I’ve flown direct from CinemaCon in Las Vegas to WonderCon in San Francisco. The first day presented two interesting panels, one for the Steven Spielberg-produced alien invasion television series Falling Skies and the other for Warner Bros’ big screen comic adaptation Green Lantern. Read the details and my thoughts after the jump.
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This will either be great news or a disappointing report, depending upon what sort of fan you are of Neil Gaiman‘s landmark comic book series Sandman. Do you want to see the stories adapted into a new medium, or not? Last year we heard that Warner Bros. TV was developing a TV series based on the comic, with Supernatural‘s Erik Kripke a top choice to lead the project.

Yesterday a brief interview surfaced in which Mr. Kripke said that the project was dead. Specifically, he said, “Unfortunately, for a lot of varying reasons, Sandman is not in the works, at least for this season. I retain hope that maybe sometime in the future we can resurrect it.”

Now it sounds as if Sandman was never quite dead. Geoff Johns, writer and Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics says that development continues. Read More »

DC Not Planning for Justice League Movie

Justice League of America

Geoff Johns, speaking at New York Comic-Con, confirmed that Warner Bros and DC are not currently planning for a superhero team-up Justice League of America movie. ComicBookMovie reports that when Johns was asked about the possibility of shared-universe films á la Marvel, Johns responded with the following:

“I’m going to speak frankly: I think our characters are bigger than Marvel’s.” He said that he’d rather spend time building each character on his or her own rather than “smashing them together.”

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Green Lantern Production Wrapped

Production has wrapped on Martin Campbell‘s big screen adaptation of DC Comics’ Green Lantern. Comic book writer/DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns revealed the news this past Friday night on Twitter. Johns tweeted the following:

“GREEN LANTERN IS WRAPPED!!!! Finished the last shot today!!! Celebrating in New Orleans. :) As co-producer of the film, I am very, very proud of what we’ve got in store. Much more to come. Martin Campbell FTW.”

Production began on February 26th 2010, and lasted over 100 days. If you’re not following Geoff Johns on Twitter, you probably should be doing so at @GeoffJohns0.

Christopher Nolan directs Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Welcome once again to our superhero news round-up. Today I have Nicolas Winding Refn explaining his take on a big screen Wonder Woman movie, Ashton Kutcher talking about how he auditioned for the role of Superman for Brett Ranter, DC Comics writer Geoff Johns talks about seeing Mark Strong‘s screen test as Sinestro in Green Lantern, and 31 New Minutes of new bonus content has been released from The Dark Knight. Find out the full details on all of these stories, after the jump.
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Blue Beetle

Over the weekend, comic book writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, The Flash) revealed on Twitter (spotted by Mel Valentin) that DC/Warner Bros is “hoping to develop a live-action show. Fingers crossed!” I’m guessing this is one of the WB’s possible answers to the fastly approaching series conclusion of Smallville. Johns also announced that they “have a live-action test of Jaime Reyes’ scarab activating his suit. It. Is. Awesome.” Johns says he will bring the test footage to San Diego Comic-Con International as a “wrok-in-progress”.

Update: We won’t have to wait until Comic-Con, Johns has put some screen captures from the test footage online. Check them out, after the jump.

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At WonderCon, Geoff Johns hinted that a Justice League of America live-action feature film might be in development, responding that he “Can’t talk about it yet, but we’ll talk in San Diego.” Today Comic Book Resources posted their annual 20 question reader Q&A with Johns which prodded CCO of DC Comics about what other potential big screen adaptations of other DC comic book properties we might expect to see:

“I can’t get into the exact DC slate right now, but we’re all working heavily on what that is with Warner Bros. and there will be news forthcoming. But, you can bet there is going to be a lot more than there is right now.”

I’m assuming that the forthcoming news will probably be announced at San Diego Comic-Con International this Summer. Johns was also asked about the Green Lantern movie, about his experiences on set, and his early impressions of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Answer after the jump.

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geoff johns justice league

Geoff Johns spoke at WonderCon today, and there were a few interesting bits said involving the future of DC’s superhero movie adaptations. First off, Johns explained his new role as the CCO of DC Comics, stating that he’s “in charge of the creative consistency of the DC Universe” and promised that we’re “going to see a lot more DC Movies.”

The most interesting bit came about when a fan asked if DC and Warner Bros were planning to do something like Marvel is doing with The Avengers, with the goal being a Justice League of America live-action feature film.

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Regular Green Lantern comics scribe Geoff Johns has today tweeted about his trip to “Green Lantern town a.k.a. New Orleans!!”. According to his first tweet “Ryan IS Hal. And Mark Strong is going to be a brilliant Sinestro” and according to his second, “Kilowog, the Guardians, Oa…all breathtaking. The age of Green Lantern is upon us!!”

So, we’ve learned that he’s fond of double exclamation marks, even when operating under a 140 character limit, and that Mark Strong has indeed taken the role of Sinestro. Back on January 15th he was “in talks”.

Sinestro, if you’re not aware, is a Green Lantern corps. instructor turned nemesis of Hal Jordan. the story’s hero. It’s the sort of thing Strong could do in his sleep.

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Entertainment Weekly has learned that the CW are planning to air the upcoming Justice Society-heavy Smallville two-parter (“Society” and “Legends) as a two hour movie event on January 29th 2010. Penned by comic bookwriter Geoff Johns, the television movie will feature the arrival of Justice Society members Hawkman (Michael Shanks), Doctor Fate (Brent Stait), Stargirl (Britt Irvin), and the return of Phil Morris as Martian Manhunter. The storyline apparently involves Clark crossing paths with the Justice Society characters, who have come out of retirement to meet up with an old foe.

I stopped watching Smallville about 5 or 6 years ago (which in retrospect, was probably 4 or 5 seasons longer than I should have), so I really don’t care about this latest development. It also seems that releasing a two episode arc under the package of a two hour television movie was just a last minute decision, and not much more. It might have actually been somewhat interesting if they had planned for it and shot the story as a two hour movie.