Consider me shocked that The Karate Kid remake starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan actually looks like it may be a fun film. We’ve covered the film over the past year with increasing trepidation — especially when the studio decided to stick with the Karate Kid title instead of The Kung Fu Kid. But now we have the first trailer for the film, and somehow my first response isn’t to burn it at the stake.

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Four Official Photos from The Karate Kid Remake

The Karate Kid

Update: Sony has sent us three more photos, check after the jump.

People Magazine has the first official photo from the Will Smith-produced remake/re-imagining of The Karate Kid (and yes, we still wish they would revert back to the old Kung Fu Kid title and leave the Karate Kid title out of this). You might remember when we posted a couple set photos and even official teaser art back in September, but this is the first time Sony has released an official photo from the upcoming film. The article doesn’t reveal much: Jaden Smith trained every day for four months with the film’s fight coordinator Master Wu, and they filmed a scene atop the Great Wall of China.

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The Karate Kid Remake Art and Title

the karate kid

The saga of the ever-changing Karate Kid remake title continues. You might remember when we posted a couple set photos earlier in the week, we mentioned that the Will Smith-produced remake/re-imagining of The Karate Kid had been officially retitled The Kung-Fu Kid. A /Film commenter named videophonic forwarded us to some official art on Sony’s website which still features the old title. I don’t believe I’ve seen this art anywhere else online, so I thought I’d pass it along.

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[No photo]

This is the first set photo I’ve seen from the Will Smith-produced remake/re-imagining of The Karate Kid, which thankfully has officially been retitled The Kung-Fu Kid. What are they doing?

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kung fu kid stars

The Associated Press has confirmed that the Will Smith-produced remake/re-imagining of The Karate Kid has officially been retitled The Kung-Fu Kid.  The new title should qualm upset fans of the original, and actually makes a whole load more of sense considering the story is based around Kung Fu and not Karate.

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Taraji P. Henson has been cast in the Will Smith-produced reimagining of The Karate Kid. Henson, who was nominated for an Oscar for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, will play Jaden Smith’s character Dre’s mother Sherry.

Forced to relocate to China to keep her job, Dre finds it hard to fit in and gets in an altercation at his school. Jackie Chan plays the Mr. Myiagi character, renamed Mr. Han , who agrees to teach Dre martial arts in order to defend against the students of Li Quan Ha’s Fighting Dragon School of Kung-Fu.

The original film befitted from an A-level acting. Pat Morita’s performance in the first Karate Kid was good enough to earn him an Oscar Nomination. Does an Oscar-nominated actress give this remake any credibility? As long as the film is still titled “The Karate Kid”, I vote “No.”

source: MTV

Karate Kid Remake Plot Details Revealed

karate kid jaden

Moviehole has learned some new details about the Will Smith-produced reimagining of The Karate Kid. The film’s plot is broadly the same as the original 1984 film, but with many little differences. The Daniel Larusso character, played by Jaden Smith, has been renamed Dre (I kid you not) and is a skateboarding video game buff. With the fear of layoffs looming over her U.S. job, Dre’s single mother accepts an offer to transfer to the China office. Of course, unable to speak Chinese, Dre finds it hard to settle in, and gets beat up by the local bully.

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Karate Kid Remake Retitled The Kung Fu Kid

Remember when we warned you that Will Smith‘s son Jaden Smith was gearing up to ruin The Karate Kid in a remake featuring Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi? We even pleaded with Columbia Pictures to drop the project entirely, or else they will riskangering an entire generation of moviewatchers. Well it seems like the studio is aware of the potential backlash, and according to a comment made by Jackie Chan, discovered by FirstShowing, have decided to change the title of the film.

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The Smith Family Robinson


Production Weekly were good to their tweet and this weekend’s edition is a monster. Their publication, in case you don’t know, is designed to inform craftspeople and crewfolk from the film industry  about projects that will be hiring – and, not to put too fine a point on it, result in people getting work. As a side effect, they also give the world all manner of bits and pieces of breaking film news. My heroes.

One of the most interesting notes is this bumper, super-expansive edition is their listing for The Robinsons – an adaptation of The Swiss Family Robinson designed to star Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and all three of the Smith kids – Trey, Jaden and Willow.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

In November it was confirmed that Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith had been cast in a “refashioned” remake of the 1980’s classic The Karate Kid. Set in the “exotic locale” of Beijing, Chris Murphy‘s screenplay is said to “borrow elements” from the original film, and is not a strict remake.If you didn’t think the idea could get worse, well, you were wrong.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jackie Chan will play the Mr. Miyagi role and that Pink Panther 2 director Harold Zwart would helm the “remake”. Many people don’t remember this but Pat Morita was actually nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the original Karate Kid. The fact that Jackie Chan couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag is extremely troubling.

And the director of The Pink Panther 2? Really? C’mon! They obviously aren’t even trying? Did they just pull Zwart’s name out of a hat filled with names of available directors? This whole story is sounding more and more like an April Fools day joke, but the joke is on us. The movie is actually being made.

With all the cost cutting going on in Hollywood recently, I suggest that Columbia Pictures drop this project  entirely from their upcoming film plate. Columbia, you are about to make an entire generation of moviewatchers very angry. Please, leave this property alone. Walk away now and we will all pretend that this never happened.

Jaden, an avid practitioner of karate, made his big screen debut as Will Smith’s son (big stretch) in Pursuit of Happyness. His performance in The Day the Earth Stood Still was highly criticized.

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