We’ve got two art shows to tell you about today. One is movie specific, second is more subtle and pop culture centric, both are very cool.

First, tied in with this weekend’s huge new release, Disney is releasing some Oz the Great and Powerful art by Joey Chou at their WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA. The gallery will also have a bunch of props from the film on display.

Next up, Los Angeles’s Gallery 1988 is opening their latest show, Product Placement, on March 9. It features works based on different products in movies and TV. What does that mean? Well how about Dapper Dan in O’Brother Where Art Thou, Oceanic 815 in Lost, Shark Repellent in Batman, Neo Tokyo Customs in Akira, Morrie’s Wigs in Goodfellas and much, much more. Check images out below. Read More »

Like all the greatest classics, Martin Scorsese‘s Goodfellas leaves audiences dazzled by its style, wowed by its acting, moved by its storytelling, and provoked by its ideas. If you have a taste for Italian food, it may also leave you pretty hungry. One of the most famous sequences follows Henry and his mob colleagues whipping up a truly mouthwatering feast in prison. Paulie leads the preparations, of course, slicing garlic into nearly translucent pieces with his razor blade and keeping an eye on Vinnie so he doesn’t put too many onions in the sauce.

Fortunately for you, if you’re watching the movie at home, you can actually do something about your grumbling stomach. Although Henry doesn’t spend much time spelling out the measurements, Cotswold House Hotel head chef Dave Watts has put together a recipe that approximates the one we see in the movie. And yes, there’s plenty of pork — as Vinnie can tell you, that’s the flavor. Get the details and revisit the scene after the jump.

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‘Goodfellas’ TV Series Lands at AMC

Over the past year we’ve heard a bit here and there about the development of Goodfellas as a television series. The classic Martin Scorsese gangster film was scripted by Nicholas Pileggi based on his own non-fiction book Wiseguy, and Pileggi has been involved in developing the new show.

As we’ve reported on the potential for a Goodfellas show, we’ve seen quite a few different responses to the idea. Now we know that the show has landed with a development deal at AMC, home of Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Read More »

Really, you could call any of the past few decades “The Age of Scorsese” — the timelessness of his best work is what makes him such a revered filmmaker, and he’s been working steadily since the ’70s. But every fashion photoshoot needs an inspiration, so for their latest issue, Harper’s Bazaar pulled together a bevy of stars to pay tribute to Martin Scorsese under that “Age of” title. The spread sees Chloe Moretz, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, Michael PittSir Ben Kingsley and several other high-profile actors come together to recreate some of the director’s most iconic scenes. Flip through the photos after the jump.

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VOTD: The 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes In Films

There’s a lot of lore and misunderstanding with respect to what ‘improvising’ means with respect to filmmaking. I think there are some who take ‘improvised’ to mean that there is no script, or that actors go completely off-book when shooting a scene. And while there are a few directors who do shoot films like that — very few — most of the time improvisation on film means that an actor comes up with a new line or action in the context of a scripted scene.

Here’s a video that compiles twenty-five of the most influential unscripted moments in film. Some of these are things that weren’t in the script, but created on set between takes (supposedly Bogie’s “here’s looking at you, kid” line from Casablanca is one of those) and some are genuine spur of the moment creations. Read More »

A new survey conducted by British video rental service LOVEFiLM affirmed what we already knew, but don’t necessarily like to admit: People lie about having seen films they haven’t. The poll surveyed Brits to find out whether they’d ever lied about seeing movies they hadn’t — and if so, which movies they’d fibbed about watching. 80% of respondents confessed to having fudged the truth about their cinematic knowledge at some point, with Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather topping the list of movies people pretend to have seen. Read more results after the jump.

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VOTD: Edgar Wright’s 1993 Mash-Up ‘Gun Fetish’

We post a fair amount of montages here on /Film, but this one’s extra special. Back in 1993, well before the days of Final Cut Pro, a 19-year-old Edgar Wright holed himself up in an editing suite for several weekends to put together this montage, “Gun Fetish.” The clips are pulled from VHS tapes, which explains the low quality. Even so, it’s apparent that Wright has an excellent sense of rhythm and timing, as well as real affection for the films he’d go on to reference and parody in work like Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Watch it after the jump. Be forewarned — the video is, as Wright puts it, “a little NSFW and spoiler heavy.”

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In Goodfellas, when Henry Hill says “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster” no one imagined that over two decades later, the statement could have a whole new meaning. That’s exactly what’s going to happen though if author Nicholas Pileggi and director Martin Scorsese have their way. A few months ago, it was announced that Pileggi, who co-wrote Goodfellas with Scorsese as well as the novel the movie was based on, Wise Guy, was working on a Goodfellas television series. Now, Pileggi has announced two important new details. First and foremost, the series will go back to Henry Hill’s early days and act as a prequel to the film. Second, Martin Scorsese is on board in some capacity. Pileggi is currently writing the pilot script. There’s more after the jump. Read More »


OK, first up, right now, if you’re interested at all in Goodfellas and haven’t read the massive, magnificent GQ article that is built out of quotes from nearly everyone involved in the making of the film, go read it. Waste no time.

That’s not even an idle connection, like, “oh, here’s a good place to mention that article.” Because after reading that article, and learning about all the risks and improvisation and energy that went into making Goodfellas the movie it became — not to mention the obsessive detail-oriented work from director Martin Scorsese — you’ve got to wonder: could a Goodfellas TV show work? Read More »

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