Guillermo Del Toro directed the opening of The Simpsons‘ 24th annual Treehouse Of Horror halloween anthology series. The three-minute long extended opening sequence is crammed full of movie references from the world of horror, sci-fi and even Del Toro’s own filmography. How many movie references can you spot? Watch the opening after the jump and leave your list in the comments below.

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Pacific Rim USA Today 1

Even people who didn’t adore Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim as a whole still tended to love the film’s prologue. That two-minute sequence set up a world unlike any other. A futuristic world where giant monsters have begun to invade Earth and humans develop huge robots called Jaegers to battle them. A real life company called Mirada, co-founded by del Toro along with his Pac Rim DP Guillermo Navarro, and Mathew Cullen and Javier Jimenez, conceived and created the sequence, comprised over over 80 special effects shots.

They’ve now released a video called “Before and Afters” which shows how the entire sequence came together. It’s pretty excellent. Read More »

Tom Hiddleston at D23

Loki is taking over for Khan in Guillermo del Toro‘s latest. Last week, Benedict Cumberbatch dropped out of del Toro’s upcoming haunted house film Crimson Peak for one of many possible reasons. He’s now been replaced by an actor that’s sure to please just as many, if not more fans. Tom Hiddleston will be taking over the role Cumberbatch vacated.

It was also revealed that Legendary will co-finance the film with Universal. Read More »


Pre-orders have opened up for Sideshow Collectible‘s collectible statue based on the popular Pacific Rim’s kaiju Slattern.

From the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the world’s most ominous threat rises. The first and only known Category 5 Kaiju, codenamed Slattern, will challenge mankind’s Jaeger defenses for the fate of humanity. With his deadly barbed tail and fearsome claws, the gargantuan monster is coiled and ready to attack. Developed in partnership with the award-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, Sideshow Collectibles Pacific Rim statues bring this epic battle between monster and machine from the big screen to your collection.

The statue stands 23 inches, and is situated on a base which is about a square foot in size. Expected to ship in May 2014, you can pre-order now for $469.99 or a monthly payment plan of as little as $70.50/month. See more photos of this beautiful statue after the jump.

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Benedict Cumberbatch

Sorry, fans of Benedict Cumberbatch, but you won’t get to see him working in Guillermo del Toro‘s haunted house thriller Crimson Peak. The actor was set for a role, but has pulled out of the film for reasons unknown. Read More »


Guillermo del Toro‘s early development process involves lots of notes and sketches; this is a well-established bit of knowledge. We’ve seen hints of his sketchbooks thanks to various DVD releases of his films, and other behind the scenes peeks at his process over the years.

Now one great collection of his sketches has been assembled, and it features elements for just about everything, from the Hellboy movies and Blade II to The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Pacific Rim. Even better, there are a couple things that tease what might have been if At the Mountains of Madness had come into being. Check out a gallery below. Read More »

Guillermo del Toro Pacific Rim

Besides the fact Guillermo del Toro makes movies and has lots of money, he’s one of us, a true geek at heart. del Toro lives a life many of us dream of. His work writing, directing and producing films is wildly creative, and he spends the spoils on his family and cool nerdy stuff. His home is legendary for being filled with collectibles, art and memorabilia. In this new video, you can see his true passion on display. Guillermo del Toro is as real as they come.

A Japanese news station followed del Toro around during the press tour for Pacific Rim. The crew captured the moment he first saw a life size Japanese Gundam at the Gundam Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo. His reaction is one of awe and pure delight, and is fantastic to watch. Read More »

Pacific Rim - Charlie Day as Newt

We still don’t know whether Pacific Rim will ever get a sequel, but Guillermo del Toro‘s been dreaming up plotlines for one since way before the first film ever opened. Now star Charlie Day‘s revealed a tantalizing tidbit about one of the director’s many ideas.

According to Day, his nerdy scientist character Newt Geiszler was originally supposed to be the villain of Pacific Rim 2. Whether Del Toro’s still considering the idea is unclear, but Day seems to have other hopes for his character, anyway. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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