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Every great hero needs a signature mode of transportation. A huge muscle car, a distinctive motorcycle, or maybe a spaceship that looks like a hamburger. Whatever their pleasure, the latest art exhibit by the Hero Complex Gallery has got it covered. The show is called Righteous Rides…And the Dudes Who Drive Them and it will open May 3 in Los Angeles, CA.

Artists have made posters and paintings based on the “righteous rides” in films such as Flight of the Navigator, Akira, Star Wars, My Neighbor Totoro, Skyfall, Bullitt, Up, Spaceballs, District 9, Easy Rider, the Dukes of Hazzard and so much more. Check out a small sample of the show below. Read More »


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While one Los Angeles gallery focuses on pop culture weapons, a New York counterpart is making that idea even bigger. The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn has a new show opening January 18 called Gadgets and Gizmos and it’s filled with art based on some weapons, lots of vehicles, robots and accessories too, all inspired by the technology in some of your favorite movies.

While plenty of regulars are on display (Back to the Future, James Bond, Iron Man, Batman), this show has a bunch of subjects that don’t get as much love: Inspector Gadget, Short Circuit, District 9, The Rocketeer, and Flight of the Navigator. Check out a quick selection from the show below and find out how you can see it in person or buy it online. Read More »

Over the past couple weeks, Safety Not Guaranteed co-writer and director Colin Trevorrow landed at the center of the Star Wars Episode VII rumor mill. The reason for his pole position is simple: Trevorrow made the mistake of talking about working on a new version of a Disney project that has a big fan cachet. So as soon as Disney bought LucasFilm and the new Star Wars films were announced, people started to connect the dots. They did so wrongly, and Trevorrow said this week that Star Wars is not in his future.

Now we know what is: a new version of the 1986 film Flight of the Navigator, in which a young boy disappears, only to return home eight years later, without appearing to have aged at all. Read More »

As a young lad, Flight of the Navigator was one of my favorite movies. Its adventurous tale of time travel, world travel and space travel all through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy was undeniably entertaining and as the years wore on, my fondness for the film only grew. To be honest, I don’t remember the first time I saw the movie. Chances are it happened on VHS or on The Wonderful World of Disney as the film was a box office bomb, opening at #9 and grossing only $18.5 million total. Watching the tale of Davey and Max, an odd couple in the middle of a massive mystery, a quarter century after its release only cemented the fact that director Randal Kleiser made a classic movie back in 1986. One that still hold up on this, its silver anniversary. Read More »



In this episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley debate how Weeds compares with Desperate Housewives, continue their praise of Party Down, try to figure out what went wrong with Outlander, evaluate the prospects of a Buffy remake, and revel in the pleasures of Torque. Special guest C. Robert Cargill AKA Massawyrm joins us from Aint It Cool News.

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Disney to Remake Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator

First Witch Mountain, now Flight of the Navigator, Disney is on a mission to ruin all the fun movies from my childhood. That’s right, Disney is remaking the 1986 sci-fi movie Flight of the Navigator.

The good news is that Grounded for Life/My Name is Earl/Arrested Development writer Brad Copeland is writing the script.

The bad news is that Copeland’s only feature film credit was the horrible middle America comedy Wild Hogs.

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