Want to watch the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray? Does Ben Affleck want to direct a comic book movie? Who is scoring Iron Man 3? What did Joe Queseda have to say about Clark Gregg returning for Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.? Which late night host is lending his voice to The Dark Knight Returns Part 2? Have the titles of the new DC Comics Animes been revealed? How about a trailer for the new Iron Man anime? What did Mary Elizabeth Winstead have to say about losing a role in The Avengers and possibly being in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Has the Gangnam Style bug bitten Batman now too and where can you see Marvel and DC comic characters together on film? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »


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LucasFilm’s red-headed step child celebrated his 25th anniversary last year with little fanfare. The 1986 sci-fi comedy Howard the Duck, starring a walking, talking duck was hyped upon release but bombed spectacularly when it hit theaters. Now it’s regularly mentioned amongst the worst films of all time. Since then though, the film gained an appreciative cult fan base. Among that fan base are the people at the company that originated the character, Marvel Comics.

Yes, once again, producer George Lucas was way ahead of the curve and made a very early Marvel movie. However, the silver anniversary of the bomb-turned-cult classic has come and gone and fans are disappointed there’s still no Blu-ray release in sight. Enter Joe Quesada, COO of Marvel Entertainment, who has made a video basically begging George Lucas to come on board and give Howard the Duck the respect it deserves. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

Which major celebrity created their own, customized Batmobile? Want to watch Michael Shannon and Tom Hiddleston talk about Man of Steel and The Avengers? How about see a ton of new images from the New York set of The Dark Knight Rises? What do cats look like dressed up as superheroes? Curious how you can make your very own flourescent kryptonite candy? How is North Carolina reacting to their Iron Man 3 news? What is Stan Lee doing with Michael Eisner? Is there video of the Man of Steel scene from which a spoiler-filled set photo surfaced recently? Read about all that and much more in this special four page, weekend edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Marvel‘s Chief Creative Office Joe Quesada, says it best. “Back in the day, so many of us in the creative community would sit back and watch someone produce a TV show or a movie based on a comic book and see it flop miserably because those people didn’t understand what made those characters work. We’d sit there going, ‘Why didn’t they hire comic book people?’”

In 2011, that’s exactly what Marvel plans on doing. Read more after the jump. Read More »

The Avengers Has a Screenplay

Briefly: Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has confirmed on Twitter that screenwriter Zak Penn has turned in a first draft of the big screen adaptation of The Avengers. The film currently has a release date scheduled for May 4th 2012.


I don’t even vaguely trust Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada to be objective about a Marvel Studios project. So when he goes all ebullient about how game-changing Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor is going to be, I don’t take it very seriously. But I do wonder to what extent this will be different from the glut of superhero films we’ve seen to date.

There’s a specific tone and structure to superhero films from which we rarely see movies diverge, especially when they’re introducing a character. I can imagine a lot of ways in which Branagh might break these informal rules, based on both his own background and the rich mythological legacy of Thor as a character, and I hope to see him engage them all. But for now, all we’ve got is Quesada’s statement, which is after the break. Read More »

Joe Quesada Talks Thor and Iron Man 2


In the latest edition of Joe Quesada‘s web column Cup ‘O Joe, the Marvel Editor-in-Chief talks about Thor and Iron Man 2. Here are some highlights:
Read More »

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