AMC has released a new featurette for the upcoming Frank Darabont-directed television series adaptation of The Walking Dead. The new behind the scenes video shows Special Effects Make-Up Designer Greg Nicotero creating “Bicycle Girl”, showcasing “the transformation of a vibrant young woman to emaciated, decomposing zombie.” Hit the jump to watch it now.
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Movie Trailer: The Splat Pack

WYRD Studios is releasing a documentary titled The Splat Pack, directed by Mark Henry and Frank H. Woodward. The movie takes “a look back at the first decade of 21st Century horror films and the filmmakers that re-energized the genre.” The documentary features new interviews with Alexandre Aja (High Tension), Darren Lynn Bousman (the Saw series), Adam Green (Hatchet), Alan Jones, Harry Knowles, Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), Neil Marshall (The Descent), Greg Nicotero, Eli Roth (Hostel), Staci Layne Wilson and more. The doc seems to be mostly a talking head retrospective, mixed with clips from the horror films discussed. WYRD has released the first movie trailer for the upcoming release, which is embedded after the jump.
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