Transformers - The Island

Did you know that not every single shot in a movie is overseen by any given film’s primary director? There’s an entire crew of people called the second unit whose responsibility it is to shoot supplementary footage such as establishing shots, stunts, inserts and cutaways. The director still has to approve that footage, but he’s not on set to actually shoot it. It’s not exactly a secret in Hollywood, even if most people outside of Hollywood don’t know it.

However, what you may not be aware of is that there are instances when recycled movie footage is used to complete a movie. We’re not just talking about a shot of a cityscape or mountainside, but very specific shots and scenes that were reused between two different movies. For example, did you know War and Peace footage can be seen in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Read More »

Hitman Agent 47 trailer

With just a little over a couple weeks until 20th Century Fox brings the video game adaptation Hitman: Agent 47 to theaters, a new global trailer has surfaced online, showing more of the wild action that Rupert Friend has taken over from the franchise’s previous star Timothy Olyphant.

This trailer shows a little more of the villainy that Zachary Quinto has in store after initially misleading a targeted woman (Hannah Ware) into thinking that Agent 47 wants to kill. But Quinto doesn’t want to protect her, he wants to use her, because she has a secret that she’s completely unaware of. Watch the Hitman Agent 47 trailer after the jump! Read More »

Hitman Mad Men credits

For years the enigmatic opening credits to Mad Men have provoked viewers into many entertaining questions. How literal is the opening animation meant to be? What does it mean for Don Draper, and by implication the rest of the characters? While the metaphoric thrust of the credits is evident to anyone who watches the show, it’s still fun to talk about.

Now a teaser for the new film Hitman: Agent 47 shows us the truth behind the Mad Men credits, just in time for the AMC show to broadcast its final leap into the sky. No surprise: in this conception, it isn’t a leap, but a violent fall. Read More »

Here’s a bit of a shocker in the world of video game adaptations. Fox International is going to reboot the Square Enix video game series Hitman as a new movie called Agent 47. Paul Walker will star as the bald assassin of the title, a character last seen in the 2007 film Hitman directed by Xavier Gens with Timothy Olyphant in the lead role.

Agent 47 will be written by Mike Finch and Skip Woods and directed by Aleksander Bach, a commercial director making his feature debut. Oddly enough, Woods also wrote the first movie for Gens and Olyphant. There’s more below. Read More »

FightCast – Round 1: Hitman and The Mist

FightCastThe life of a movie journalist isn’t nearly as exciting as one might expect. I spend most nights traveling to and from screenings, and I often find myself on the phone with my good friend and fellow journalist Alex Billington, who runs FirstShowing. We usually have very different opinions on movies and have always joked about hosting a podcast called FightCast, where we would fight it out over our movie views. After a year of talking, we’ve decided to start recording these conversions and put it online for you to listen. And that is what this is, two friends fighting it out over the latest movie releases. Ready for Round 1?!

If you’re looking for high production value, look elsewhere. This isn’t even a show, it’s a conversation between two film geeks. We’re still working out the kinks on this whole podcast, but we’re excited to launch the very first episode.

In this week’s FightCast, we battle it out over Hitman and The Mist, two big Thanksgiving films that opened just yesterday. Hitman is an R-rated action flick based on a video game that stars Timothy Olyphant and is directed by Xavier Gens. The Mist is a horror, thriller based on the Stephen King novel and is directed by Frank Darabont.

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We don’t have official FightCast RSS feeds just yet, but stay tuned as we’ll get them up and running very soon!

Within the next few weeks after today’s launch we’ll be starting a specific website just for the FightCast. Updates will be posted there and also linked to from here. For now, continue to follow the updates on here and on FirstShowing. We hope you enjoy the very first episode of Fight Cast.

New Release Dates: Hitman and The Spirit

Hitman20th Century Fox has moved the release date for the video game to film adaptation of Hitman from October 17th to November 21st. Maybe Fox wanted to distance Hitman from 30 Days of Night, which hits theaters on Friday, October 19th. Either that or there is still more work to be done on the film (which is never a good sign). Hitman will now go head to head with the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist, Disney’s Enchanted, The Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men and August Rush. Seems to me like there was a lot less competition at the original October date. But what do I know?

