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Every season of Game of Thrones has a weak spot or two, a few episodes where the wheel-spinning becomes a little obvious and transparent. While important things occurred in “No One,” this was undeniably the slowest episode of the show’s sixth season, an hour that pumped the brakes on plot in a big way. To be fair, the episode responded by providing more than its fair share of character development and humor, but it’s fairly obvious that this is intended to be the calm before the storm, the hour where a lot of business gets handled before all hell breaks loose next week.

Let’s sort through that business and discuss what went down.

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game of thrones the trivia game

Fantasy Flight Games has held the Game of Thrones license since before HBO brought George R.R. Martin‘s beloved and bloody fantasy series to the masses. They’ve done well by the novels, producing a great card game and an even better strategy board game that capture the betrayal and the brutality of Westeros and its always-scheming, generally murderous citizens. And since they got started before the show existed, they have been closely tied to the paper and ink version of this world, depicting the characters and their locations as described in Martin’s text, which often differs significantly from the television version.

This makes their latest Game of Thrones-themed project a gigantic left turn for the company. Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a trivia game built around answering questions from the HBO series. It’s an odd left turn for a company best known for their complex and glossy and deeply dramatic tabletop experiences. This is the kind of game concept you’d expect to see collecting dust at Wal-Mart next to copies of Sorry! and Clue, not the latest release from one of the most prestigious publishers in the business.

And yet, Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game is no half-assed knock-off and it doesn’t represent Fantasy Flight Games cashing in on a valuable license to make a quick buck. Designer Jonathan Ying has taken the most tired of board game concepts, the pop culture knowledge challenge, and injected it with flavor and sophistication. Against all odds, this is a trivia game that actually feels like the show it’s quizzing you about.

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A Cast of Kings S6E07 – The Broken Man


In this episode of “A Cast of Kings,” Joanna and David discuss the seventh episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones,  “The Broken Man.”

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the broken man recap header

We’re at the point in Game of Thrones season 6 where all hell is set to break loose. And it will. Next week. “The Broken Man” is the second table setting episode in a row, but it feels necessary with so many pieces in play. When the credits roll here, just about everyone is in a perilous and desperate position. Blood will flow next week and the week after. This week was all about preparing for battle – the swords will unsheathe soon enough.

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Hodor Doorstop

The recent Game of Thrones episode “The Door” was simultaneously a gamechanger. Some fans are exciting about the mind-blowing revelation that came from the episode which also gave us an origin story for the character Hodor, who can only speak his own name in different inflections. Others weren’t pleased with what the events of the episode mean for the future. We’ll leave any spoiler details about this episode until after the jump, but for those in the know, this recently revealed Hodor doorstop is something Game of Thrones fans will want to use in their home. Read More »

Lord of the Thrones Artwork

In the feature film world, the Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson is undoubtedly some of the best fantasy filmmaking that cinema has ever seen. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones has the fantasy television market cornered on HBO. Both properties have fierce, loyal fanbases, and now they can come together thanks to a new Spoke Art gallery show.

Lord of the Thrones opened last night in San Francisco, California and you can see some of the pieces from the gallery show after the jump. If you’re a Lord of the Rings and/or Game of Thrones fan, this artwork is for you. Read More »

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A Cast of Kings S6E06 – Blood of My Blood


In this episode of “A Cast of Kings,” Joanna and David discuss sixth episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones,  “Blood of My Blood.” 

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Game of Thrones - Tommen

We were due for a table-setting episode of Game of Thrones. The previous two hours were so full of vital revelations and so jam-packed with action that a little bit of wheel-spinning was inevitable. “The Door” and “Book of the Stranger” were all about pulling off a series of complicated maneuvers that had already been carefully set up. “Blood of My Blood” is all about setting up the dominoes that will come crashing down in the home stretch of season six.

And while nothing huge happened, there’s still a great deal to talk about.

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Game of Thrones Black Knight

There has been some pretty crazy stuff happening on Game of Thrones this season. If you haven’t watched this past weekend’s episode yet, you’re missing out on one of the biggest revelations of the series, as well as the shocking origin story of one of the most beloved character’s on the show. That’s all we’ll say just in case you’ve fallen a little behind and haven’t checked out our latest weekly episode recap.

However, nothing that has happened in Westeros this season is crazier than this trailer mash-up that just hit the web. What if the newest character addition to Game of Thrones was Martin Lawrence, as seen in the fantasy comedy Black Knight? Thanks to some clever editing, the results are pretty entertaining. Watch the Game of Thrones Black Knight mash-up below. Read More »