Details are sparse but Hasbro has once again passed “Go” and collected way more than $200. Over the past few years, the toy and game company’s relationship with Hollywood had kind of soured, resulting in Universal severing ties with the company and their properties. Still confident there’s something there though, Hasbro has now signed a deal with the production company Emmett/Furla, which recently produced End of Watch, to develop three movies in the next two years based on Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Action Man. They hope to have Monopoly in front of cameras as early as next year. Read more after the jump. Read More »


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Artists Dave Perillo and Tom Whalen are big fans of ’80s pop culture. We know this not only because it’s the theme of their current Los Angeles art show, but also because they’ve each tackled one of the most popular properties of the decade exclusively for New York Comic-Con. Whalen has done two posters for Transformers (Autobots and Decepticons) and Perillo has done two for G.I. Joe (Joe and Cobra), all officially licensed by Hasbro. The Acid Free Gallery will be selling them at the convention, taking place October 11-14. See the full images below. Read More »

Over the past five years, we’ve seen Hollywood try to develop films around pretty much every brand-name toy they could get their hands on — only to have many of those projects postponed, slashed, or even scrapped altogether. Through it all, however, the franchise that actually started the toy movie craze has remained strong. In fact, the third and most recent entry of the Transformers franchise proved to be the most lucrative yet, raking in an impressive $1.1 billion worldwide.

But the point of the Transformers movies were never just to line studio execs’ pockets or turn Shia LaBeouf into a household name. As you can guess from Hasbro’s active involvement, the idea was also to sell a lot of toys. And on that front, apparently, the last film’s performance was disappointing. So Hasbro’s trying a little something different with Transformers 4, bringing in a whole new cast of robot characters. More details after the jump.

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Hollywood seems really into turning board games into movies at the moment, but inspiration apparently works the other way as well. Paramount and Hasbro have just announced a special The Godfather Collector’s Edition version of Monopoly, in celebration of the cinematic classic’s 40th anniversary.

While an R-rated gangster flick and a game you played as a kid may not sound like a match made in heaven, it makes an odd sort of sense. After all, Monopoly is all about gaining as much wealth and power as possible while ruthlessly tearing down your rivals — and who’s better at that than the Corleones? More details after the jump.

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Apparently the lure of a familiar brand name is so powerful that not even a massive recent flop like Universal’s Battleship can dampen studio execs’ enthusiasm for turning famous toys into movies. The latest Hasbro property to sign on for the big screen treatment is Tonka, Hasbro’s 65-year-old line of toy trucks for kids. The company is teaming with Sony Pictures and Happy Madison for the project, which will be an animated adventure. More details after the jump.

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Marti Noxon‘s most recent theatrical release, Fright Night, may not have done massive business, but it certainly hasn’t hurt her. In the wake of writing Fright Night the former Buffy writer and showrunner was brought on to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by her Fright Night director Craig Gillespie, before both ended up leading the project.

And now Noxon is rewriting Ouija for Hasbro and Platinum Dunes. Read More »

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Despite the fact that several Hasbro projects once set up at Universal (like Ouija and Clue) have been put into turnaround, the company is still trying to make movies. During a third-quarter earnings call this morning, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said today that developing projects Micronauts (with the involvement of J.J. Abrams), Ouija, Candyland, Risk, Stretch Armstrong, Clue, and Monopoly all continue to putter along. The company won’t try to emulate a company like Marvel and form its own studio, but rather continue to partner with others, and the projects that some studios have put into turnaround are being shopped to other studios, which we’ve known for a while.

The biggest news out of the call, however, was spurred by the huge box-office performance of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Goldner said the company is in talks with Transformers series producer Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay to make a fourth film in the franchise. Read More »

Hasbro Announces Cloverfield Monster Figure


Hasbro has opened up pre-sale orders online for a 14″ Cloverfield monster figure that includes two interchangeable heads (calm and agitated), 10 parasites, one Statue of Liberty head and hours upon hours of fighting off dust-mites. Obviously, an extremely jelz Godzilla is subbing in above because no images have been released by the company, but other details include “70 points of articulation,” “incredible life-like detail” and “authentic sound.” The figure sells for an authentically Manhattanish $99.99 and won’t arrive at your or your parents’ door until…October. And yes, it’s Bad Robot-approved.

For that kind of cabbage I’d expect a stealth bomber and a month’s supply of Slusho mix, or at least a mumbling Marlena, or her phone number.