The SpiritLionsgate has also announced a release date for Frank Miller’s big screen adaptation of the Will Eisner comic The Spirit. The film version will hit theaters on January 16th, 2009. As far as I know, no other studios have claimed that date yet. It’s very strange that Lionsgate would choose a January date for this type of film. I’ve always wondered if The Spirit would be marketable/marketed towards the same young audience that bought up 300 and Sin City. And a January date could mean they have other plans. Who knows, the JJ Abrams produced 1-18-08 monster flick could bring a new concentration to the month which currently has a stigma for box office losers.

New Hitman Movie Trailer


In June, we posted the teaser trailer the big screen adaptation of the hit video game Hitman. I complained that it failed to impress me, and got almost 70 comments in agreement. The new trailer, which can be seen after the jump, impresses me a little more. The cinematography looks pretty impressive, but not much else. I thought the whole point in the game was to be sneaky, and remain quiet and undetected? The movie looks like it’s loud and full of explosions, flash and style but no substance (hey, sometimes this formula can result into a fun action flick, so we’ll have to see).

In the movie, Timothy Olyphant plays Agent 47, a professional assassin for hire, who is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Eastern Europe. hired by a group known as “The Agency” to kill targets for cash. Hitman is helmed by french director Xavier Gens. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on October 17th 2007.

Check out the trailer after the jump.
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New Hitman Photo Revealed


USA Today has published a new photo (seen above) from Fox’s big screen adaptation of the popular Hitman video game. While I will admit that this film appears to have style, I’m still not interested in seeing it. The official plot synopsis follows:

Agent 47 (Olyphant) has been educated to become a professional assassin for hire. His most powerful weapons are his nerve and a resolute pride in his work.  47 is both the last two digits of the barcode tattooed on the nape of his neck, and his only name. The hunter becomes the hunted when 47 gets caught up in a political takeover.  Both Interpol and the Russian military chase the HITMAN across Eastern Europe as he tries to find out who set him up and why they’re trying to take him out of the game.  But the greatest threat to 47’s survival may be the stirrings of his conscience and the unfamiliar emotions aroused in him by a beautiful, damaged girl.

If the film’s movie trailer didn’t scare you away, here is star Timothy Olyphant to give you at least two reasons not to see the movie.

“I know people want you to be true to the game, but no one really wants to go pay for a movie to watch a video game,” Olyphant told USA Today. “And, look, it’s a movie. You’ve got to have the girl in it. I just hope the fans feel I’m the character they’re used to.”

Hitman stars Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Offei, Robert Knepper and Ulrich Thomsen. The film hits theaters on October 12.

Hitman Movie Poster Revealed

Hitman PosterMovieWeb has a look at the new teaser poster for the big screen adaptation of the popular video game Hitman. I was less than impressed by the first teaser trailer which was released in June. I’m not a big gamer but some of my best friends are, and I’ve always found Hitman to be interesting. But from the looks of the trailer, they decided to go against the whole “silent assassin” rating that is played up in the game, and have replaced it with fast cuts and big explosions. But again, what do I know.

One thing is for sure, video game adaptations have never lived up to gamers expectations. I do like the look and feel of the poster. Click on the poster to the right to enlarge. Hitman hits theaters on October 12th 2007.

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Hitman Movie Trailer Fails to Impress

HitmanThe first movie trailer for 20th Century Fox’s big screen adaptation of the popular video game Hitman is now online. I’m not a big gamer, but have been around video games all my life. And making a feature film based on the Hitman concept seemed like a no-brainer. Most video games don’t have a good enough concept, never-mind story, which has resulted in many horrible feature films. That said, why am I getting the same awful feeling that I always get while watching bad video game adaptations? May-be it’s the cheesy titles that jump on screen. Am I wrong? Was I expecting too much? For the record, it’s not Uwe Boll quality bad – but definitely disappointing.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Note, the trailer will also be attached to Live Free or Die Hard. So if you would rather watch it on the big screen, you only need to wait a couple more days. Read More »