Earlier this year, The Playlist uncovered the news that Heath Ledger had been working on two music videos at the time of his death, one for Modest Mouse and one for Grace Woodroofe. Now Ledger’s animated Modest Mouse video, for the new song ‘King Rat’, is streaming at MySpace. When the news first came out, Terry Gilliam was reported to be the animator, which turned out to be false. But you can see some very evident Gilliam influence in the clip regardless — those trumpets emerging from clouds are just one little touch of Gilliam’s very recognizable style. See the (relatively horrifying) video after the jump. Read More »


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2009 MTV Movie Awards Winners

2009 MTV Movie Awards

There are a lot of Award shows in Hollywood. Some of them are serious presentations, awarding accomplishment and talent: the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes..etc. Other award shows are nothing more than pure spectacle. The MTV Movie Awards falls into the latter category. Every year we post the award winners, and every year we complain about how some tween heartthrob, this year – Zac Efron, beats out some insanely talented actor, this year Robert Downey Jr, for Best Male Performance. Or how Twilight beat out both The Dark Knight and Slumdog Millionaire to win Best Movie.

But truth is, we love to bitch about the MTV Movie Awards, which explains why I’m posting these results. It’s certainly not that we give credence to this list of winners. Any award show which gives out five statues to Twilight can’t be taken seriously. So leave your comments below. Be smart, clever, funny, and biting.

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Three new video clips from Terry Gilliam‘s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus have appeared on the Comme Au Cinema site and have also been embedded below the break in this story. One of them features a scene we’ve seen already – twice before, in fact – but now finally in what would appear to be the correct aspect ratio. The others are new, however, and show us both storylines and special effects that the first clip didn’t even hint at.

As well as showcasing Heath Ledger as Tony, the clips give us a very good look at Andrew Garfield as Anton, Lily Cole as Valentina and – best of all – Christopher Plummer as the titular doctor.

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Terry Gilliam‘s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus has finally premiered in Cannes. Reviews have been surfacing all day and most of them, unsurprisingly, focus on two key factors – that this film contains Heath Ledger‘s final performance and that a Gilliam film is somehow difficult or appeals only to a few. I can’t argue with the first part, but the second doesn’t add up.

Below the break you can see a scene from the film that clocks in at just under a minute. It has been circulated as a promotional piece for the Cannes fest by Canal Plus and as such has French subtitles ‘burnt in’. The short clip we saw last week comes from this longer piece, so you can now get more context, more Ledger and more of Gilliam’s magic.

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I’ve been very busy this week, but now I’m back and hitting the /Film trail in a big way. Just to clear my plate enough to get some more on there, however, I’m going to bring you my very own Page 2.

At the head of the post you can see a new still from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. As well as Heath Ledger you can see Lily Cole and the really very amazing Andrew Garfield. There’s a new fan blog that seems to be posting every scrap they can, including scans from a French Magazine that let slip of some more images.

Countless more fragments of new news after the break. Come join me.

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The website of French TV station Canal + is playing host to a video of the entire Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony. Easily the most exciting section is a long montage of clips from different films that will be playing there over the next couple of weeks though you might enjoy the rest, perhaps most particularly Bryan Ferry’s tidy performance of She.

The film clips section starts at around the 15 minutes and 40 seconds mark, and lasts for seven minutes or so. Most films get a 15 to 30 second showcase, which might not seem like much, though in many cases this is the first footage of the films to have turned up online at all. While I found a lot of the material quite exciting none of it compared to the giddiness I have for the 18 seconds of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. The clip focuses on Heath Ledger, dressed in the costume shown in the picture at the head of this post, and addressing the audience of the traveling Imaginarium. I want to see this film right now.

After the break, a list of other films presented in the montage that I think will be of particular interest to /Film readers.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

ledger modest mouse

Update: Apparently Spin’s initial report wasn’t completely true. THR reports that the video directed by Ledger wasn’t animated by Terry Gilliam, but instead helmed by illustrator Daniel Auber, a member of Ledger’s art collective the Massive.

Before his death, Heath Ledger directed a music video for the indie rock band Modest Mouse, animated by filmmaker Terry Gilliam. The music video is for the track King Rat, a bonus track from the band’s 2007 release We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. There had been rumors that the video would never be completed or released, but a spokesman for the band recently told SPIN that the video will be released “soon”, but did not specify a date.

One has to wonder how much of the video was completed under Ledger’s direction. Either way, I’m interested to see it based on the sole fact that it was animated by Gilliam. Thanks to /Film reader Andrew G for the tip.

Cool Stuff: Vote Chaos Art Print

vote chaos

Rhys Cooper has created a tribute to Heath Ledger, a limited edition art print titled “Vote Chaos”. The site reads: “This art print has been created to celebrate his amazing performance and journey to the acclaim he rightly deserves. Based on the flood of campaign posters in support of Barrack Obama on his rise to history, this parody offers a different view, a chance for the people who wish to vote for a different set of… morals. It’s time people embrace the Agent of Chaos. Vote Chaos.” Printed on 17.9 x 26.7 250gsm recycled art paper off white/tan paper, this print is signed, numbered by the artist, limited to 200 and available for $35 on GigPosters.

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2009 Academy Award Speeches

sean penn acceptance
Did you miss any of the important Oscar speeches from last night’s Academy Awards? Well you have a second chance to catch them now on YouTube. After the jump we’ve embedded the speeches from Danny Boyle (Best Director), Kate Winslet (Best Actress), Penelope Cruz (Best Supporting Actress), AR Rahman (Best Sound, Best Score), Heath Ledger‘s Family (Best Supporting Actor), and Sean Penn (Best Actor).
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