Paramount to Skip Comic-Con?!

First (potentially) the actors, and now it looks like Paramount has decided to sit out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con International. A Parmaount spokesman told Anne Thompson that “The timing was off this year.” Most of Paramount’s upcoming geek slate isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until 2009. Paramount might still participate with some viral marketing, and with a presence on the show floor, but most of their big titles will be M.I.A.

This is a shocking move considering that Paramount/DreamWorks’ huge presence at last year’s con. The Iron Man panel was considered by all to be the highest point of the convention. Even Favreau credits the panel asjumpstarting the hype for the superhero film. The company also showed 20-minutes of Beowulf in 3-D, revealed Karen Allen’s return in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and the now infamous headless statue of liberty poster for the then untitled Cloverfield.

I imagine that the Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder will have some kind of presence, possibly an advance screening. But the absence of the big four properties – G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Last Airbender, is a big blow to fans.


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The poster above showcasing actor Channing Tatum as Duke popped up at the Cinema EXPO in Amersterdam, according to Film1. This is the first time we’ve seen the full title, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, for the big budget nostalgia actioner opening Summer 2009. Did anyone see this clip of Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays Cobra Commander, emptying his “awesome” quota for the year when asked about the flick? It’s pretty spazztastic. For a film based on a section of Toys “R” Us from the director of Van Helsing, the buzz is suprisingly uppity and the costumes have been slick…in a “wow, that loaded kid at the end of the hall dropped $3,000 on paintball gear and ammo” way.

Discuss: Like the subtitle? What is your belief system when deciding to see a movie based on toys?

Cool Stuff: Fan Made G.I. Joe Movie Poster

Last week a /Film reader named Bruno V submitted a very cool fan-made insert-style poster of The Dark Knight. Bruno has returned with another fan rendering of a poster for Paramount’s live-action G.I. Joe Movie. I’m surprised at what he was able to create with the limited images available.

GI Joe Fan Made Movie Poster

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Sienna Miller as Bloody Baroness

IESB got a couple shots of Sienna Miller in costume as the bloodied Baroness in Stephen Sommer’s live-action GI Joe movie. Taken on the streets of Prague, where G.I. Joe is currently filming, these photos feature Sienna Miller in skin tight black leather toting a big gun. The Baroness serves as the COBRA Organization’s intelligence officer and lieutenant to Cobra Commander. In both comic and cartoon incarnations, the ruthless femme fatale has had romantic relationships with Destro. G.I. Joe hits theaters on August 7th 2009.

Cool Stuff: Scott Campbell and Dave Chung Artwork

One To Grow

You might remember Gallery 1988: LA as the art gallery who held the I am 8-bit (video game), Crazy4Cult (Movie), and Stan Lee themed art exhibitions. Their next exhibition begins on May 20th and is called “One to Grow On”. The highlights include movie related artwork from Scott Campbell (“Friends with E.T.”) and Dave Chung (Gremlins). Check out some of Campbell and Chung’s art below.

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First Look: The Cast of GI Joe [High Res]

Update: We’ve updated this story with high resolution photos that Paramount sent us.

Paramount has released photos of the cast of Stephen Sommer’s live-action G.I. Joe movie.


Chris Eccleston as James McCullen Destro XXIV. McCullen’s Military Armaments Research System is the largest manufacturer of state-of-the-art weaponry, providing high-tech arms to any side able to meet his price and will incite war where it does not exist. Unfortunately the character photo was taken before McCullen’s face was disfigured, and covered by A swarm of nano-mites, giving him the iconic metallic mask, which allows the Cobra Commamder to control his mind. I think it would have been much cooler to show what Destro looks like in the mask. This photo is just a lame photo of a business man standing in-front of a vault that reads “MARS”.

Storm Shadow

Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow, the white ninja a henchman and adversary for Snake Eyes. Throughout their history, the duo have been everything to one another from the bitterest of enemies, to the most loyal of friends (and blood brothers) who would fight and die for one another. He is the only member of the team to change sides several times, conflicted in loyalties between Cobra, G.I. Joe and his long relationship with his swordbrother Snake-Eyes.

Heavy Duty

Former Lost star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Heavy Duty, who serves as the G.I. Joe Team’s heavy ordnance specialist with a passion for classical guitars and Bach. He is described as being unafraid of any situation despite heavy enemy fire.


