‘Cars 2’ Trailer #4

Just on the off chance that you’d overlooked the fact that a sequel to Cars is being released this summer, Disney and Pixar have released another full-length trailer (after a unleashing a legion of clips and TV spots) for Cars 2. The Disney/Pixar channel on YouTube calls this trailer #4, and who am I to argue? There is some new footage here, and the trailer is cut well, but at this point either you’re on board for Cars 2 or you’re not. If by some chance you’re new to the fact that the film exists, hit the break for the new trailer, or check it out if you can’t wait for the film to open on June 24. Read More »


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Only minutes after Disney bought Marvel, the questions began: might we ever see Marvel Universe characters rendered by Pixar? The animation company has demonstrated an affection for Marvel-style heroes with The Incredibles, which with a bit of tweaking could easily have been a Fantastic Four story. And early statements on Disney’s part suggested the team-up might be a possibility.

Yet despite the chain of business relationships that link both Pixar and Marvel to Disney, the chance of a Pixar/Marvel movie ever happening still seemed slim, and possibly too much to hope for. Indeed, according to John Lasseter, it’s not going to happen. Read More »

You might think that the idea to do a Cars sequel came about after Disney looked at their billion dollar sales Cars merchandise reports and fired off an e-mail to the animation studio in Emeryville saying “Do this!” But Pixar head and Cars series director John Lasseter tells an entirely different story — learn how Lasseter came up with the idea for the story of Cars 2 in a short video interview embedded after the jump.

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Cars 2, which opens on June 24, seems to be everywhere lately. Disney and Pixar have been nearing a saturation point with the release of new characters, images, TV spots and trailers.

Just this week we had a new full-length trailer that focused on the espionage aspects of the film’s plot, and now we have an extended international cut of that trailer. It isn’t hugely different, and won’t change your mind if you’re one of those without much interest in this particular Pixar film. But for those who are ready to go back to this particular world it might be a good extra tease. In addition to that different trailer cut, we’ve got four retro-styled Grand Prix posters and a handful of high-res images, after the break. Read More »

Cars 2 Trailer

Walt Disney Pictures has released a new movie trailer for Pixar’s Cars 2.

They are really playing up the film’s spy storyline, but nothing I’m seeing is making me interested in this sequel. The first film is in all accounts Pixar’s worst movie to date. It wasn’t even very profitable at the box office, but made billions in toy/merchandise sales. I was hoping that Lasseter may have found some heartfelt hook (I loved the Route 66 storyline in the first film, but it came in way too late) but the trailers thus far present a storyline which looks like a sad excuse to cash in at Toys r Us. And don’t get me wrong, I understand this is the movie BUSINESS, but I have come to expect more from Pixar. They are a studio-run entity which time and time again have produced films which are at the perfect intersection of entertainment and art.

Watch the trailer embedded after the ump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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The cast of characters for Pixar’s Cars 2 just keeps on growing. Over the weekend, Pixar released descriptions of two new anthropomorphic automobiles, one of which is Eddie Izzard’s previously announced role as Sir Miles Axelrod. Additionally, we have a couple of cute new photos and the first TV spot for the film. Check it all out after the jump.

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John Lasseter Is A Character In ‘Cars 2′

This is by far the coolest addition to the Cars 2 cast yet. John Lasseter, head of Pixar, director of the first film and co-director of the sequel, will be making a cameo appearance in Cars 2 as a “hefty yellow pick-up truck” who serves as a pit crew chief for one of the racing teams. Lasseter was surprised when he found out that his team had created the character, named John Lassetire, as a nod to Pixar’s 25th anniversary. Read more about his reaction and get a full look at the character after the jump. Read More »

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Briefly: We’ll present this mostly without comment, because we just saw the domestic Cars 2 trailer this morning, and this UK version really doesn’t change up much at all. You might expect to to do a bit more to trumpet Michael Caine‘s presence as Finn McMissile, but I’m happy that it just allows us to realize “hey, that’s Michael Caine!”

Mostly, it opens with a list of credits from Pixar and the involved creators, just in case intended audiences don’t realize what is about to follow. Check it out after the break. I’ve also re-embedded the domestic trailer in case you missed it. Read More »