Jamie Chung has two big Legendary Pictures films behind her this year, Sucker Punch and The Hangover Part II, and now (probably not as a response) she’s going indie for the film Knife Fight. That’s the one starring Rob Lowe where he plays “a political crisis manager who specializes in playing hardball on behalf of scandal-plagued clients.” Jamie Chung will be his savvy assistant. Quite a few other people are in talks for roles, too: Julie Bowen, Connie Britton, Jennifer Morrison, Rebecca Mader and Titus Welliver. Bill Guttentag directs and co-wrote the script with Chris Lehane; the film will shoot next month in San Francisco, and a release is planned for October 2012, timed around the next US Presidential election.

Before Knife Fight makes it to theaters, Jamie Chung will be in Premium Rush, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and was written and directed by David Koepp. [Variety]

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Patton Oswalt

Production began today in Michigan on the stoner-sequel A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, as screenwriter Jon Hurwitz announced on Twitter.

Also on Twitter, star John Cho revealed that Patton Oswalt was on set “in my vicinity, holding a sketch pad, duct tape, and a reel to reel audio recorder. Eeesh.” Oswalt tweeted in response: “Maybe it’s this Michigan air, but @JohnTheCho is looking huggable, chloroform-able, and bury-able.”

Does this mean that Oswalt makes an appearance in the film or is he just hanging out on set? Oswalt also posted a photo of a crowd of people on the set, which is filming on location in a Mall, looking down from the second and third floors. With that tweet comes the wording: “People watching me get 3 dimensional.” A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is shooting in 3D, so it sounds to me that he shot an appearance in the film.

FirstShowing also noticed some tweets from Danny Purdue, giving us a better look at the Mall sequence.

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John Hughes

In March, we broke news that Paramount Pictures and Roth Films were developing a movie using John Hughes‘ unproduced screenplay Grisby’s Go Broke. Paramount later denied the rumor (which probably means they considered the property, but decided not to), but I’ve been itching to get my hands on Hughes original script to see an unmade Hughes movie that never was. And now we have some more details about that script, and the upcoming stoner-sequel A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.

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American Pie

A couple months ago it was reported that Universal Pictures was looking to bring the American Pie franchise back to the big screen, but not as a reboot, but a fourth film in the series featuring the cast of characters from the original trilogy. That’s right — Jim, Stiffler, Nadia, Oz, Michelle, and all the gang.  The studio was in talks with Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the writers behind the Harold and Kumar films, to script American Pie 4.

Looks like the writing duo not only signed on to script the fourth installment, but also direct. But where does this leave the the third installment of the Harold & Kumar franchise? Find out, after the jump.

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Universal Pictures is looking to bring the American Pie franchise back to the big screen, but not as a reboot, but a fourth film in the series featuring the cast of characters from the original trilogy. That’s right — Jim, Stiffler, Nadia, Oz, Michelle, and all the gang. LA Times reports that the studio is in talks with Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the writers behind the Harold and Kumar films, to script American Pie 4.
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Harold and Kumar

Back in July of last year, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg announced that they were developing a third Harold and Kumar film. It makes sense that New Line (aka Warner Bros) wanted a sequel after the release of Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, which grossed over $43 million worldwide. Not bad for a film that was made for around $12 million. In fact, the first film, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, wasn’t even considered a success until developing a cult following on DVD.

There were rumors of a Neil Patrick Harris spin-off as well. But talks died down, and I just figured that the sequel and spin-off fell into development heck, especially with Kal Penn joining President Obama’s administration as a liaison to Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities and “arts groups.” But it appears that a project is still in the works, and actually much further along than we had believed.

Warner Bros has announced that they will be releasing A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in theaters on November 5th 2010.

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Twitter Update

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Since our original posting on March 6th, we’ve added over 20 new names to our listing of all the screenwriters, directors and actors/actresses on Twitter. The additions include: Donald Glover, Roger Avary, David Hewlett, Kate Hewlett, Brea Grant, Mark Romanek, David Wain, Jon Hurwitz, Joe Lynch, David Bruckner, James Moran, Michael Stephenson, Sean Flanery, Aubrey Plaza, Rian Johnson, Faizon Love, David Blue, James Kyson Lee, Jonathan King, Aziz Ansari, John Cleese, and Danny Masterson. Head on over to our original post for the updates.

MGM has hired Steve Pink (Accepted) to write and direct a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The original 1988 Frank Oz film starred Steve Martin and Michael Caine as two con men who find that their town isn’t big enough for the two of them. They agree to a “loser leaves” bet. In 2005, the film was adapted into a Broadway musical starring John Lithgow. No actors have been cast but top-level talent is said to be interested. MGM has gone remake crazy as of late, with Red Dawn, Robocop, Fame and Poltergeist already in various stages of development. I’ll ask the expected question: Do we really need a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

Rachel McAdams has been cast as Irene Adler, the “enigmatic love interest” in Guy Ritchie‘s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.  I’m slightly disappointed that Hollywood needs to add a romatic interest into the mix, even if that romantic interest is played by McAdams. The character appeared in just one of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, A Scandal in Bohemia from 1891. The film will be based on the forthcoming comic book adaptation which portrays Holmes as a more adventurous and tough version of the classic character. Previously announced: Robert Downey Jr will play Holmes, Mark Strong will play Blackwood, the main villain, and Jude Law has been cast as Watson.

Discuss: Does Sherlock Holmes need a love interest?

Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the creators of the Harold and Kumar films, have signed on to write and direct Til Beth Do Us Part for Warner Bros. The comedy is about two friends who have their friendship put to the test when one of them becomes engaged. The film is said to be similar in tone to the Kumar films, but without the crazy fantastical elements. Nobody has been cast as the two male leads, but Warner hopes to have the film in production before April 2009. I’m interested to see what Hurwitz and Schlossberg can do outside of the racial discrimination/weed-infused comedy of Harold and Kumar.

Discuss: Will their next comedy film be funny if you don’t see it stoned?

source: THR

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