Morgan Spurlock has never been one to take a break. You’d think after releasing the awesome Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (now available in your home) he might take some time off. But no. He’s got Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope premiering at Toronto later this month, the TV show 50 Documentaries To See Before You Die on Current TV as well as the Hulu sponsored A Day in the Life where he spends a day with famous people giving us a glimpse into their lives. You might have heard about this one when he was shooting with Mr. Brainwash but now, after the jump, you can watch the first three episodes of the show which follow billionaire Richard Branson, musician and comedian Russell Peters. Read More »


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Last week, Fox introduced changes to its licensing rules so that shows would be available for free on Hulu eight days after their original air date instead of the usual 24 hours. The move was intended as a way to encourage viewers to either watch shows as they air, or to purchase cable subscriptions which would allow them to keep watching their shows the next day.

However, as you might guess, there was at least one unintended consequence of Fox’s new plan: a big jump in piracy. TorrentFreak tracked two shows, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, on BitTorrent to see whether Fox’s move would affect piracy. They found that illegal downloads of both shows more than doubled. Read more after the jump.

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Miramax is pimping out its impressive list of catalog titles all over the Internet. Recently, they signed a deal with Netflix to stream films many of their best classic films and now they’ve signed a similar agreement with Hulu Plus. Twenty-seven Miramax films are now available on the premium subscription service with hundreds more becoming available in the coming weeks. Right now, like literally right now, you can watch Clerks, Cop Land, From Dusk Till Dawn, My Left Foot, Pulp Fiction, The Crow, The Crying Game, The English Patient, Reservoir Dogs, Scream, Swingers, Trainspotting and more with the click of the mouse. Pretty impressive. Read more after the jump. Read More »

/Filmcast Ep. 135 – Unknown


In this episode, Dave, Devindra, and Adam wonder about the future of creative storytelling, try to parse David O. Russell’s thoughts on Uncharted, debate the merits of The Fifth Element, and explain why I Am Number Four is a huge steaming pile of number two.

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And with this, Hulu Plus is suddenly an essential subscription. Criterion added 150 titles to the paid subscription service yesterday, and will soon have 800 of the company’s library titles available to stream for those who pay $7.99 per month. Eight. Hundred. Films available now include Hausu, Ikiru, La Strada, Jules and Jim, L’Avventura, The Battle of Algiers, The Blob, George Washington, Grey Gardens, High and Low, and over 100 more.

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For his 24 encore, Kiefer Sutherland will continue to execute people. Or at least talk about it. The star of the now-canceled Fox action show has already filmed his next project called The Confession. It’ll debut exclusively on Hulu in March. Sutherland stars as a hitman who has an intense conversation with a priest, played by John Hurt, about the morality behind murdering people. The pair shot the series – which will run in 10, five minute segments – in New York in December. Read more about it after the jump. Read More »

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Hulu Plus Drops Price to $7.99

Hulu Plus, Hulu’s premium service of questionable value, recently made its value proposition slightly better. Starting today, Hulu Plus is launching out of preview and lowering its price to $7.99 per month. They’ll also be launching on a bunch of new devices in the days to come. Hit the jump to hear more details.
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Hulu, the free web portal that offers ad-supported content from News Corp., NBC Universal and Disney to viewers in the US, has been planning for months to launch a paid subscription version of the service. A preview of the new paid iteration, called Hulu Plus, is being rolled out today. Read More »


In about 24 hours, Apple stores across the east coast will open and the eager public will finally get a chance to purchase the company’s latest computing creation: the iPad. My feelings for the table device have changed dramatically over the past few months, from “It’s too expensive, it doesn’t do anything I need it to do, it doesn’t have flash, and it’s kind of lame,” to “WANT NOW!”

In the past couple of days, a spate of iPad-related news has whet my appetite even further. Specifically, the iTunes store already has Netflix and ABC apps for the iPad, and a Hulu app is on the way.
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