Saïd Taghmaoui as Breaker, the team’s original communications officer who has a habit of chewing bubblegum in any situation. He is also familiar with practically every bit of communication gear on the planet.

The Baroness

Sienna Miller as The Baroness. Baroness serves as the COBRA Organization’s intelligence officer and lieutenant to Cobra Commander. In both comic and cartoon incarnations, the ruthless femme fatale has had romantic relationships with Destro.

General Hawk

Dennis Quaid as General Hawk. He looks anything but tough, and the opposite of cool.


Channing Tatum as Duke, a First Sergeant and field commander who is second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. At least his body armor looks cool.


Marlon Wayans as Ripcord, ranked Sergeant, an Airborne and demolition specialist of the G.I. Joe Team.

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

Ray Park as Snake Eyes, one of the original members of the GI Joe series. Hasbro has released over 30 figures of the character since his debut in 1982. Not much is known about the ninja master’s real identity, as it has remained classified throughout the series. The U.S. Army Sergeant First Class (E-7) is known for his stealth like movements and extensive knowledge of multiple forms of martial arts. Snake-Eyes is romantically involved with fellow G.I. Joe member Master Sergeant Shana M. O’Hara, a.k.a. Scarlett.


Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. Ranked Master Sergeant, red-headed Scarlett is the first female character in the GI Joe action figure line. Her weapon of choice is the crossbow (pictured in the promo photo), and her specialty is counter intelligence.

G.I. Joe hits theaters on August 7th 2009.

Discuss: What do you think?

Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks GI Joe

Lorenzo di BonaventuraCollider has an extensive interview with G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. I’ve included a few of the newsworthy tidbits below:

  • The film will be rated PG-13 and will feature bloodless violence.
  • Defending the choice of director Stephen Sommers: “He’s just… his enthusiasm, his excitement, his sense of adventure, his embracing of the mythology, his understanding of the characters.”
  • The movie will feature “2 or 3 really big” set pieces :and a couple of sort of medium/small ones.”
  • Each character has more than one outfit, aside from Snake Eyes.
  • On the tone of the film: “I guess it’s definitely a comic book movie and it’s definitely has a great sense of humor, so there’s a lot of humor and a lot of drama and a lot of action. “
  • Production moves to Prague on May 8th. Prague will serve as 2 or 3 locations from around the world.
  • On The Pit: “I think everybody’s going to be really happy that we took The Pit very seriously and built it to fulfill anybody’s sense of fantasy of what it could be.”

You can read the full two-page interview on

Page 2 for April 28th 2008

Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Expect the first reviews of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Sunday May 18th at 6:30am-ish eastern time, as that is when press at Cannes will have seen the film. Domestic press will see the film later that afternoon/night at nationwide press screenings. [jeffwells]

Harland Williams
will make the transition from acting to directing with “Wing Man“, a new $10 million dollar comedy. [moviehole]

5.5 million households added a high-definition television set to their furnishings for the first time during the period from last year’s holiday season to this year’s Super Bowl. [imdb]

My Name is Bruce has new photos from Bruce Campbell‘s My Name is Bruce.

On April 29th, Apple iTunes will release the long-awaited end credits overture “ROAR!” from Cloverfield by Michael Giacchino. [Bloody-Disgusting]

Wanted PosterAICN has another new Wanted movie poster featuring Angelina Jolie’s scrawny arm.

Seven people were injured Saturday in a collision between a bus and several cars during the filming of G.I. Joe in the center of Prague. [shh] Filmdrunk‘s headline GOD TRIES TO STOP GI JOE MOVIE is both hilarious and in bad taste.

Deadbolt wonders what Quentin Tarantino could do with a big screen adaptation of Grand Theft Auto.

The good people at Pixar are growing frustrated of the Walt Disney Imagineers. [jimhill]

io9 ponders Why Do Anti-Heroes rule Science Fiction?

FilmSchoolRejects counts down the15 Must See Movies of Summer 2008.

Mobile animatronic WALL-E’s are being built for Disney’s Hollywood Studios (previously known as Disney-MGM Studios). [pixarblog]

Victor Salva is prepping not only Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creeper Walks Among Us, but also a fourth film in the franchise, which is said to shoot back-to-back for MGM. [Bloody-disgusting]

Transformers 2 will film at the infamous Air Force boneyard in Arizona known as The Boneyard. [shh]

Starpulse takes a look at the best and worst films by Quentin Tarantino.

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