George Lucas and JJ Abrams

As exciting as it is to think about J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt collaborating on a new Star Wars movie, one interesting aspect of that lineup is who’s not involved. Though George Lucas invented that universe, and though he’ll stay on the franchise as a “creative consultant,” he won’t be driving the new trilogy in any real sense. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate, but either way it’s definitely something different.

For his part, Lucas seems to welcome that change. While he’s happily talked up Abrams as an “ideal choice” to take the series forward, he apparently hasn’t done much at all on the new films so far. In fact, he hasn’t even spoken to Abrams about Episode VII yet. Hit the jump to read Lucas’ comments.

Lucas and Abrams are definitely on good terms — Lucas hasn’t been stingy in his praise of Abrams, and Abrams himself has said that he plans to turn to Lucas for help. “The advantage here is that we still have George Lucas with us to go to and ask questions and get his feedback on things, which I certainly will do,” he said this spring.

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Jaina vs Caedus Star Wars Episode VII

It feels like…hours since we’ve had a fun, juicy Star Wars Episode VII rumor to chew on. The latest one is potentially the biggest yet because it deals with not only the potential main characters of the film, but the roles they play as well. Yes, we’re finally talking Star Wars Episode VII plotlines.

Those adverse to spoilers should probably stay away, however, anyone with a limited knowledge of the Star Wars Expanded Universe will find the rumored information more than a little familiar. Read More »

STID Carol / FF6 Letty

It’s more or less impossible to reboot a massively popular franchise for the big screen without drawing the ire of a few fans, but one major criticsm plaguing Star Trek Into Darkness in recent days has nothing to do with J.J. Abrams‘ Klingon redesign or use of parallel timelines. Midway through the film, there’s a brief scene in which the character Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) strips down to her underwear for no apparent reason. Some fans called filmmakers out for being sexist, and so far writer Damon Lindelof has stepped up to offer his apologies.

The minor controversy was fresh in my mind when I went to go see Fast & Furious 6, which, as you’d expect, outdoes Star Trek Into Darkness‘ tiny sliver of cheesecake on every level. All of the female stars of Fast & Furious 6 are conventionally attractive to begin with, and none shy away from wearing form-fitting outfits or showing off a bit of cleavage. Additionally, scantily clad female extras are used in several sequences as little more than set decoration. And yet I walked away from Fast & Furious 6 thinking that director Justin Lin and his crew could teach the Star Trek team a thing or two about portraying female characters on screen.

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I hope you’re excited for Human Centipede III, because shooting in LA has already begun. Also after the jump:

  • Will Forte is working on MacGruber 2 this summer
  • Could the Fast Five vault heist happen in real life? (No.)
  • Charlie Sheen returns to his Latino roots for Machete Kills
  • Glenn Morshower won’t be in Transformers 4, but you could be
  • Rumor has it Sharon Stone wants a Basic Instinct 3
  • J.J. Abrams hasn’t ruled out a third Star Trek
  • Hatchet III and The Smurfs 2 get new posters

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Star Trek Into Darkness - Benedict Cumberbatch

By now, you’ve probably heard about the controversy over Star Trek Into Darkness‘ infamous Carol Marcus underwear scene. The moment has attracted enough criticism that writer Damon Lindelof has apologized for it on Twitter. Now director J.J. Abrams has stepped up to offer his own take on the matter.

Disgruntled fans looking for an apology will be disappointed by Abrams’ response; while the filmmaker admits that the scene he didn’t “quite edit the scene in the right way,” he falls short of actually saying he’s sorry. He does, however, attempt to even the score by offering a peek at a deleted scene featuring Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character in the shower. Hit the jump to watch it.

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NBC's Believe

Both J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón are using the big screen this year to explore the expansive blackness of outer space — Abrams with last week’s Star Trek Into Darkness, Cuarón with this fall’s Gravity. For their first collaboration with each other, though, they’ll be keeping things a bit more grounded.

The pair have teamed up for NBC’s Believe, a hourlong sci-fi drama about a young superpowered girl (Johnny Sequoyah) and the death row inmate (Jake McLaughlin) broken out of jail to protect her. See the first trailer after the jump.

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Cumberbatch Into Darkness

Stardate December 10, 2012. A group of journalists are invited to Bad Robot in Santa Monica, CA to learn a little bit more about J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness. At this time everyone was still unclear who, exactly, Benedict Cumberbatch was playing in the film. Rumors about his character were relentless. To cut the question off at the pass, Abrams himself led everyone into a screening room to show some footage. He explained this was footage no one would see again for several months, we shouldn’t tell anyone we saw it, but it would clear some things up.

With Star Trek Into Darkness now in theaters, it’s time to talk about that footage because what we saw and what’s now playing are very, very different. This change exemplifies not only the lengths Abrams went to preserve the theatrical film experience, but it opens up the discussion for exactly why secrecy was so important. Read More »

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Not all Star Wars Episode VII rumors are created equal. While a handful of the ones we’ve heard have proved to be true (the return of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill, for example), many more have turned out to be little more than wishful thinking.

According to a new report making the rounds today, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is already in talks for the new film. On the surface of it, the rumor doesn’t sound more or less plausible than any other we’ve heard. Considering the source, though, there’s reason to treat this one a little more seriously than most. Hit the jump to get the details.

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