By now, anyone who follows television news is probably well aware that showrunner Frank Darabont has stepped down from AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead, just days after his appearance promoting the show at Comic-Con. Though Darabont has remained fairly quiet in public, a new report pieced together from anonymous sources reveals what really happened — and it wasn’t Darabont’s choice to leave. Read more after the jump.

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Audiences have called Don Draper many things: genius, alcoholic, womanizer, and one of the best characters on TV. One thing the main character of Mad Men has never been called though is a zombie killer, but that might be more true than not. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the new $10 million-per-season contact AMC has signed with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner could be the reason why Frank Darabont left one of AMC’s other hit shows, The Walking Dead. The article says AMC is spending so much on Mad Men they’ve been forced to make cuts on other shows, such as $250,000 per episode from the second season of The Walking Dead. Breaking Bad is also feeling the results. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Last night a bombshell hit The Walking Dead: Frank Darabont, who launched the show along with The Walking Dead comic writer Robert Kirkman and producer Gale Anne Hurd, stepped down as showrunner as the series is in the middle of shooting its second season. We were told that there would be no significant interruption in production. To achieve that, a new showrunner has already been named: Glen Mazzara, who wrote for the first season and was hired as Frank Darabont’s right-hand man for season 2. Read More »

I guess it would have been pretty awkward if Frank Darabont had taken the stage at The Walking Dead panel this past weekend at Comic Con and announced that he was leaving the show. So he did the panel as if everything was fine, and today he announced that he is stepping down as showrunner of The Walking Dead. And… yeah, that’s still awkward.

The Walking Dead is midway through production on its thirteen-episode second season, and the reason behind the writer/producer/director stepping away from the showrunner spot is reportedly that Frank Darabont never quite got the hang of working in the fast pace of TV production versus feature film production. That sounds like a thin reason, but we’ve got a few more details after the break. Read More »

The new television season isn’t quite upon us yet, but the networks have definitely started gearing up. HBO’s just released an extended trailer for the eighth (and last) season of its escapist Hollywood fantasy Entourage, set to premiere in two weeks.

[UPDATE: Sadly, it turns out that the Walking Dead video posted below is fan-made and not an official teaser. Original story follows.] Over at AMC, the producers behind The Walking Dead have only recently begun casting for its new characters, but a recently released photo and now a brand-new teaser promise that the next season will be just as zombie-tastic as the last. Watch both trailers after the jump.

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First Look: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two

Well, it looks a lot like The Walking Dead, season one, but check out those eyes! The second season of The Walking Dead is shooting now in Georgia, and AMC has released the first still from the production. We don’t know if the budget cuts that Frank Darabont feared ended up coming to pass, but there is a short statement from the director/showrunner after the break, along with a larger version of the image. Read More »

Will Budget Cuts Hobble ‘The Walking Dead’?

It seems to always go this way. A show is successful, and then those pulling the financial strings want to figure out how to make more money out of it. One way is by trimming the budget. And that is evidently what Frank Darabont faces as he preps the second season of The Walking Dead. The show has already seen its share of controversy, thanks to the report that the second season would do without a writing staff, but this might be a far more difficult thing to manage. Boardwalk Empire looks like it might be facing some budget questions, too — that’s a bit ominous, since HBO is the company that shut down Deadwood because it was too expensive — and that is a much more expensive show, with more to lose.

This info comes directly from the producers, who took part in THR‘s roundtable of Emmy-nominated showrunners. Check out some quotes and video after the break.  Read More »

Stephen King May Write For ‘The Walking Dead’

Preparations are under way for a darker, bloodier season two of The Walking Dead. And now it seems that series producer/creator Frank Darabont may bring in his old compatriot Stephen King to write an episode. During a Walking Dead panel at C2E2 in Chicago over the weekend, actress Laurie Holden dropped word that Stephen King would be writing an episode. Read More »

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