)

I’m glad to see Quincea�era get an award, but I’m surprised that Pan’s Labyrinth didn’t win best feature.