The cast of characters for Pixar’s Cars 2 just keeps on growing. Over the weekend, Pixar released descriptions of two new anthropomorphic automobiles, one of which is Eddie Izzard’s previously announced role as Sir Miles Axelrod. Additionally, we have a couple of cute new photos and the first TV spot for the film. Check it all out after the jump.

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John Lasseter Is A Character In ‘Cars 2′

This is by far the coolest addition to the Cars 2 cast yet. John Lasseter, head of Pixar, director of the first film and co-director of the sequel, will be making a cameo appearance in Cars 2 as a “hefty yellow pick-up truck” who serves as a pit crew chief for one of the racing teams. Lasseter was surprised when he found out that his team had created the character, named John Lassetire, as a nod to Pixar’s 25th anniversary. Read more about his reaction and get a full look at the character after the jump. Read More »

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Briefly: We’ll present this mostly without comment, because we just saw the domestic Cars 2 trailer this morning, and this UK version really doesn’t change up much at all. You might expect to to do a bit more to trumpet Michael Caine‘s presence as Finn McMissile, but I’m happy that it just allows us to realize “hey, that’s Michael Caine!”

Mostly, it opens with a list of credits from Pixar and the involved creators, just in case intended audiences don’t realize what is about to follow. Check it out after the break. I’ve also re-embedded the domestic trailer in case you missed it. Read More »

‘Cars 2′ Teaser Trailer #2

We just got full info about the story in Cars 2, which puts John Lasseter back in the driver’s seat along with co-director Brad Lewis. Now there’s a full trailer, which you can see after the break. And it is chock full of Michael Caine! Read More »

Every year, Pixar seems to outdo themselves. We all thought the beauty of Wall-E couldn’t be matched, until Up showed us its balloons. Then we all thought the first 20 minutes of Up was as emotional as animation could get, until we saw the last 20 minutes of Toy Story 3. And when it comes to commercial successes, it’s tough to beat Toy Story 3‘s title as not only Pixar’s biggest film yet, but the most successful animated film of all time.

Next up is Cars 2, which comes out June 24, and it certainly won’t have an easy road ahead of it. Co-directed by Pixar main man John Lasseter (who directed the first Cars) as well as Brad Lewis, who produced Ratatouille, all we’ve seen so far is a short teaser trailer and a bunch of concept art. Now we’ve got the first official image, poster and plot description straight from the Mouse’s mouth. Will the film live up to its Pixar predecessors? Read more about it after the break. And check back Tuesday morning for the first official trailer. Read More »

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Pixar and Disney commander John Lasseter has already directed a few shorts based in his Cars universe, and now he’s got a new one about to debut. Heavy Metal Mater is directed by Lasseter and Rob Gibbs, and will premiere on Friday on the Disney Channel. More details after the break. Read More »

A new Pixar short in the Cars Toon series will premiere on the Disney Channel on July 30th at 9:30pm. The latest of Mater’s tall tales is titled Monster Truck Mater. More information after the jump.

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