Atonement director Joe Wright is assembling the key cast for his teen assassin film Hanna, which already has Saoirse Ronan as the female lead. Now the movie that Brendon called “a kind of Nikita-meets-Leon, Kick-Ass-meets-Bourne mash-up” has a male lead: Eric Bana will play (I’m assuming) Hanna’s father, who has spent most of the girl’s fourteen years training her to be a killer.

The film shoots in March with Wright directing from a script by Seth Lochhead. [Variety]

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Some people probably saw this coming when Joe Wright signed on to direct, but I have to admit that I didn’t. Atonement‘s Saoirse Ronan is now in negotiations to take the title role in Wright’s upcoming action-thriller Hanna. The film is a kind of Nikita-meets-Leon, Kick-Ass-meets-Bourne mash-up about a 14 year old girl who has finely honed killing skills. Calling her an assassin is slightly off the mark I think, but it does get something like the right idea across. Once upon a time, Danny Boyle was attached to direct.

Having read a draft of Seth Lochhead‘s screenplay I can see how brilliantly Ronan fits the role. The specific requirements aren’t too exacting – she’s just a year or two older than the character but looks young enough, and she has those big and innocent eyes that would play off against her violent acts in the way you’d expect. Had this movie been made back in the early 00’s, I’m sure Keira Knightley would have been chased down for the role.

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joe wrightJoe Wright may have faltered recently with The Soloist, but his Pride and Prejudice and Atonement were strong enough to convince me to follow his rising career. He was slated to take on Indian Summer with Cate Blanchett, but now that that project has been put on hold due to budgetary concerns, it seems that Wright is eying an action-adventure thriller, Hanna. Action is an entirely new genre for Wright, but it’s one I think he’ll take to quite nicely given his propensity for luscious visuals.

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There’s been a whole lot of Danny Boyle in the news these last couple of weeks and now, I’m afraid to say, here comes another lump. Open up.

Rumors bubbling up at the EW Hollywood Insider blog suggest that Danny Boyle is closing in on a remake of My Fair Lady. This rehash already has a script, penned by Emma Thompson, and will once again be a musical. I suspect a lot of /Film readers will be disappointed to read that Boyle’s desire to net the Lady gig will see him shelving Hanna, a more readily geek-appealing story of a teenage assassin.

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