UPDATE: MTV was the first to hear back from Stewart’s publicist, who says the actor is not involved with the film.

The title says it all. Based on an email sent to AICN, which says that actor Patrick Stewart mentioned he is soon to be working in Australia on a film with director George Miller, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive speculating that Stewart will appear in the fourth Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road.

The salient quote from the reader email is:  “I got to ask him whether he’d like to make a movie in Australia and he said he may be back here soon to film a movie with George Miller. I – embarrassingly – blurted “Happy Feet 2! great!” and he said “No, another one.” We don’t know enough about the story behind Fury Road at this point to know if this is even remotely credible. Easy to see how having Patrick Steward on hand would be a fun thing for Miller. Throw some knee pads and a hockey mask on him and Stewart would fit right in.


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Just over a week ago word leaked out that Teresa Palmer might be in George Miller‘s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. That wasn’t a huge surprise, as Miller had cast Palmer as Talia Ghul in his aborted Justice League movie. Now we’ve got confirmation that Palmer is in fact part of the Mad Max cast, along with another rumored actor, Nicholas Hoult. (Nick Hoult!) Read More »


A warning to all actors: be very specific (if you can) when talking about potential projects. Over the weekend a few sites did the LA junket for Edge of Darkness, and one of the first questions to star Mel Gibson was, naturally, about his potential involvement in George Miller‘s new Mad Max movie. When Gibson didn’t explicitly say that he would not make an appearance some wondered if the door was open for a cameo. Now the actor has been explicit in another interview, leaving no room for supposition. Gibson has also offered some details about his proposed Viking movie. Read More »


It seems like it was only earlier today that I was writing about George Miller and his Mad Max sequel… oh waitaminute, it was only… et cetera, et cetera.

According to (!) Jay Baruchel, Teresa Palmer has the prize part of “main chick” in Mad Max 4: Fury Road – so, move over Charlize, at least into the position of “not so main chick”. Baruchel was speaking to press at the Dreamworks PR launch of How to Train Your Dragon, which features vocal turns from both Baruchel and Palmer. The Herald Sun have the full story, though no further details on the Mad Max role are given.

Meanwhile, Movieline got the scoop that Miller has also cast Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. How’s that for some starpower? But hold your horses – he hasn’t cast them in the Mad Max sequel. Instead, he’s given them voice roles in his second Happy Feet picture. Movieline know nothing of the specifics – heck, the guys might not even be playing penguins for all they know- but they’ve already been recording for the film this week. I’m visualising… a narwhal and an arctic cod, what about you?

Somewhere down in Australia, work is racing ahead on George Miller‘s Mad Max 4: Fury Road, even as I type. Not many details are becoming public knowledge, though we do know that Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron apparently have the lead roles and we’ve even seen some of the car-stars on video. While the film’s plotline, timeframe and relationship to the last three installments remain largely shrouded in secrecy, every little scrap of news is premium. Excuse me then, for being quite excited about the latest developments.

First of all, it has been reported that the film will be in 3D. Maybe calculating that is not rocket science, what with this ‘Avatar effect’ in full swing and all. Seondly, the story goes that the film is to combine live action with animation. Sure, just about every genre film does that these days, but to even mention it suggests that the quotient of animation will be quite high.

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George Miller has appeared on ABC News in Australia, showing off the cars he’s having built for Mad Max 4 and discussing his plans for the movie. This includes some hard facts on the casting. After a short sharp burst of rumours, it’s good to get some straight and low-down.

You can see the video embedded below the break.

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Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Up For Mad Max 4?


It’s a pretty sure bet that Mel Gibson won’t have anything at all to do with a fourth Mad Max movie, but what are the odds on Tom Hardy inheriting the estimable mantle of Max Rockatansky? Very good apparently. And how about Charlize Theron also joining the line up? If we are to believe ‘multiple sources’, then that’s just how it’s all shaking out right now.

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According to a new story on Sci-Fi wire, George Miller is currently recording voices for Happy Feet 2 with Robin Williams set to record his role in January. Possibly roles plural, in fact, as he had a few characters to take care of in the first film.

George Miller’s original Happy Feet is something of a “best kept secret”, really. I’m not promising you’ll like it but chances are, if you haven’t seen it then you very possibly don’t really know what it’s like at all. The trailer definitely suggests an entirely different animal than the film ultimately provides (well, not literally, both are positively stuffed with penguins) and there’s a last act surprise that divided audiences with the sharp polarity normally associated with Marmite.

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