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Ask a film fan who did concept art for Star Wars and they’ll immediately say “Ralph McQuarrie.” McQuarrie’s images have become a thing of legend, even spawning their own niche of Star Wars merchandise. Ask the same question about another major Lucasfilm franchise however – Indiana Jones – and it will probably be met with silence.

The answer to the question of who is most directly responsible for the look of Indiana Jones, besides George Lucas of course, is Jim Steranko. In 1979, the legendary comic book artist, probably best known for designing the now familiar look of S.H.I.E.L.D. super agent Nick Fury, was commissioned to do four paintings of the bullwhip toting archeologist with specific instructions from Lucas himself. The images, and story behind them, are in The Complete Making of Indiana Jones by J.W. Rinzler, but they’ve now found their way online. You see one image above, but there are more after the break and it’s because of these paintings that the Indiana Jones we know and love looked the way he did. Read More »

Vermont-based cartoonist Chuck Forsman created a EC Segar Popeye comic strip-stylized retelling of Raiders of the Lost Ark. He is selling prints of the strip for $20 on The Oily Boutique. Hit the jump to get a better look at the art.
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UPDATE: One LucasFilm source says this rumor is completely false, and that the company is only focused on producing 3D versions of Star Wars films right now. Original article follows.

With Lucasfilm revealing that the Star Wars movies will be converted to 3D for a six-year release pattern starting in 2012, it’s only natural that rumors would breed of the Indiana Jones films getting a similar treatment. The rumor du jour is that next month we’ll get an official release from LucasFilm about the 3D conversion and eventual release pattern for the four Indy films, starting with Raiders of the Lost Ark. (What, they’re not going in chronological story order?)

Blue Sky Disney
is bringing this rumor to the people, but doesn’t cite any sources. And I’m not sure how much control Lucasfilm actually has over the Indy films, but if Paramount wanted 3D versions made, LucasFilm would handle the gruntwork. So it’s likely all the same in the long run. More to the point, while George Lucas is on board with converting old films to 3D, has Indy director Steven Spielberg really been bitten by the bug? I can see him being interested in it, but given that the Indy films were all about returning to the glory days of adventure serials this would be a move very much at odds with the original spirit of the films.

After the break, an even better rumor: supposedly Disney is thinking of cutting Keith Richards from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides because *gasp!* he used drugs. Read More »

Chop Shop has a new t-shirt designed by Timo Meyer which takes 22 classic 80′s films reduced to symbols and arranged into the form of an eight. Hit the jump to see the full design in larger resolution. T-shirts are available for $20 on ChopShopStore.com.
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The final day of operation on the Star Tours ride in DisneyWorld happened during Star Wars Celebration V. LucasFilm and Star Wars fans took over the theme park and some really cool stuff happened. For instance, the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular was rewritten into a fan film which combines both of Lucas’ franchises, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The show features a bunch of cool crossover encounters, including Indiana Jones teaming up with Slave Leia to escape a booby-trapped temple, teaming up with Han Solo and Chewbacca to take on Greedo (who shoots first?) and an epic battle between Indiana Jones and Darth Maul. Seth Green, Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and a few other celebrity extras join in on the fun, and a spoiler junkie from one of the movie websites even “crashes” the party. And how do you conclude the last flight to Endor? With Darth Vader blowing up the attraction. Watch the videos after the jump.
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chuck klosterman interview

Any pop culture writer today worth a scan online has a unique opinion on Chuck Klosterman. The renown American author and journalist made a name for himself in the aughts with witty, hyper-informed contributions as a former senior writer and columnist at SPIN. In 2003, he released a bestselling book of essays about “low culture” under the title, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, that dissected, exploded, and—in the case of Saved By the Bell—meta-ized topics ranging from internet porn to why there’s only “one important question a culturally significant film can still ask: What is reality?” To readers with an eye on the future, Klosterman signaled not only the arrival of an adored critic amongst hipsters, TV junkies, and geeks; he was the aware embodiment of the modern intellectual turned as voracious consumer of entertainment. And ever since many a beer has been consumed by writers arguing over or coveting this appointment.

Post-Cocoa Puffs, Klosterman’s bibliography has grown to include several works of non-fiction as well as last year’s Downtown Owl, a well-received debut novel benefiting from word-of-mouth, not unlike how Puffs did (but with Tweets on top). His latest book, Eating the Dinosaur, is a characteristic essay collection that can be burned through in a night but also raises several troubling philosophical questions. In the first part of Klosterman’s interview with /Film, he elaborates on the role feted director Errol Morris played in a few of Dinosaur’s themes. We also discuss his opinion of movie junkets, the accelerated culture of movie blogs, and the film most comparable to Guns N’ RosesChinese Democracy. For the second round of the interview, click here.

Hunter Stephenson: Hi Chuck. So, are you in California to speak about the book?

Chuck Klosterman: I’m doing The Jim Rome Show on ESPN, and it’s in Huntington Beach, California. And I gotta say, it’s creepy as fuck out here man.

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Harrison Ford and Karen Allen Talk Indy 5


Another Indiana Jones film seems inevitable, doesn’t it? Do you even want it though? Speaking at the Deauville Film Festival this weekend, where he was given a lifetime contribution award, Harrison Ford revealed what he knew about the upcoming fifth outing for his adventuous alter ego; meanwhile, a video has been posted online showing Karen Allen talking last weekend at Dragon Con and spilling what few beans she had to share.

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