Briefly: Lot of news coming out of Viacom’s quarterly earnings report today. For gamers, there’s the news that Viacom is looking to sell Rock Band developer Harmonix. On the movie side, Viacom COO Tom Dooley listed several films that Viacom and Paramount are looking to have produced for release after September 2011. They include the Platinum Dunes version of TMNT, the new Jack Ryan film, and sequels to GI Joe and Zoolander. Guess that ends part of the speculation about Zoolander 2. Otherwise, this is merely a progress report for other films.

These movies are all in the script stage at best. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have been writing TMNT for Platinum Dunes; Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are writing GI Joe 2 (what aren’t they writing?) and Justin Theroux is writing and planning to direct Zoolander 2. The Jack Ryan film is farthest along, as it has Jack Bender set to direct Chris Pine, but that’s also in a rewrite stage, with Anthony Peckham tapped for a new draft at the end of September. Expect that one to go into production first. The earnings call also mentioned Star Trek 2, but didn’t offer any new reports — that’s in the script stage now, too. [THR]


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Anthony Peckham is one of the credited screenwriters on last year’s Sherlock Holmes reinvention and now he’s going to have his name on Paramount’s reinvention of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character, too. Peckham has been hired to polish up the draft of the script that will put Star Trek‘s Chris Pine into Jack Ryan’s shoes. Read More »

For the past couple months, a shortlist has been going around of possible directors for Moscow, Paramount’s new film / reboot of the film series featuring Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character. (Chris Pine stars as Ryan this time out.) The names were generally all big: Sam Raimi, Gore Verbinski, Timur Bekmambetov and Kevin MacDonald, for example.

The name that wasn’t on one of the main lists going around is Jack Bender, who exec produced Lost and directed many episodes of the show. But now he’s reportedly the guy closest to sitting in Moscow’s director’s chair. Read More »


There’s been no small amount of speculation about what the previously untitled Jack Ryan film starring Chris Pine will feature in terms of plot, where it might fit amongst the existing films starring Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, and what it will mean for the character.

Now we’ve got a working title — Moscow — and some details about what we might expect from the script. Read More »


A month ago there was news that two directors were possibly in line to take Steven Soderbergh’s place on Moneyball: Marc Webb of (500) Days of Summer and Capote‘s Bennett Miller. At the time, there was conflicting info on who was first in line. THR seemed to emphasize Webb, but The Playlist had been told that Webb’s offer was old and that Miller was really the guy in line for the job.

Variety now confirms the latter info, saying that Miller is being tapped for the job. Questions linger: what is the new script, by Aaron Sorkin, really like? While Brad Pitt remains attached, will he actually make the film? What will the budget end up being, with or without Pitt? (It was in the realm of $60m with Soderbergh on board.) If Sony really has Miller signed, we should know some of those details soon.

After the break, some minor stuff on Bourne 4 and the new Jack Ryan movie. Read More »


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Chris Pine May Be the New Jack Ryan


I suppose we should have seen this coming. Over the last few months we’ve reported quite a bit on the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan film series — a franchise that has been all but dead since The Sum of All Fears failed to make a big dent in the box office. We know that Paramount has been planning to revive it, however, and thanks to films like The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games (and their respective portrayals of the character by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford) there’s quite a bit of interest in seeing the character continue. We’ve also known that Paramount wanted to skew the character younger. That being the case, of course they’re turning to the man who had a lot to do with reinventing another Paramount character for a younger generation: Chris ‘Captain Kirk’ Pine. Read More »

George Clooney Is Too Old For Jack Ryan


There’s been talk recently about how Paramount is prepping another Jack Ryan movie and that George Clooney was interested in the role. (Or that Paramount was interested in Clooney, depending upon who you talked to.) Well, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura told MTV that Clooney isn’t the man to lead the new film, because the script is “not written for a man his age.” Or, as Di Bonaventura says, “sorry, George.” But the movie moves forward, so who will be Ryan now? Read More »


Just the other day there was a mention that George Clooney might be interested in taking up the mantle of Jack Ryan, the hero of Tom Clancy novels and films like The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games. Now there’s confirmation, via Anne Thompson, that Clooney’s name is indeed in the mix. But more important, the Hossein Aimini script that was commissioned last year to reboot the franchise, currently just the Untitled Tom Clancy Project, should arrive shortly, and then Paramount will be able to make a decision about really moving forward. Read More »

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