The last time we checked in on casting for The Bourne Legacy, it seemed that basically every male actor under a certain age was being considered for the lead. Now it looks like casting is narrowing down a bit as the film moves forward. We can’t say for sure which names have been eliminated, but we do know which actors are scheduled for screen tests at the moment: Joel Edgerton, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans and Garrett Hedlund (who, along with Alex Pettyfer, seems to be up for every major role in Hollywood these days). A few other names are still in the running as well. Read more after the jump.

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Looks like Warner Bros. is really going to make a new live-action version of Akira, adapted from Katsuhiro Otomo‘s massive manga of the same name. And it looks like some big changes — cosmetic ones at least, and probably several deep cuts — are in store. We’d already heard that a previous draft of the script was thrown at actors like Brad Pitt and James Franco, which suggested that the Albert Hughes-directed film is going to go pretty far off-book. (The leads in both the manga and anime versions of Akira are Japanese high-schoolers.)

The identities of actors that were offered a previous draft of the script seem to be open to question, but now there is a new shortlist based on the most recent script. That was just turned in by Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves, and has reportedly been delivered to a handful of actors, with a few in mind as possible choices for the two lead roles of Kaneda and Tetsuo. Among the names are Robert Pattinson, Michael Fassbender and Joaquin Phoenix. Stop saying ‘WTF?’ and hit the jump for more info. Read More »

Last year, before Tron Legacy was released, Disney shot some footage that didn’t appear in the film, but will show up on the DVD release that hits in April. Some of that footage became Tron: The Next Day (Flynn Lives Revealed), which is on YouTube now. You can watch the ten-minute short after the break. Read More »

Oscar-nominated writer/director Tony Gilroy is looking for an assassin to replace Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne in The Bourne Legacy, the fourth Bourne film, scheduled for release August 3, 2012. According to Variety, his list includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Garrett Hedlund, Taylor Kitsch and Kellan Lutz. Deadline is reporting a much longer list though, which includes those names as well as Joel Edgerton, Josh Hartnett, Paul Dano, Michael Pitt, Oscar Isaac, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans, Alex Pettyfer, and Benjamin Walker, though several might have scheduling conflicts. Read more about how Gilroy will come to a decision, and the film itself, after the jump. Read More »

Here are the first three images from Walter Salles‘ adaptation of Jack Kerouac‘s novel/semi-autobiography On the Road. The film stars Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty (aka the fictionalized Neal Cassady), Sam Riley as Sal Paradise (the fictionalized Jack Kerouac) and Kristen Stweart as Marylou. See two more pics after the break. Read More »

POTD: Vanity Fair’s 2011 Hollywood Issue Cover

Vanity Fair have released the cover photo for their 2011 Hollywood Issue. The cover features Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco (also a best-actor nominee), along with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. The two inside panels feature 11 more stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Noomi Rapace,, Anthony Mackie, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Garfield, Rashida Jones, Garrett Hedlund, and Robert Duvall. The cover was shot in Los Angeles and New York over the course of two days by photographer Norman Jean Roy. You can watch a behind-the-scenes video after the jump.
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TRON: Legacy – What Did You Think?

After years of hype and anticipation, Joseph Kosinski’s TRON: Legacy finally arrives in theaters today. The trailers promised dazzling visuals, heart-pounding light cycle sequences, a de-aged Jeff Bridges of questionable quality, and a kick-ass score by Daft Punk. Does the final film ultimately deliver?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. SPOILERS are allowed.
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On November 19th, I had the opportunity to participate in a day of roundtable interviews with the cast and crew of Tron Legacy. I also conducted a couple of one-on-one discussions with the filmmakers and screenwriters (but that will come later). The plan is to post one of the interviews every day up until release. Yesterday we posted an interview with Olivia Wilde. Today we have the interview with Garrett Hedlund, who plays Kevin Flynn’s son Sam Flynn in the film.

Hedlund was busy on the set of his new film, On the Road, and couldn’t make it to the junket. So we interviewed him via video chat on a macbook pro. After the jump you can read the transcript of that roundtable interview.

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Tron Legacy Video Clip: “The Page”

Walt Disney Pictures has released a fourth video clip from Tron Legacy.

The first clip featured Quorra (Olivia Wilde) saving Sam (Garrett Hedlund) from possible death, escaping through some off road terrain on a four-wheel Light Runner (one of the new vehicles introduced in the sequel). If you missed that clip, you can watch it here. The second clip, entitled “You’re Here”, showed the reunion between Sam and his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who has been trapped in the computer world of Tron since his childhood. If you missed that clip, you can watch it here. The third clip, entitled “Sirens Dress Sam” (watch it here), showed Sam Flynn being suited up by sexy programs known as Sirens, and given his identity disc in preparation for combat in the light disc game. This sequence happens much earlier than the previous two clips, shortly after Sam’s arrival on the Grid.

The fourth and newest clip is entitled “The Page” is a one minute clip of the scene featuring Bruce Boxleitner, reprising his role as Alan Bradley, who pays Sam Flynn a visit to tell him about a page which was mysteriously phoned from his father’s office. Hit the jump to watch the video.

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