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When the first photo posted of the initial grouping of cast members for Star Wars: Episode VII, some critics quickly jumped on the film for only adding one new female role. Those who were paying any attention, however, saw that the leaked Star Wars casting breakdowns featured multiple roles for women. The trade papers did their homework, and hours later reported that two more female roles were yet to be cast. Today those actresses were announced. (You can read about that here.)

With so much negative second-guessing and uninformed ranting about a story and characters we don’t even know anything about yet, I thought I’d point out something positive.

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Carrie Fisher gets ready to star in another Star Wars movie, while George Lucas considers the exciting world of museum curating. Also after the jump:

  • Billy Dee Williams wants in on Episode VII
  • … as does Darth Vader voice James Earl Jones
  • Obama doesn’t know Star Wars from Star Trek
  • Disney delays the Star Wars 1313 video game
  • See a trailer for the Boba Fett pinball table
  • Watch part of a doc about Empire Strikes Back
  • What if Michael Haneke directed Star Wars?

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VOTD: Darth Vader’s Original Voice

David Prowse as Darth Vader
As many of you already know, James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars films, but he was not the actor in the suit during filming. A couple weeks ago a video circulated the web, showing actor David Prowse‘s original performance (sans Jones voice replacement). We have had it on the list of videos to be featured in VOTD (Video of the Day) but have been unable to fit it in until now. So if you haven’t yet seen this footage, in the behind the scenes doc or the youtube clip that made the rounds two weeks back, check it out now, after the jump.
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