Later this year, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart will take a break from the show to direct his first film, Rosewater. The movie is a fictionalized account of journalist Maziar Bahari’s experience in an Iranian prison, where he was held for almost three months on suspicion of spying.

Now Gael Garcia Bernal has been cast as Bahari, adding another layer of interest to a film that was already bound to receive some close scrutiny. Read More »


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Star Trek or Star Wars?” is a question that’s been debated by sci-fi fans since Star Wars exploded onto the scene in 1977. At that time Star Trek had already been around for a decade, but some would argue the success of Star Wars helped reinvigorate the series. Others may say George Lucas would never have travelled to a galaxy far, far away had it not been for the ideas and vision of Gene Roddenberry. Either way, the thought of one person controlling both franchises likely never occurred to fans. Then, in 2013, the guy chosen to reboot Star Trek, J.J. Abrams, signed on to restart the Star Wars franchise, and fans of both were left with a multitude of different feelings.

Abrams is currently promoting his second Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness, and has been asked about Star Wars: Episode VII at every single turn. Monday night he showed up on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and the topic came up again. This time, instead of delving into exactly how the director plans on dealing with Star Wars, they discussed the fundamental differences and merits of each franchise. It’s a fun watch. Check it out below. Read More »

Jon Stewart is taking the summer off from The Daily Show, leaving the comedy newscast in the capable hands of John Oliver for eight of the twelve weeks Stewart will be away. There’s good reason for the host’s break from the show, however: he’s doing to direct his first feature film.

In 2011 Stewart announced on the show that he had optioned Maziar Bahari‘s book Then They Came For Me, which tells of Bahari’s capture and imprisonment in Iran, where he was jailed and interrogated for 118 days in 2009. Stewart wrote a script based on the book, and will direct the film, Rosewater, later this year.  Read More »

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Today’s TV Bits starts on a bit of a downer, as Community‘s Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon bicker and Two and a Half Men‘s Lee Arohnson makes some obnoxious comments sure to piss people off. But don’t worry, there’s some sunnier stuff in here too. After the jump:

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Over a year ago, Pajiba reported that Jon Stewart had bought the life rights of jailed Iranian journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari. The idea was evidently to produce a film based on the man’s story, as chronicled in his book Then They Came For Me, which details his 118 day imprisonment in Iran, 107 days of which were spent in solitary confinement.

Last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart hosted Mr. Bahari for an extended interview, and though he revealed no real details, he did confirm that the two are working on a film based on the book. Read More »

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Over the weekend, Lucasfilm held Star Wars Celebration V. The centerpiece of the festivities was an hour plus long interview with George Lucas, conducted on stage by The Daily Show host Jon Stewart. I was not in attendance at this panel, but luckily someone recorded video of the entire interview and has uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Watch it now, embedded after the jump.
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Jon Stewart is more than a sharp comic and (unexpectedly) a reliable voice for news analysis. He has worked as an actor, and is now making a foray back into producing. Stewart has optioned the rights to the life story of journalist Maziar Bahari, who was arrested in 2009 during the Iranian election protests. Bahari had taken part in a Daily Show sketch several months prior where he spoke to comedian Jason Jones, who was dressed as a spy. But Bahari’s jailers took the sketch as evidence that he was actually a spy, and interrogated him daily over 118 days.

After his release, Bahari appeared on the Daily Show to speak with Stewart (see their great exchange after the break) and Stewart has now purchased his life rights to form the basis for a feature film. Stewart’s company, Busboy Productions, will produce what is currently called the Untitled Maziar Bahari Project. [Pajiba]

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