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Joss Whedon‘s next movie as a director is about as mainstream and big-budget as movies get. But his next release as a writer is more Much Ado About Nothing than Avengers. Directed by Brin Hill, In Your Eyes follows two people (Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David) who’ve never met and are separated by thousands of miles. Nevertheless, they share a metaphysical connection that neither of them can quite explain.

Tribeca Film Festival attendees will get to watch the full movie when it premieres this weekend, but the rest of the world can watch the opening scene right now. Watch the first In Your Eyes clip after the jump.

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Now that Joss Whedon has more or less officially made the full transition from TV to film, he’s burning rubber. Of course, he’s still hard at work on The Avengers, Marvel’s massive superhero movie out May 4. On the downtime of that shoot, he made a low-budget version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and now actress Abigail Spencer revealed she’s signed on for Whedon’s next movie which she describes as a “supernatural romance.”

Is this a new Whedon directorial project or just In Your Eyes, a film he wrote and will produce? Read more after the break.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter confirmed it is that film.

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Joss Whedon surprised us last week with the announcement that, in addition to making a little movie for Marvel Studios called The Avengers, he has already shot a film based on the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing. The formal announcement of that small film project went hand in hand with the debut of Whedon’s company Bellwether Pictures.

That company, created by Whedon and Kai Cole, is a micro-studio meant to create small indies for all media, “embracing a DIY ethos and newer technologies.” Now Bellwether has announced its second film, In Your Eyes, which Whedon scripted and Brin Hill will direct. Read More »

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