Michael Giacchino has personally solved the problem of unemployment in America: just win an Oscar for Best Original Score. After Giacchino’s 2010 Oscar win for his amazing score to Up, the composer behind Star Trek and Lost has more jobs than a normal person would know what to do with. He just finished Let Me In, we already found out he will be scoring Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars, but now we have official confirmation that he’s currently scoring Cars 2 for John Lasseter and Pixar, followed by Super 8 and Mission: Impossible 4 for frequent collaborators J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird respectively. He’s also “adapting John Williams’ themes for the refreshed Star Tours ride at Disneyland.” And that’s not even everything on the man’s plate. Find out what else he’s scoring, and more, after the break. Read More »

While Andrew Stanton‘s John Carter of Mars was never envisioned as a 3D movie, I’ve been hearing a lot of rumbling in recent months that Walt Disney Pictures is pushing to release the film in 3D. I’ve even heard they’ve ordered some 3D tests to convince director Andrew Stanton that post conversion 3D isn’t as horrible as the big baddies on the Internet say it is. Ironically, the film which launched the 3D craze,  James Cameron’s Avatar, was actually very much inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ original novels. So it is interesting that Avatar is now becoming a heavy influence on the big screen adaptation of the books.

As far as I can tell, nothing is yet set in stone in terms of releasing John Carter of Mars in 3D, but it sure is looking that way. Who knows if the growing public perception of post converted 3D (ie Bad 3D) will be enough to convince Disney. But one recent development has got me thinking… if John Carter does get released in 3D, what does this mean for Pixar’s long in development, already-delayed, BraveThe Bear and the Bow (formerly titled )? Brave is set to hit theaters on June 15th 2012, while Disney just announced a June 8th 2012 release for John Carter of Mars. Read More »

Briefly: It’s release date time. Disney has announced release dates for John Carter of Mars and the stop-motion animated update / expansion of Tim Burton‘s Frankenweenie.

Andrew Stanton‘s John Carter of Mars, the Pixar director’s first foray into live action features, and an adaptation of the pulp adventure novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, will release on June 8 2012. That one stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Hayden Church and Willem Dafoe.

And the stop-motion, black and white and 3D Frankenweenie will release on March 9, 2012. That has Tim Burton, who originally created the short film of the same name that is being expanded into a feature, listed as producer, but not director. Hmm. Last time we heard about the project, Don Hahn was saying that Burton was set to direct. I’d keep that in mind as a Burton-directed film for now, but we’ll try to get better information.

Michael Giacchino To Score John Carter of Mars

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MovieScore Magazine has confirmed that Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino will be writing the score for Andrew Stanton‘s adaptation of John Carter of Mars. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise considering Giacchino’s relationship with Pixar: Giacchino has been working with Pixar for some time, providing the score for The Incredibles, Ratatoille, Up, and short films Lifted, Partly Cloudy, and Teddy Newton’s upcoming short Night And Day.

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Walt Disney Pictures has sent out a press release announcing to start of principal photography on Andrew Stanton‘s big screen adaptation of John Carter of Mars. The release has full details on the cast and crew, including a few new details which hadn’t yet been reported in the trades:

  • New cast members include: Ciaran Hinds (“Munich,” “There Will Be Blood”) and Daryl Sabara (“Disney’s A Christmas Carol,” “Spy Kids”) takes the role of John Carter’s teen-aged nephew, Edgar Rice Burroughs (the author who created Tarzan and John Carter).
    The creative team includes Oscar®-nominated production designer Nathan Crowley (“Public Enemies,” “The Dark Knight,” “Batman Begins”), costume designer Mayes Rubeo (“Avatar,” “Apocalypto”), cinematographer Daniel Mindel (“Star Trek,” “Mission Impossible III,” “Spygame”) and video effects supervisor Peter Chiang (“The Reader,” “The Bourne Ultimatum”).

You can read the full press release after the jump, with official plot synopsis, and quotes from Stanton.

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Update: Disney has finally gotten back tyo us and say that the film will not be released as a “Pixar” branded film, but instead a “Walt Disney Picture”. So basically, the trades messed up.

When it was announced that Finding Nemo and WALL-E helmer Andrew Stanton would be directing a big screen live-action adaptation of Edgar Rice BurroughsJohn Carter of Mars, there was a lot of speculation that the film would be Pixar’s first live-action production. Pixar co-founder and president Ed Catmull quickly quashed the rumors, telling the attendees of the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference that Pixar would not be entering the special effects business.

“We’ve got two projects coming where there’s a live action element. But our view is not that we’re trying to diversify; it’s more that we’ve got a creative vision to try something different, and we want to support that vision,” Catmull said. “Whether or not it goes beyond that we don’t know, but we don’t want to turn Pixar into a live action studio. In fact, the intent is that the special effects will not be done at Pixar… We are not trying to become a special effects company.”

But the newest casting announcement in the Hollywood trade-papers suggests otherwise: John Carter of Mars will be the first live-action feature from Pixar.

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Willem Dafoe is out on the publicity rounds for Daybreakers, and fielding questions from i09 about Andrew Stanton‘s John Carter of Mars in which he’ll be playing Tars Tarkas, a ten foot tall martian warrior.

There’s some things he would talk about – “I saw [Stanton] recently because we start in London, for studio stuff. I start next week”, “I think officially production starts the 18th”, “[Stanton] showed me the different variations of how they will shoot it, the kind of equipment I’ll have to wear, the different times I won’t have to wear certain kinds of equipment and all that”, ; and other things he wouldn’t reveal, like whether or not he’ll be wearing prosthetic arms or putting on a ‘special voice’

Previously we expected shooting to start last November in Utah.

willem dafoe john carter of mars

Willem Dafoe is out promoting Antichrist, but a few people have also got him to talk a bit about his upcoming role in John Carter of Mars, the hybrid live-action CGI animation Disney feature to be directed by Pixar’s Andrew Stanton. We know the basic story, that Confederate officer John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is transported to Mars and initially finds himself among the green, four-armed Tharks. Dafoe plays Tars Tarkas, a Thark warrior. Now we’ve got a few more details on what to expect from the film; even though it’s all very early stuff, having seen some of Avatar we can draw some conclusions. Read More »


Earlier this summer the casting news on John Carter of Mars, to be directed for Disney by Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, starting pouring out. Now we’ve got three more great names for the cast — well, two more and one confirmation. Read More »


Three more actors have joined Andrew Stanton‘s big screen adaptation of Edgar Rice BurroughsJohn Carter of Mars: Samantha Morton (In America, Control), Dominic West (300, Chicago) and Polly Walker (Patriot Games).

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