Legendary producing couple Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy have set their sights on remaking this summer’s French-Canadian hit, Fathers and Guns (released as De Pere en flic). The plot concerns a father and son, both cops, who seemingly hate each other. Of course, they get assigned to work an investigation at a group therapy camp for fathers and sons—hilarity ensues. Sony Pictures has already picked up the project due to Marshall and Kennedy’s involvement, but there’s no writer or director assigned yet.

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Indiana Jones 5 Really Isn’t That Close


Earlier this week most of us gave a collective groan when Shia LaBeouf mentioned that Steven Spielberg had cracked the story for a fifth Indiana Jones film. So how far off is it, really? Empire‘s headline today (“Indy 5 Is A Go!”) might lead you to think sooner rather than later, but that may not be the case. Producer Frank Marshall said things that Empire interpreted as meaning the film “could be approaching the pencil-chewing script development stage,” which means it isn’t anywhere close to happening. Read More »

imax comparison

Over the last month, we’ve written quite a few times about the new Digital IMAX theatres and how we believe that the IMAX Corporation is ripping off moviegoers by placing the IMAX brand name on subpar sized cinema screens nationwide. Actor/comedian Aziz Ansari started the public fuss, Pulitzer Prize winning movie critic Roger Ebert publicly came out against the practice, yet IMAX ignorantly ignored the criticism, and insists that audiences are too stupid to notice the difference (obviously, they didn’t phrase it that way, I’m just giving you my interpertation — read the linked article for exact quotes). Now big Hollywood players are beginning to step up and take a stance on the issue.

Producer Frank Marshall agrees that IMAX Digital is false advertising. For those who might not recognize the name, Marshall has produced over 80 films over the last 30 years, including the Indiana Jones series, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Goonies, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Sixth Sense, The Bourne films, Signs, Seabicuit, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and more. basically, he’s one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. So what did Marshall say about IMAX?
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Will Hayao Miyazaki Appear at Comic-Con?


When I first heard that Legendary Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki would be making a very rare trip to North America, to my neck of the woods – the bay area, to appear, accept a prize, premiere his new film and participate in a Q & A on July 25th, I screamed out loud. It wasn’t a scream of joy, like it should have been… it was a scream of annoyance. As CartoonBrew put it, Miyazaki “so rarely travels to the US, and even less so to make public appearances.” And July 25th is the same weekend I’ll be traveling down to San Diego for Comic Con.  In the days that followed, something occurred to me — why would Miyazaki be making an around the world trip just to appear at Berkeley?

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Gary Ross Writing Lance Armstrong Biopic


According to the Risky Business blog, producer Frank Marhsall has teamed screenwriter Gary Ross with the long-gestating Lance Armstrong biopic. “We knew Gary well from is work on Seabiscuit and thought he’d be perfect for this”, said Marshall. Yeah, you know – a man and a horse and a man and a bike. I’m pretty chuffed with this news because, as I’m sure I would have told you before, I’m a big fan of Ross. Can’t say I know too much about sporty cycling, though.

The film is to be based upon a 2000 biography, It’s Not About the Bike which Armstrong and his co-writer Sally Jenkins jammed full of his life’s many interesting stories. Both Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal have reportedly been attached as stars for the lead role, though there’s no current casting announced. Rather curiously, though, it seems that some filming for the film took place rather a long time ago…

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The Last Airbender logo

Producer Frank Marshall has confirmed that the teaser trailer M Night Shyamalan‘s The Last Airbender, the big screen live action adaptation of Avatar, will be attached to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which hits theaters on June 24th 2009. ‘m sure the final trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra will also be attached, especially considering the the movie is also a Paramount release. It is possible that another high profile trailer might also be attached, although I haven’t heard any rumblings yet.

Jason Bourne 4 Now Aiming for Summer 2011

More Bourne

Last we heard, Universal was trying to get a fourth film in the Jason Bourne series on track for a Summer 2010 release. Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass were signed on to return, all they needed was a screenplay and a shooting schedule that fit. But the tentatively discussed Summer 2009 shoot doesn’t seem to be on the horizon.

Producer Frank Marshall updates us on the status via Twitter saying that Bourne Ultimatum/Ocean’s Twelve scribe George Nolfishould have a draft by June” 2009 and that the film “is in the works for Summer 2011.” This of course would mean that the film would need to go into production by Summer 2010, October at very latest. “It really take long to get these scripts right! :),” admits Marshall. Marshall has previously stated that he would like to see Bourne go to South America in his next adventure, which will be the first movie not based on a Robert Ludlum novel.

George Nolfi To Write Fourth Jason Bourne Film

So what’s the latest on the fourth film in the Jason Bourne series? Last we heard, producer Frank Marshall was hoping to begin shooting next Summer for a 2010 release. Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon have already signed on, all they need now is a script. Today it was announced that Universal is serious about doing a fourth film, hiring George Nolfi to write the script. Not only was Nolfi a co-writer on Bourne Ultimatum, but he also wrote Ocean’s Twelve.

The next film in the series will not even be loosely based on one of the novels, but will instead be an entirely new adventure (with a possible South American destination). From what I understand, the sequels to the original Robert Ludlum novels left much to be desired. Lets hope that Nolfi can come up with something better.

source: Variety

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