When Kevin Smith said Hit Somebody would be his last film before retiring, he was only telling part of the story. Smith is currently in Canada touring Red State and at the post film Q&A in Montreal he told the audience that the hockey film, which he’s long said would be his directorial finale, has become too big for one movie. Much as Quentin Tarantino did with Kill Bill, he’s making it a two parter. Read more after the jump. Read More »


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Kevin Smith is back to his old tricks again. Smith recently admitted that he loves to drop hints of news in various different places to see who picks up on them and he’s done it again, two times. First up, Smith tweeted that we could have a chance to see his independent thriller Red State on Labor Day, weeks before it’s regularly scheduled October 19 release date. He also told NHL.com that he plans on releasing the script for Hit Somebody in advance of the film actually being finished. We explain, and speculate about, both after the break. Read More »

With Kevin Smith now talking for hours every single day on his own podcast internet station called S.I.R., things have obviously gotten pretty hectic for the soon-to-be-retired filmmaker. Hectic enough that he’s taken to Twitter to do a little haphazard casting. Wednesday, a fan asked Smith about Colin Hanks and Smith threw out the notion that he wanted the actor (best known for roles in Orange County, King Kong and the TV show The Good Guys) to appear in the upcoming hockey comedy Hit Somebody. Hanks, a big tweeter himself, saw the mention and let Smith know “if you’re serious count me in.” And just like that, Smith might have another addition to his ever expanding and impressive cast. Read More »

Despite the title of his personal blog, things are rarely boring in the live of Kevin Smith. He’s about to finish the first leg of a very successful run of screenings for his new film Red State and on Sunday, April 10 he’ll host Kevin Smith Sells Out in Pasadena, CA where they’ll auction off props from many of his earlier films. “In essence, I’ve gotta sell the past if I wanna pay for the future,” Smith said in a press release when he first announced the auction in February. Smith will be on hand during the auction recording a live podcast.

Besides that huge event, Smith has released yet another full scene from what he says will be his final film as a director, the hockey dramedy Hit Somebody, set to star Nicholas Braun, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano and possibly Stephen Root, John Goodman and Melissa Leo. Read how you can get in on the bidding, both in person and online, as well as the full scene after the jump. Read More »

Kevin Smith and hockey go together like, well, Kevin Smith and New Jersey. The filmmaker is a huge fan of the sport and works it into his films whenever he can, such as in the first Clerks and in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Once Smith has finished promoting and showing off his latest film, Red State, he’ll write and direct one more movie before retiring and it’s fitting that his final film will be a hockey movie. It’s called Hit Somebody and is based on the song of the same name by Warren Zevon and Mitch Albom. It’ll star Nicholas Braun as Buddy McCracken, a tough hockey player who just wants to score one goal in a game. Other hockey players will be played by Braun’s Red State co-stars Kyle Gallner and Michael Angarano while his coach, Blue Jay Jennings, will – most likely – be played by John Goodman.

Smith posted a scene from the current draft of the script that features Coach Jennings with a much younger version of Buddy. You can read it after the jump. Read More »

Today Kevin Smith did a one-hour live chat with MTV — his first major bit of non-twitter promotion since Red State debuted at Sundance. Quite a few topics were covered, but a couple of the notable mentions had to do with Hit Somebody. That’s the hockey film the director plans to make next — and also the last film he plans to direct — which he likens to the Muppet Movie, by virtue of the fact that there is room for a ton of cameos. As a result, he talks about bringing back everyone he’s ever worked with (“I’m not even ruling out [Bruce] Willis at this point. I’d duck, but I’d put a stick in Willis’ hand”) including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Read More »

The closing title card of Kevin Smith‘s upcoming horror film Red State promises that “almost this entire cast will return in Hit Somebody.” We’ve previously told you about what roles Michael Parks, John Goodman and Melissa Leo would play if they return for Smith’s Hockey movie. Now Smith confirms that he also wants Red State co-star Michael Angarano as part of his team.

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Kevin Smith has unveiled the final credit card of his upcoming horror film Red State, which promises that “almost this entire cast will return in Hit Somebody.”
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