Juno: Four Video Clips


Here’s the standard recap: I saw Juno at the Toronto Film Festival and in my review I said that it was “the best movie of the year (so far)” and it is this year’s “Little Miss Sunshine”. You may as well find another website to read if you want to avoid an overload in Juno news in the next couple months before the film is unleashed upon the world. Festival screenings have pushed the film to a 9.1 rating on IMDb, and 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

I now present you with four new video clips from Juno for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

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Jason Bateman NOT in Kevin Smith’s Porno

Jason BatemanA few weeks ago AintITCool reported a RUMOR that Jason Bateman had been cast as Zack in Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I was able to speak to Bateman exclusively while he was promoting his appearance in Jason Reitman’s Juno at the Toronto Film Festival, and he denied the story completely.

“No, I read that, but no, Not at all,” Bateman told /Film. “I met him at a coffee bean and tea leaf in LA about three months ago, and that’s about as close to the accuracy of it.”

JK Simmons, who was also in the same room jumped in:

“You know, Smith’s kid and mine go to the same school and I haven’t been in any of his damn movies. [Laughs]”

Juno director Reitman later dropped mention to us that Smith’s Clerks was one of the films that inspired him to get into filmmaking.

So there you have it: No Rosario Dawson as Miri, and Jason Bateman was never attached as Zack. Anyone have any ideas on who the real cast might be for this film? E-mail Us!

Video: Spider-Man 2.1

J. Jonah Jameson as Spider-Man

A couple days ago we showed you the extended train fight sequence from Spider-Man 2.1, which hits store shelves next week. Now we have yet another look at more cut footage. Below you can watch a short clip of Daily Bugle editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson having fun in Spider-Man’s suit. Pretty funny stuff. You can definitely see why the scene was cut from the final film, it was probably too over the top funny for the context of the rest of the movie. Also, J.K. Simmons’ head looks very odd on-top of Spider-Man’s body. I wonder how it will play now that it has been added to the extended cut.